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Epilepsy requires comprehensive treatment taking into account the reasons for the development of the disease. To correctly determine the cause of seizures is possible only after a comprehensive examination of a patient in a health-care setting. Should I rely on folk remedies?

Epilepsy Treatment folk remedies without taking into account the recommendations of traditional medicine would be irresponsible. However, to help eliminate cramps, strengthen blood vessels, to withdraw excess of fluid and in General strengthen the body herbs can.

Some information about the disease, causes and symptoms

Epilepsy is a neurological pathology. Overall has a secretive nature, but the seizures may occur frequently. From a medical point of view, they are characterized by brief disruptions of mental, autonomic and motor functions. It is considered that the disease is incurable, but modern medicine allows to suppress epilepsy in 63% of patients and 18% decrease in the number of attacks.

epilepsy treatment folk remedies

The Main causes of epilepsy are:

  1. Genetics. Close relatives of patients, which on this basis, the physicians referred to the idiopathic group, also has epilepsy. Sometimes the disease is manifested through several generations. In this case can be observed an unusual response from the neurons, but the brain of the patient is not damaged, the attacks can be rare and causeless.
  2. Tumor, intoxication, malformation, trauma, cyst and so on. Patients who have seizures develop on the background of these pathologies are medical to symptomatic group. The frequency and causes of seizures in such patients is very difficult to predict precipitating factor can be any stimulus.
  3. Special structure of the membranes or atypical reactions to stimuli that are caused by unfavorable heredity. In this case, there is no brain damage.
  4. Complication of alcoholism. Alcoholic epilepsy is characterized by sudden convulsive seizures arising in the background of the use of alcohol beverages or sudden abstinence from alcohol.

In addition, another isolated group of patients for which to establish the cause of epilepsy is not possible. This cryptogenic group.


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Most Often, the epilepsy begins to show at puberty. It is a disease of young, as 75 % of patients are under the age of twenty years. In adults, the development of epilepsy, as a rule, is the result of stroke, trauma, and the like. Especially need to pay attention to the group of people older than 60 years, since such a disease in old age can be very hard to wrap.

General advice on treatment methods of alternative medicine

Epilepsy Treatment of folk remedies at home is possible only in addition to the basic therapy prescribed by the attending physician. The disease can be caused by various reasons, so that the approach in each case should be appropriate.

It is Important to remember that treatment is a long process, do not expect instant results. In addition to drug therapy and application of folk remedies, the patient requires physical activity, observance of a day regimen, rational nutrition. Seizures can be provoked by nervous stress, chronic sleep deprivation, alcohol intake and other factors.

treatment of epilepsy in adults home

The Treatment of epilepsy folk ways should be part of a comprehensive therapy, as a positive result is influenced by the combination of all factors. If the disease is chronic, not purchased (for example, due to an accident or other illness), then a complete cure to achieve can be very difficult. However, the use of folk remedies in the treatment of epilepsy will significantly prolong the time of remission.

Prevention of epileptic seizures

What are people's methods of treatment of epilepsy in adults? Regardless of the type of disease and the reasons that caused it, a positive effect of the bath. A therapeutic bath should take no more than fifteen to twenty minutes, and the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Effective are bath with calamus root, aspen, willow, forest infusion of hay, pine buds. Raw materials pour boiling water and infuse for ten to fifteen minutes after which add water for swimming.

epilepsy treatment folk remedies testimonials

Gently but effectively apply healing herbs, if you fill them to the pillow of a person suffering from epilepsy. You can also make pads, sachets. To do this, take the feverfew, the color of marigolds, creeping thyme, clover, dried mint, lovage, hop cones.

In the prevention of epileptic seizures will help home ointment. For its preparation must be crushed root of lovage (100 grams) and pour it in pork fat (0.5 l). Liquid ingredients should be well mixed. This mixture should be rubbing once a week.

Patients with epilepsy to prevent the next attack, it is recommended to eat more spinach, onions and drink fresh juices. A particularly important physical activity. To help cope with the disease and physical labor, but it is important to avoid strong surge and chronic fatigue.

Treatment of alcohol seizures

The First epileptic seizure in alcoholics, usually as a result of prolonged and/or severe poisoning in alcoholic drinks. After the first seizure is sure to be next, as the reason lies in the pathological changes in the brain structures. In the future, the disease can manifest itself regardless of drinking the patient recently or not.

From alcohol in the treatment of this type of epilepsy need to be abandoned, there are no other options. Even a minimal amount of alcohol beverages on the background of successful treatment can trigger another attack. In addition to traditional medicine, can be used in the treatment of alcoholic epilepsy in the home folk. It is recommended, for example:

  1. Make the powder of medicinal Angelica 0.5 g three times a day.
  2. Drink an infusion of mugwort.
  3. Brewing with boiling water, oats, dandelion root, chicory, barley, rye, peeled acorns. Drink three times a day.
  4. Help wiping of the feet with lemon juice.
treatment of epilepsy in children folk remedies testimonials

Folk remedy for symptomatic epilepsy

Symptomatic form of disease appears on a background of other comorbidities. Seizures can be a complication of meningitis, encephalitis, vascular diseases, malignant neoplasm, abscess, inflammation. To start treatment you need to determine and eliminate the causes of epilepsy, but to prevent the seizures also necessary.

Proven methods for the treatment of epilepsy in adults in the home — black tea, dried wormwood, flowers of camomile. You need to mix three tablespoons of the herbs and pour mixture liter of boiling water. The drug must be infused within four hours. Then it must pass through a cheesecloth, folded several times. A liter of this healing infusion should drink throughout the day. Medication you need to take a month, and then make a month break. It should pass three courses.

Effective treatment for nocturnal epilepsy

Nocturnal epilepsy is usually the easiest to treat. Often on their own as they grow up, if the causes of seizures are unfavorable heredity began in adolescence. But attacks can happen with a regular frequency, even every night. To provoke them can strain, nervous excitement, or alcohol.

That recommends traditional medicine? The epilepsy treatment at home is possible if you take a healing potion. Doing it out of Valerian root and cold water. Tablespoon of raw pour a glass of clean mineral water and infuse for eight hours. After the need to drain the tool and take three times a day one tablespoon. Children can be given a teaspoon with the same frequency.

epilepsy treatment folk remedies from Vanga

To Prevent the attacks will help the smell of resin in Smyrna. To purchase resin in the Church shops. This fragrance helps you to relax so that the patient will relax. To dispel the smell of tar in the room before going to bed for at least a month.

Treatment with decoctions and infusions of herbs

Epilepsy Treatment folk remedies in adults possible with the help of medicinal herbs. Long experience of herbalists allowed to determine the fees that will prevent cramps, strengthen blood vessels and improve overall health. For the treatment of severe seizures in patients of adult age will fit the following recipes:

  1. Calamus Root, elecampane, and cinquefoil goose (one part), Viscum album (two parts). Mix and put on Woden...

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