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Custard made with milk-the taste is familiar to most people from early childhood, when on the background of General food shortages and a complete lack of any variety in the sweets such a simple thing was a real joy for everyone. From all available recipes it was the simplest and did not require extra expenses from a modest family budget, though there was a custard on the yolks. He, in contrast to the first variant contained a greater number of eggs and less milk. However, this structure was slightly more expensive.

During the Soviet stagnation and the half-empty shelves in the stores especially appreciated those meals, which list the necessary ingredients was the most short and affordable. Therefore, other methods of preparation have practically become obsolete, because the products that were included in them, was not always at hand, and some was very difficult to get, even with benefits and Dating. For example, you can prepare the custard with the butter, which provided a more delicate texture. But this treat much more nutritious and heavy not only for figures but also for the stomach. Yes, and the butter was not made to spend for desserts in quantities that were needed by the original method of preparation. So today we will look in more detail to the recipe that describes how to prepare custard with milk.

Not only a variety of cakes, but cakes have become such a cream is more lush and desirable as recognized for the sweet tooth, and for those who have already forgotten the taste. Eclairs, tarts with fruit, tarts – the list goes on. So, how prepared custard-milk?


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To start with a list of necessary products. Prepare the following:

- 0.2 kg granulated sugar or powdered sugar;

- 2 eggs

- a pint of milk.

- quarter teaspoon of salt;

- 3 tablespoons (tablespoons) flour;

- vanilla or vanilla sugar on the tip of a knife.

First you need to mix eggs, sugar and salt in a deep bowl so as to form a homogeneous dense mass without any grains or lumps. For these purposes, can be used as a whisk for manual whipping and modern mixer. In the latter case, it only takes a couple of minutes. If you are more familiar first, then increase time in half.

Pour milk into a bucket and put on the stove. The fire should be minimal so that the fluid insidiously was covered burners. Meanwhile, you could add in the sweet egg mixture with the flour. This should be done with extreme caution, otherwise the custard in milk risk to turn it into a solid white cloud. Add the flour, without ceasing to stir so it is evenly distributed in the contents of the bowl, leaving no dry lumps.

Milk brought to a boil, but not boil. Then pour it into the workpiece for the cream and whisk some more time, the mass was completely homogeneous. And don't be afraid of the fact that while it's not exactly the desired result. While the cream is too liquid and cannot be used for other purposes, but that will soon change, and you'll understand that is as it should be. Pour the weight into the bucket which was used for milk and has been going with its contents. Carefully stir all the time the cream so that you don't burn to the bottom of the pan.

As soon As the bottom layers of the cream will begin to thicken, ladle needs to be removed in slabs and how to work properly by an to mass again became homogeneous. Then continue the process. Such approaches will require another two times. Then add in the still hot, but is almost ready cream vanilla.

If you have formed lumps, they are easy to clean simply by wiping the ground through generally sieve. Remember that the finished custard should be thick enough to fill, say cakes, not fearing that he will emerge from there.

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