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Increasingly, women fall under the knife of plastic surgeons to correct the deficiencies in their appearance. In connection with growth of demand for services has increased and the offer. In the market of plastic surgery services declare themselves to many experts, which include both experienced and worthy doctors, and ignorant doctors who seek to cash in on their patients. Today we look at one of the clinics of plastic surgery – “charm”. It is headed by Gayk Pavlovic Babayan, which reviews are worth exploring.

Plastic surgeon

Hayk Babayan – one of the famous Moscow plastic surgeons. Its activity goes back to 1988. Thus, his experience is several tens of years. From Hayk Babayan has a medical degree. In 1987 he graduated from the state medical University in Yerevan-a residency in the specialty ‘the doctor".

A year after graduation, a young specialist decided to devote his activity plastic aesthetic surgery. He began to help those people who wanted to see themselves attractive, beautiful. Education ENT doctor would help him. The acquired knowledge allowed him to undergo a rhinoplasty, septoplasty.

Gayk Babayan

Best specialist

Hayk Babayan several times voted the best plastic surgeon. As a example, 2008. In Moscow Gayk Babayan was voted the best plastic surgeon for hair transplantation. At that time the expert was engaged in such operations. But now he no more holds. The fact that for the hair transplantation takes a team of specialists. In 2008, she existed, but due to the small number of patients split. Another reason had to abandon the hair transplant is the fact that the transactions last for a very long time.


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Later plastic surgeon Hayk Babayan even become best specialist. This title he received in 2014, 2015 and 2016. The winner he was in the category related to rhinoplasty. Operations associated with this direction, the doctor spends quite often. Hayk Babayan said that it changes the shape of the nose taking into account the desires of patients, corrects the deviated septum, restores people seeking help for normal breathing.

In 2013, the doctor was recognized as the most popular plastic surgeon of the capital of our country. The surgeon Hayk Babayan from the clinic “charm” said that in his personal medical practice, the most popular rhinoplasty. Some are less patients about breast augmentation, facelift, eyelid and liposuction. Sometimes the advice is written by people who want to undertake a tummy tuck and breast reduction.

Gayk Babayan plastic surgeon

About the clinic of plastic surgery “charm”

The Hospital “charm” was opened in Moscow in 2007. It operates to this day. It is headed by Hayk Babayan, who is the chief doctor. Initially, the clinic was not particularly different from similar medical institutions operating in the capital. Over time, however, everything changed.

The Rise of the clinic Gayk Babayan among other medical institutions occurred for several reasons. First, it expanded the list of services. Secondly, it has been introduced more modern technology development. One of them – is 3D modeling. Hayk Babayan was one of the first surgeons in the country who have decided to use this innovative product in their activities. Thirdly, over the years, the clinic has formed a positive reputation. On account of companies of several thousand successful operations carried out by a team led by Gayk Babayan.

surgeon Hayk Babayan

Clinic Services

The Hospital “charm” offers its patients a variety of services. These include the following:

  • Rhinoplasty;
  • Breasts;
  • Eyelid surgery;
  • Tummy tuck;
  • Liposuction.

As rhinoplasty is most popular, consider this service. It includes various operations, by which is possible to change the shape and size of the nose, increase or decrease its length, eliminating Gorbunok. In most cases in the clinic “charm” held a closed rhinoplasty. Reviews indicate that such an operation has many advantages. To their number carry less traumatic procedure, no scars. If necessary, set the transplants or to correct the errors of the last operation is performed open rhinoplasty.

Breast surgery

The Breast is the most beautiful part of a woman's body. Too small in size or disappearance of the former lush forms for birth and breastfeeding causes the complexes. In order to get rid of them, some women go to the clinic “charm” Dr. Nut Babayan. This medical facility is breast implants.

Operations and procedures performed on the female breast are of several types:

  1. Breast enlargement. Women wishing to increase the breast size, the clinic Gayk Babayan inserted quality silicone inserts foreign production. They not only make the chest more, but also give her a nice shape and firmness.
  2. Breast Reduction. Some women are blessed with quite curvaceous. Large Breasts can cause discomfort, provoking back pain, rash on the skin. Clinic “charm” offers women service breast reduction. During the operation, excised the excess skin and the nipple and areola will be shifted to another place. A few months after surgery become invisible postoperative scars. The chest has an attractive appearance.
  3. Lift. Sagging Breasts – a problem faced by all women in regard to age, breast-feeding, sudden weight loss. With it helps the surgeon Hayk Babayan from the clinic “charm”, in the list of services which has a lift. In this procedure, excised the excess skin and closed with absorbable sutures.

Babayan Hayk p. reviews

Eyelid surgery

Aging – a process that is natural for every person. The appearance of wrinkles, saggy skin is inevitable. That is why many people think that to defeat aging, at least temporarily impossible. In fact it is not. Modern plastic surgery has enormous potential. Some people have already made sure of this after-treatment in a Moscow clinic “charm”, where a plastic surgeon Hayk Babayan.

It offers patients blepharoplasty. It is an operation in which people adjust cosmetic defects in the lower and upper eyelids. The indications for its implementation are not only age changes but also fatty hernia, bags under the eyes, resulting from bad habits, peculiarities of appearance. In the clinic, “charm” is the classical and transconjunctival blepharoplasty. The first of them the operation is performed through incisions in the natural folds of the eyelids, and in the second thin incision is made on the inner side of the eyelid.

clinic Gayk Babayan

Tummy tuck

One of the problem areas on the female body – the stomach. It was here that the first to suffer fat deposits, which spoil the appearance, not allowed to wear nice and tight dresses, open swimwear. Fortunately, excess belly fat can easily be removed. A suitable solution to the problem – the tummy tuck. This procedure offered by many plastic surgery clinics. Is no exception and the “charm”, where the surgeon Hayk Babayan. The clinic operations are carried out for 1.5-3 hours under General anesthesia.

A tummy tuck is performed by specialists of medical institutions is strictly indicated. They serve as unwanted body fat, unsightly folds and stretch marks, existing postoperative scars, umbilical hernia, the weakened abdominal muscles. In the operation denied when identify contraindications – bleeding disorders, Oncology, diabetes, planning a pregnancy.


Another service of the clinic “charm” Gayk Babayan – liposuction of the abdomen, legs and other body parts. The procedure involves removing excess fat from certain locations. The operation is performed quickly enough. Usually it takes about 1 hour. The short duration is due to the fact that liposuction – this simple procedure.

The Surgery is performed either under General anesthesia or under local anesthesia. In several places punctures are made. They entered the tube to remove the fat. After the operation, the punctures placed drainage tubes. After a couple of days they are extracted. Punctures sealed with plaster. After a few days the skin integrity is restored and conducted liposuction does not leave any traces.

surgeon Hayk Babayan clinic Sharm

Gayk Pavlovic Babayan: reviews and rates services

About the clinic “charm” and the doctor Babayan leave a variety of reviews. For some patients, praises the surgeon. Many came to the clinic in order to re ...

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