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Most doctors agree that fruits must include in the daily diet of each person. These products saturate the body with vitamins and other nutrients that have a positive impact on its further development. But that fruit is not necessarily consumed in its natural form. They can be used as the main raw material for making interesting and tasty drinks. Take, for example, banana smoothie. The recipe by which it is done can vary depending on the use of certain additional components.

Simple version

In our days, when exotic fruits are available to residents of any point of the globe, each of them will not be easy to prepare banana smoothies. The recipe can be slightly corrected by adding to the total list of one of my favorite foods. Take, for example, pear. This fruit due to its chemical composition has unique properties. A huge amount of folic acid has a beneficial effect on the process of krovoobrashseniya, and potassium are able to solve the problems associated with the heart rhythm. In addition, pear juice – wonderful antibiotic and tonic agent. Its use improves the digestion and uplifting. Is a snap to prepare pear-banana smoothie. The recipe for the drink includes the following ingredients: 3 banana 2 pear, a glass of plain water and 2 stalks celery.

For the preparation of the nutritional product is better to use a blender:

  1. Fruits should first wash and then peel. To prepare the drink it is absolutely not necessary.
  2. After that the flesh along with the rest of the ingredients should be placed in the bowl of a blender.
  3. Close the cap to prevent splashing and turn on the machine.

banana smoothie recipe


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The Finished drink can be embossed in a tall glass or a stemmed glass. And to consume vitamin composition, many people prefer using a straw.

Useful composition

In the Fall, when it's the season of gourds, you can please yourself and make a watermelon banana smoothie. The following recipe is quite original and includes five basic ingredients: a pound of watermelon - 2 medium banana, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a couple teaspoons of honey and 3 tbsp of cereal flakes or ready-made muesli.

The Process consists of several stages:

  1. Prepare food. From the watermelon to extract the pulp, and then slice it into pieces. After that, the banana should also be cleaned and cut into slices. Lemon juice is also better to cook by yourself.
  2. Mixing. by Placing all ingredients in a blender, continue whisking until then, while inside the mass takes on a delicate homogeneous consistency.

This composition can be used as nutritious Breakfast. In addition to the beneficial properties, this fragrant blend has a wonderful invigorating effect and is perceived by the body as a natural alarm clock.

Summer Gifts

The Most popular is the strawberry-banana smoothie. Recipe can be classified as quite positive products. This mixture not only improves overall health, but also heals the intestines and normalizes metabolism. For the preparation of nutrient mixture, it is necessary to take 1 banana, a Cup of yogurt, 200 grams of fresh strawberries and a teaspoon of natural honey.

The result is a wonderful strawberry-banana smoothie recipe designed for two servings.

strawberry banana smoothie recipe

The Preparation of the beverage takes no more than 10 minutes. Components first we wash, then load in a container for whipping, and then turn into a fragrant air mass of delicate pale pink hue. Surprisingly, with such amazing beneficial properties, the product has a low energy value. Because in 100 grams of the mixture contains only 52 calories. This is quite a bit, which undoubtedly pleases those who are trying to watch their weight. Such a treat to pamper yourself every day, absolutely without fear of consequences.

Use in every SIP

Supporters of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle must please the banana smoothie with milk. The recipe for this beverage includes products that you can find in any kitchen.

banana smoothie with milk recipe

To prepare nutritious drink, you need 1 Cup of fresh three-percent milk, 20 grams of water, a banana and a tablespoon of cereal “Hercules”.

Technology, which prepares a beverage, is somewhat different from previous versions:

  1. To start the oatmeal, you need to pour water and leave for several minutes to swell. This subsequently will greatly facilitate the mixing process.
  2. After that, the prepared product should be sent to the blender along with the pulp of the banana.
  3. Without stopping whisking, to enter milk.

After that the drink should be poured into a glass and drink it in small SIPS. This mixture contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. It is useful not only for teeth and bone tissues, but also helps to cope with high blood sugar. Moreover, the composition is perfect as a dietary product. This fact is particularly interesting to women who always desire to remain elegant and attractive.

Original structure

Fans of unusual sensations may be invited to try the banana-mint smoothie. The recipe requires ingredients that need to be taken care of in advance: 2 bananas need 3 cups of skim milk, 1 tablespoon of crushed berries, camu camu and acai, as well as 50 grams of fresh mint leaves and 7-8 ice cubes.

The Method of preparation of this drink has its own quirks:

  1. First peeled banana must be crushed with a blender.
  2. Then in a bowl add the remaining ingredients and whisk them continuously for 30-40 seconds.
  3. Then we need to add the ice and continue intensive stirring until complete grinding cubes. This technique helps to make the mixture more homogeneous.

banana mint smoothie recipe

To save taste the mixture to pour into a chilled glass and garnish with a mint leaf. This will create an additional sense of freshness and lift your spirits. In addition to the original, slightly sour taste, unusual tropical berries are also very useful. They contain rich vitamins, and also have therapeutic properties for many serious eye diseases.


For residents of the most Russian regions is the easiest way to make a banana-Apple smoothie. The recipe prescribes the following ratio of components: for need 2 apples 2 bananas, 50 grams of pineapple (fresh or canned) 200 ml plain yogurt without any fillers.

The Most labor intensive time of preparation of this drink is the preparation of products:

  1. Apples should carefully cut off the peel, remove the core with seeds, and the rest cut into pieces.
  2. The flesh of the banana, too, need to grind.
  3. After that, the prepared fruit should be placed in a blender and grind until smooth gruel.
  4. Add the remaining products and continue whipping.

banana Apple smoothie recipe

Serve better chilled, garnish the edge of the glass with slices of banana or pineapple. This smoothie is good to drink at any time of the day. The perfect combination of flavors and taste great doing their job. Try it once, you'll want to make this drink again and again.


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