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Often we stop drinking the jelly, when we leave the walls of the kindergarten, and, despite the fact that children make berry jelly, not many people remember them with a kind word in memory is held firmly the image of a lumpy liquid, covered with foil, and drinking you do not want.

Nevertheless, a well-cooked pudding - a very useful drink, especially oatmeal pudding recipe which I'm going to tell you – it's just a balm for the entire body and to drink (and more correct to say “have”, as it is quite thick, and often it should it eat with a spoon) a jelly preferably in the morning to easily start the entire digestive system. Besides, it allows you to ease the condition in many diseases, not only gastrointestinal, but also good and just as tasty and light (but not basic) Breakfast. Within the hour you certainly want to eat something more substantial.

About this oat pudding I learned from one newspaper, and first, they were interested in my mother, as have a lot of conversations heard of oatmeal pudding, a recipe that just did not know. And when the newspaper reviews I read, I decided to try to cook, and still fun to do.

So, oatmeal-recipe

To prepare the pudding, or rather to say? a template for such a health jelly, for us, according to the recipe, you will need a pound Herculean cereals (although if you buy packaging of Hercules at 380-400 grams, and that is enough for a starter - proven), half a Cup of yogurt, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and normal water (not cold, but at room or slightly warmer temperature), and not boiled to take, and missed through the filter, or at least settled. Our house is always a container of water is advocated.


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Hercules fall asleep in a three-liter glass jar, add kefir with sugar, pour with hot water almost to the top banks (or just above the “shoulders” if the packaging of cereals was 380 grams) and mix everything together, cover with cheesecloth, and leave at room temperature for about a day. When the house is very warm, then less time is required to leaven “Mature”. For example, I put the starter on Friday or Saturday late afternoon (around 17-18) so the next morning (watch to 10) to a finished mix, and then for the whole week, so not very troublesome to portable on the strength of 15-20 minutes once a week to a workpiece to cook.

To Check the readiness of the leaven easy. As soon as the oat water is slightly acidic – it means ready. Mix well, take a colander (or sieve) and poured through it the water in any capacity, waiting until all the remaining grains will do, and pour the muddy water into the same 3 liters jar was washed it beforehand.

The Turgid Hercules should be rinsed in a colander litre of clean water, but also above any capacity, leave to stand for 15-20 minutes, after which the upper part of the drain, and the fact that settled to the bottom, then pour to the mixture in 3-liter jar. This is the basis for the future of jelly.

To Store the can with the billet need in the fridge, molding myself every morning batch after I mix the contents. And then the cast portion of the weld in a saucepan or ladle, whatever you like. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring all the time once it boils, takes 20 seconds (just measured count to 20) and continuing to stir, ovarium jelly, immediately remove from heat, add salt to taste, add sugar or honey and a little butter or oil. All-oat jelly is ready! If cereals were many, it turns out like jelly, and if less-drinking option, as you like.

Oat cake, which remains after washing, we usually go on the pancakes. So everything goes into the case.

Try to make this oatmeal pudding, recipe, simple, but your body is sure you will tell him "thank you"!

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