How to make tea with ginger, to bring the maximum benefit


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Universal medicine – so the Sanskrit name for ginger, which is home to many historical sources, considered North India. Externally, this plant resembles a reed, its flowers look like irises, are famous for fine fragrance and a long time. The value of ginger in his meaty, thick and branched root, which contains an incredible amount of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and essential oils. If they begin to list, it will be an endless list – a real concentrate of health.

The Unusual taste and medicinal properties of ginger have been observed three thousand years ago. As an expensive condiment, the Phoenicians brought ginger to the Mediterranean. Miracle root was studied by scientists of antiquity, describing its properties, like warming the body and improving the digestion with a feeling of freshness in the mouth and even as an antidote. He is mentioned in the treatises of Confucius, and in the Holy Quran and in the Arab tales, as a spice, stimulating passion.

In the middle ages one of the favorite dishes was ginger bread. And in Russia ginger cookies because of the spicy taste became known as gingerbread.

Ginger is known as the cleansing of the body and to retard aging. It is a powerful antioxidant, speeds up metabolism and promotes weight loss. As it reduces appetite, ginger tea is best to drink 30 minutes before a meal.

There are many recipes how to make ginger tea.

For Example: brewed (it needs to steep for 5 minutes) and the filtered green tea to pour into a container made of stainless steel, add the cardamom (2 pods), finely chopped 3-4 cm ginger root, a pinch of cinnamon, cloves (optional). Bring to a boil, cook for 20 minutes. Then add honey and 3-4 spoon juice of half a lemon and its peel. Cook for 5 minutes, to insist 15-20 minutes. Using a strainer, pour into another bowl. Optionally add mint (finely chopped). The resulting tea is amber-yellow color, which is drunk hot or cold.


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If such technology, answers the question of how to brew tea with ginger, seems too tedious, you can use a more simple recipe.

And, without further ADO, how to make ginger tea, simply grate fresh ginger and brew green tea in a teapot or thermos. After 20-30 minutes, strain. Due to the small heat treatment retains all the beneficial properties of ginger.

The Beautiful half of humanity interested in how to make tea with ginger, contributing to weight loss. Here, like all brilliant, is also very simple. The key to this is the high concentration of ginger tea. Ginger cut into small slices, cover with water and boil for 15 minutes on low heat. Wait for the tea cool to 37 degrees and drink it by adding lemon juice and honey.

On the same topic, how to brew ginger tea for effective weight loss, there is another unique recipe, but added garlic here. Ginger (can be dried) and garlic, taken in the ratio 1:1 20 parts of boiling water. All brewed in a thermos and SIP is used throughout the day.

Here is another recipe how to make ginger tea for detoxification and weight loss. To add to it a small amount of buckthorn (bark) or Senna (herb). Put honey to improve the taste and the magic drink is ready.

One recipe for how to brew ginger tea, no. Most importantly – not subjected to a long heat treatment. Better to brew with boiling water and stand – so as possible to preserve the useful properties of ginger. To continue not to wonder how to brew ginger tea, pick the recipe for its preparation, which will suit your tastes.

The long history of this wonder root shows: regular use of ginger tea you have wonderful shiny hair, smooth skin, clear eyes and good health.

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