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In Ekaterinburg there is a large number of entertainment venues where you can eat and have fun. One such place is "Prana bar". Today we will introduce you to the distinctive features of this catering company offers menu which are shares. And will also provide reviews of many visitors. prana bar

Area of exotics in Yekaterinburg

Residents of the city and the tourists often want to spend their leisure in pleasant places. For this many of them choose "Prana bar" menu, which will be presented to the readers. Many here prefer to spend their weekend. In the bar care about the convenience and comfort of all visitors. You can come here any day of the week (exact hours and address you'll find below). To obtain the necessary information about the features and services of the institution, you can use the phones that are on the website Prana Bar.

What can you say about the interior of the institution? When you come here, then immediately there is a desire to stay here for a long time. In the room are small statues of various Hindu gods, and the walls are decorated with interesting paintings and drawings. The feeling that you were in one of the popular Asian countries. The atmosphere of comfort and relaxation helping to create such interior details as: armchairs, a blazing fire in the fireplace, huge panoramic Windows that allow you to enjoy urban landscapes.

In warm weather you can spend time in the fresh air because the place has a very comfortable and attractive porch. A romantic evening under the starry sky will long remain in the memory of your second half. And friendly gatherings will be an unforgettable event.


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There are entertaining programs, and also organizes a variety of games: in English, intellectual, economic, etc. If you want to participate, call to the bar and get all the required information.prana bar Ekaterinburg

Food and drinks

Not only beautiful interior and a fun atmosphere make this bar one of the best places in town, tasty and varied food is also a lot that helps. Suggest you try the following dishes and drinks from the menu:

  • Salad "Chuck with a grapefruit." It contains large amounts of vitamins, a low percentage of calories and has a taste with a slight bitterness.
  • Dessert "Madhur". What is it? Small balls of butter, sprinkled with coconut. For dessert, fresh berries and fruit: strawberries, pears, apples.
  • Cocktails with Hawaiian rum.
  • Beef with vegetables in pepper sauce.
  • Salmon pan-Asian style.
  • The California Rolls with shrimp and spicy mango sauce.
  • Singapore fried Noodles with shrimp and chicken. The composition of this dish include: cellophane, green onions, green beans, chili.
  • What can you suggest to start? Choose – tiger prawns, grilled; harumaki with lamb; roast beef with pickled onions; squid; aubergine in sweet chilli and so on.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic mulled wine.
  • Sweet Tooth will love the following dishes: vanilla cheesecake, Apple strudel, ice cream.

The names of mouth-watering dishes and tempting drinks list for a very long time. When you begin to study in detail the menu, the eyes run from a variety of options. Any of them certainly want to try. Exquisite taste, unique flavors, savory meals make you want to come here again. The average check at a school-from 1200 rubles.prana bar menu

Distinctive features

What pleases "Prana bar" its numerous visitors? Among his positive merits include the following:

  • Wide variety of dishes from Indian, Asian, Thai dishes;
  • The work of professional DJs;
  • Different flavors of hookah menu;
  • Business Lunches;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Cash;
  • Available online;
  • The availability of suitable Parking;
  • Live music
  • Rich selection of drinks;
  • Have a vegetarian menu;
  • Organization of interesting meetings and gaming programs for everyone.

street of Kuibyshev


Among the other advantages of the described institutions of Ekaterinburg – the availability of discounts and promotions for visitors. Will introduce you to some of them:

  • Offer for fans of hookahs. From Saturday to Monday you will replace the Cup for free.
  • If you went into a cafe to order a business lunch, meet the best offer: when buying two dishes from the menu, the drink will get a gift.
  • Every week bartenders create unique cocktails. Their price - from 300 rubles.
  • All interested are invited to take part in free raffle tickets on a variety of intellectual games that take place here.

"Prana bar" reviews:

Geneva – the city where there are restaurants, cafes and other establishments where there is a large number of people. What stands out the described place? "Sadko bar" is very popular not only among residents but also among tourists. What they say in the first place? Delicious and unusual food, drinks, friendly waiters, nice interior, incendiary music and more. Professional DJs and high quality equipment create an elegant mood to all who comes here.

Many visitors come here on Tuesdays and Thursdays, these days you can take part in fashionable and popular game "Mafia". Also, the institution arranged different themed parties. The greatest enthusiasm of visitors has caused Thai party. Similar events are held at the bar throughout the year. Here come big companies or alone, but the evening always ends the same way-by meeting new people.prana bar reviews Yekaterinburg

"Prana bar":

Geneva & ndash; a big city, but it is very easy to navigate. Where the institution, referred to in the article? Address to remember is very simple – Kuybysheva street 44D. It is the center of the city. Up to this point can be reached in different ways:

  • Metro-stations: "Chkalovskaya", "Geological", "Ploschad 1905 goda";
  • Tram 27 route;
  • Bus # 57;
  • Trolley №№ 1, 5, 6, 9, 20, stop "Ul. Of Kuibyshev".

We introduced you to how you can reach the institution "Prana bar" (Ekaterinburg), now we have to figure out one more detail – hours of operation.

  • Mon-Thu: from 12:00 to 02:00.
  • Fri 12: 00 until 03:00.
  • Sat: from 14:00 until 03:00.
  • Sun: from 14:00 to 01:00.

prana bar address Ekaterinburg

To that your stay was not disturbed by any difficulties in this restaurant must be booked in advance. This can be done by phone, which is easily to find on the website of the restaurant "Sadko bar". You will answer all questions you have on the work of the institution.

In conclusion

If you want to have in your life added bright colors and pleasant emotions, come in "Prana bar". Many visitors have noted the special atmosphere of harmony, comfort and serenity that prevails in this place. Besides, there is always delicious food and excellent mood.


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