The main functions of leukocytes: a brief description


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Leukocytes are among the most important cells in the body. The fact that they have a wide variety of functions. There are a large number of types of leukocytes. Each plays its unique role. Today it is known that all leukocytes are divided into the following types: neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, monocytes and T-lymphocytes. The functions of cells in the blood vary depending on their type.Functions of leukocytes

The Role of neutrophils

These cells are vital to humans. The fact that they provide protection for the body against all kinds of bacteria and other foreign bodies. they Do it just 2 ways. The first of these is by phagocytosis. This process implies the absorption of  alien bacteria or their parts. The second is the allocation of special bactericidal and bacteriostatic substances.

Tasks of eosinophils

These cells are very important for the proper flow of inflammatory and allergic processes. The implementation of the functions of white blood cells of this type allows the body to quickly deal with various diseases.

Eosinophils, despite its importance for the organism, sometimes doing the man a disservice. We are talking about the circumstance that the excessive number of them increases the likelihood of developing diseases of allergic character.


These cells have low ability to destroy foreign bodies. Functions of white blood cells of this type are that with the defeat of the body the infection to limit its ability to spread. This goal is achieved by allocating a large amount of histamine, which causes tissue swelling. They impede the spread of viruses and bacteria.


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What is the role of leukocytes

Tasks monocytes

Many people wonder what is the role of the white blood cells of that type. The fact that they have several problems, depends on the level of protection of a person from everything foreign, especially bacteria and viruses. First, they have developed skills of phagocytosis. Secondly, the monocytes produce a special substance, taking an active part in the formation of antibodies, which is also very important for the immune system.Functions of cells in the blood

The Role of T-lymphocytes

Functions of the white blood cells of this type also exist to protect the body from all foreign and harmful. First and foremost it is, of course, about bacteria and viruses. T-lymphocytes  suppress them by phagocytosis, and the allocation of special substances that can destroy them or at least to stop/slow their growth.

It is Worth noting that this function of white blood cells of this type do not end there. The fact that they are also involved in the destruction of mutated cells of the body. That is, T-lymphocytes involved in the suppression of cancer processes.

The role and that function of white blood cells (T-lymphocytes), as activating production of b-lymphocytes, which are responsible for maintaining humoral immunity. Without these cells, neither of which reliable protection of the body may not be considered.

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