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Delicious cake «Dairy girl” the sign of a sweet tooth as air, tender delicacy, which is home to Germany. This wonderful confection is also called “Cake for lovers”. Treats different creamy flavor and extraordinary tenderness of the cakes. In the opinion of experts, cake «Dairy girl” with sour cream just melts in your mouth. Its recipe is simple, bake a treat at home is not difficult.

 cake milk girl with sour cream photo

Origin of name

The name of the cake "Milk girl" - given in honor of a famous German brand of condensed milk. It was there, where the recipe for this confection. Dough for cakes made on the condensed milk.

Cake Recipe «Dairy girl” with sour cream

A Classic interpretation of the Goodies is a variant of the cake with cream, but many famous pastry chefs use original recipes of cooking creams: crème brûlée, condensed milk and sour cream. Cake «Dairy girl” with sour cream (photo presented in the article) is particularly popular among sweet lovers. There are many options for treats. Many Housewives, among other things, the dessert like the fact that it is easy to vary by using various creams or berries and fruits, both fresh and canned. The article offers a basic recipe. Each hostess can bring in something of their own.


Cake "Dairy girl” with sour cream (12 servings) is prepared from the following ingredients.

For cooking cakes, you need to use:

  • 1 can condensed milk;
  • Flour - 1 Cup;
  • Eggs - 2 PCs.
  • Hydrated soda - 1 teaspoon (some use baking powder - 1,5 tsp).

For the frosting you will need:

  • 350 g sour cream (20%);
  • 3 tablespoons powdered sugar;
  • Small jar of canned peaches.

Decorate the cake custard protein cream, sugar cakes, fruits, wafer butterflies.

“Dairy girl”: the cake recipe step by step

At home dish to cook, how to say the writers, is quite simple. “the Dairy girl” is a wonderful treat on the condensed milk for the manufacture of which, in principle, do not need a mixer (but if such a device is available - fine), no bakeware.


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So, how to bake a cake «Dairy girl”? Recipe with pictures (step-by-step guide outlined below) - a great help to beginning bakers. Experienced hostess suggest: for cooking you need to use products at room temperature. The process, of course, takes place in several stages.

Prepare the dough

First, it is necessary to thoroughly mix the eggs with condensed milk. Add sifted flour, soda or baking powder. It is possible for mixing to resort to using spoons or forks.

milk cake girl recipe with photos step by step

A mistress using a mixer, considering that it's more convenient. Thoroughly mixed components of the received soft liquid dough. Next is taken of baking paper and a plate. The plate should be cut around in a circle, paper, flip the pencil down. The recommended diameter of the circle – about 19 centimeters.

milk girl cake recipe step by step at home

Then in the center of the circle should pour out two tablespoons of dough. It should not be too spread in a circle. The dough should be distributed evenly across the paper. Those who feel that is too thin, no need to worry – the thinner the layers, the tastier the cake.

Bake cakes

The baking of the cake should be set the temperature in the oven for about 180-200 degrees. Bake the cakes needed until Golden color and creamy flavor. The product is removed from the baking paper is still hot, otherwise peel them from the paper would be impossible.

milk girl cake recipe step by step at home

Prepare the cream for the impregnation

Cake "Dairy girl” with sour cream like a lot. This cream lends a slightly sour, taste is very harmonious. Housewife recommend the use of sour cream 20%. The cream turns fluffy and it would be better to keep the shape. But use 15% product. Prepare the cream, simply mix the products suggested in the recipe (see above).

Collect the cake

To assemble the cake, you should prepare 5 cakes, cream, peaches (canned) and juice from them, necessary for impregnation. Many home bakers are advised to collect the cake using a pastry ring or a ring from the split form. But you can certainly do without it. The bottom cake should be put in a ring, soaked with peach syrup, fluff cream and put fruit. They do the same with subsequent layers. The top also need to smear sour cream.

delicious cake dairy girl


Next cake send in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours, it is possible for the whole night. During this time, the thin crusts are well soaked and become juicy and lush. They have a sweet taste, but the use of sour cream helps to ensure that this sweetness is not cloying. Treat love to both children and adults.

cake milk girl with sour cream

Decorate cake

Decorate cake you protein custard cream and fresh grapes or peaches. From above it is possible to make the brightness of the product to plant honeycomb butterfly. It turns out a nice treat for tea.

cake recipe dairy girl with sour cream


Housewives offer different versions of the cake: with cream, with bananas, c chocolate and caramel cream, with fragrant strawberries. In any case, the delicacy is easy to prepare. Layered sponge cake soaked in sour cream and supplemented with some interesting nuance, suggested by the mistress of her imagination, it is unusually juicy and tender.

Sour cream cake with strawberries

The Ingredients used are the same as in the basic recipe. Added to strawberry (150g) and chocolate icing. Cakes are prepared and baked according to the scheme described above. During Assembly of the product on the cooled cakes apply cream cream and placed the cut slices of strawberry. So promazyvaetsya all cakes. Cake cover with cream and put in a couple of hours in the fridge. While the delicacy is soaked, you can prepare a glaze that is simple and a good way to decorate the treats.

 milk cake girl recipe with photos step by step

How to make frosting?

The Hostess offered various options for making the glaze. The easiest way to melt chocolate (white or black), add a little cream or milk. But you can make frosting out of cocoa. To do this, mix 3 tbsp (heaped) cocoa powder, sugar (to taste), sour cream or milk (4 tbsp). Stirring occasionally, cook over the fire until the sugar is dissolved. Next, add a little butter (about 50 grams). Again put on fire and cook until bubbles, but do not boil. When the frosting becomes thick, it should be slightly cool and pour on cake.

What next?

Next, slightly cooled cake pour the glaze, sprinkle the shredded scraps of cakes (can use blender) and decorate with strawberries. The cake again put in the fridge to soak (at least for 3-4 hours, better overnight). Cream experienced Housewives are advised not to spare. The cakes will absorb it almost completely. Cake the result is a very flavorful and juicy.

Decorate a cake with fondant

Some Housewives are advised to decorate the cake «Dairy girl” with sour cream with mastic. Get a great treat for a children's party. From the cooled down mastic can sculpt any fairy tale or cartoon characters that amuse kids.

 delicious cake dairy girl

How to cook mastic?

In a deep bowl you should put candy, marshmallows, put 1 minute in the microwave. Rastopilsya candy turn into a viscous homogeneous mass. Add the powdered sugar (in small portions) and stir with a spoon. After the mastic will begin to lag behind the walls of the container, it is necessary to shift to a starch dusted surface and continue to knead, adding starch and powder. They will make the mass soft and pliable. It is wrapped in a plastic bag and put in refrigerator.

How to decorate a cake with fondant?

Once the cake is ready, the paste should be removed from the refrigerator, give her a lie to keep her warm and become pliable. Further, the table is sprinkled with the powder and the paste is rolled out with a rolling pin. The thickness of the layer should be about 5 mm. Mastic neatly wound on a rolling pin and cover the cake, removing and smoothing all the creases and keravnos...

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