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Samara — one of the most beautiful and ancient cities of Russia. It is located on the left Bank of the Volga river. The town has a large number of historical monuments, cultural and entertainment institutions. Very popular among tourists are also catering establishments. Today we will tell you about the cafe "Benjamin" in Samara. The restaurant is known to many people and deserves your attention.

cafe Benjamin Samara

General idea

At the cafe "Benjamin" in Samara is a very interesting story. In this place, there once lived a dentist. Saying that it would drop the leader of the world proletariat Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. On the name of the institution becomes clear that it will be American-style. The decor in the room "Benjamin" is very nice. The lighting is unobtrusive, soothing music playing. Are small, comfortable tables, chairs and armchairs. On the walls are hanging paintings worth a lot of books and magazines about America of the fifties. In the design of institutions used the original chandeliers and more.

Cafe "Benjamin" attracts visitors at any time of the day. Come here in the morning to have Breakfast and enjoy the surprisingly pleasant taste of freshly brewed coffee. At lunchtime here you can choose from several options for business Lunches. And in the evening enjoy a delicious dinner and spend time with friends or loved ones.

Distinctive features

Cozy cafe "Benjamin" in Samara is known to many residents. Their guests came from other cities of Russia, they love spending it in this place. Among the dozens of similar places, it has the following features:


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  • Delivery service is offered, which promptly accepts and executes orders;
  • Large selection of American burgers and desserts;
  • Interiors in vintage style;
  • Birthday your birthday as a gift from the restaurant delicious dessert;
  • The menu has a large selection of tea, cocoa and other beverages;
  • Show known black-and-white American films;
  • A large number of delicious and beautifully decorated books;
  • If you want to take coffee to go, you will make a discount of 20% from the initial value.

Benjamin cosy café Samara

Cafe "Benjamin" (Samara): menu

It would be very difficult to imagine the institution without all sorts of burgers. Americans just love these buns with different fillings. In the cafe "Benjamin" about ten varieties of burgers. Among them:

  • Most probably, the unusual Burger — "Black gold". Its original name he received because of the dark color, which is formed using the ink of cuttlefish. The filling — fresh vegetables, chicken meatballs, onions.
  • Hamburger with mushroom Julien. Visitors are just crazy about its delicious taste.
  • Cheeseburger "Houston pride". If you order this dish, you can try a delicious hamburger from the farm beef.

In addition to burgers, the restaurant serves the best dishes of Mexican, Indian and Italian cuisine. Let's look at some titles:

  • Medallions of pork.
  • Spaghetti with seafood.
  • Pasta "Carbonara".
  • Burritos with chicken. The wide range of tortilla wraps tender cooked meat, various vegetables and spices. Also serves burritos with pork.
  • Quesadillas with salmon.
  • Warm salad with Turkey and pineapple.
  • Onion soup American. Many people who have tried this dish say that it helps to regain strength after a hard day or a sleepless night.
  • Cream-soup with white mushrooms. This recipe has an unusually delicate flavor and aroma.
  • The menu also has a wide selection of desserts: cheesecake, cake "Carrot", Esterhazy, strudel with apples and pine nuts, and more.

Benjamin cafe Samara menu

Location and hours

Cafe "Benjamin" in Samara is located on the street of Kuibyshev, 103. Nearest metro station: "Moskovskaya" and "Russian". Let's find out about hours of operation

  • Monday — Thursday: 9: 00 a.m. 00.00;
  • Friday: 9: 00 a.m. — 1.00;
  • Saturday: 11.00 — 1.00;
  • Sunday: 11.00 — 00.00.

Benjamin cafe Samara reviews

Cafe "Benjamin" (Samara): feedback

Many citizens love to come here. About the cafe "Benjamin" in Samara leave a large number of positive reviews. Let's see what they say:

  1. Warm and homely atmosphere.
  2. Reasonable prices.
  3. Delicious and varied cuisine.
  4. Cozy interiors with elements of American industry.
  5. Friendly and courteous service.

"Benjamin" — this is a very bright and pleasant place in which absolutely not ashamed to invite friends and acquaintances.

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