Enlarged pores on face - how to deal with them?


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So you've encountered a problem – enlarged pores. How to get rid of them, you ask, is it possible? It is of course possible: today, there are many cosmetic products that help to make your face smooth, well-groomed and attractive.

To say that enlarged pores on the face – a cosmetic flaw quite a few people that you want to fight. They begin to appear in girls when they enter puberty and may remain on the face for a long time, but many are older. Inflammation are particularly strong, if the body is present gynecological problems or problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to deal with this problem? If you have enlarged pores, treatment should be next. Excellent help and electrophoretic desincrustation therapeutic cleansing. Also effective remedies of struggle include a special mesotherapy cocktails for oily and porous skin, which are selected individually. In addition, you can benefit from mesotherapy, stem cells, special masks. A professional cleaning person also should not be neglected. The most effective are considered to be medium peels. Enlarged pores on the face can also be treated with a mild flow of current electrophoresis that have the greatest effect in combination with gels. If a strong tension on my face pores and if they are the cause of the irregularities and roughness of the skin, meaning the laser and mechanical polishing, as well as TCA peels. However, these procedures should be performed only in specialized clinics under the supervision of experts.


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Getting Rid of enlarged pores at home, without the help of hardware cleansing and specialists is also possible. This cleansing of the face and care must be performed constantly and regularly, every day. You should only wash with lukewarm water, you also need to use special creams, gels and lotions for the face that match your skin type. The scrubs are also essential – about twice a week. Poleznaia to make a mask containing fruit acids, as well as white or green clay. During the day, preferably several times to wipe the skin with lotion containing chamomile or calendula would be good and wet facial wipes.

To Effectively narrow pores (in home) using gommage. You should not use thick and heavy creams clog pores and because of this they become more. More suitable for creams with a high content of acids and aromatic oils. Do not forget about proper nutrition – it must be balanced and rational.

Daily Use of cosmetics for face and do not limit, just the opposite – concealer, if used correctly, will help to hide enlarged pores. However, makeup should to choose carefully. Creams should be light, preferably – which includes reflective particles.

However, it should be noted that women hoping to disguise enlarged pores and imperfect skin by applying face creams in large quantities, seriously wrong. Great replacement tonal cream will mattifying makeup base that contain silicone polymers. These basics will help to smooth and disguise imperfections. In areas where pores are visible particularly strong, cosmetologists are advised to use a concealer. Powder should not be abused: it is better for day use napkins matting, they are much lighter and have less negative impact on the skin. In the absence thereof, you can use normal wipes – gently blot their skin. On hot days the skin is useful to spray on her thermal water-it refreshes the face, while not overloading it with too much makeup.

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