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How to diversify the daily diet and to make the table more interesting? Soup – is incredibly beneficial to digestion the dish and the pearl barley helps to improve the gastrointestinal tract. It is quite reasonable that many come to mind to combine these two useful products together. Here only remains to find a suitable recipe and prepare the soup with pearl barley. What do we mean when we say “any”? At a later date.

Many opposed to pearl barley because it is not really easy to prepare. The fact that it is first necessary to soak in water. Many regret the time and thereby deprive themselves of one of the most useful grains containing a large number of trace elements and vitamins required by the body for normal functioning.

So, in the first place your personal wishes. You want the soup was meat or vegetarian? What time of day you are going to take his food in the morning or in the afternoon? What is the calorie content of meals do you expect?

As a rule, in our country it is customary to eat soup for lunch as an entree. If you follow this tradition, you should use the following recipe to prepare a nutritious soup with pearl barley.

For its preparation you will need a specific set of products, namely pearl barley-2 tablespoons beef-300 grams, onion-3 pieces, celery-1 small spine, greens to taste, salt, pepper similarly, carrots-1 piece, parsley 1 bunch.


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To make soup with wheat grains must in stages. Pre-soak the pearl barley for three hours in boiling water, then cook. If you don't soak the barley, it will be hard. This is the mistake many budding chefs, try to avoid it. Before soaking the pearl barley must be washed.

Beef cut into small pieces, fry in sunflower oil and then add the cooked meat to the barley and continue to cook.

While this mixture is cooking, need add there grated carrot, chopped parsley, grated celery. Onions should be fried in sunflower or olive oil and add to the soup with pearl barley for a few minutes until cooked meals. Salt, pepper and other seasonings are also added just before the cooking. Then the taste will be felt more acute.

If you want soup with pearl barley, which is prepared for you, entirely was considered a dish from a list of healthy food, you will have to limit the amount of seasoning and salt. And the meat is better to take skimmed.

Abroad, many eat for Breakfast or porridge or soup. Breakfast dish should be easy, because the stomach is not yet awake. Therefore, in this case the meat in the dish, it is better not to add. Soup of pearl barley, which you can eat in the morning, you can prepare the recipe that we gave above. Use all ingredients except meat.

Soup with pearl barley, which can eat and vegetarians, made from pearl barley and mushrooms. Mushrooms – it's heavy food, so this soup is also better to eat for lunch.

To prepare the soup of pearl barley and mushrooms, you will need products such as 2 liter vegetable broth 100 g dried porcini mushrooms, 2 cups sour cream, 1 Cup pearl barley, salt and pepper to taste, greens for decoration, 3.5 cups hot water, 2 tablespoons of flour.

The Mushrooms soak in hot water for an hour. Pearl barley to soak for a few hours. Put the pearl barley stew, stir for an hour. Chop the mushrooms coarsely.

Flour, sour cream and broth mix, then pour the mixture carefully in mass with pearl barley and cook, there also add the mushrooms. Bring to the boil and add the seasoning.

Bon appetit!

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