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In Winter, the inhabitants of cold countries are beginning to think about a quick escape to warmer climes, where winter is practically no different from the summer. Are increasingly choosing to visit Israel. It is attractive to visitors its ancient history and relationship with the legendary Scriptures, the fascinating blend of cultures and romance of the East. However, all this can be combined with the health benefits. During the period of recuperation on a winter holiday you can also go through tests and procedures. This article is about a health or medical tours to Israel.


About the Dead sea

It is known for its mineral mud and salts, invigorating effect on the human body. The unique location of the sea, in the lowest part of the Earth, influenced the particular salubrious climate of this area and the popularity of medical tours in Israel, especially in this region. On the coast of a huge lake called the Dead sea, there are hotels and motels. Each of them has its own treatment centre with mineral baths, various inhalations, massages, cosmetic treatments and high-level facilities for sports and gymnastics. Each health establishment fills its open and closed pools with sea water.

Example of accommodation during the tour


The Local climate has a positive effect on the condition of people with problems in all body systems, as well as with skin diseases and constant fatigue syndrome. There is no such infirmity which would favorably had no effect on the climate of the region. However, there are some contraindications that restrict treatment tours in Israel at the Dead sea:


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  • Epilepsy of any severity;
  • Schizophrenia;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • Myocardial infarction transferred for less than 2 months ago;
  • AIDS;
  • TB;
  • Liver or kidney failure;
  • Hemorrhagic stroke that occurred less than six months before you travel;
  • Pemphigus;
  • Lupus.

Effects on the body

Salt water allows you to relax, immersing the body in weightlessness. Seashore - sand, soft to the touch. Every day warm and Sunny enough to sunbathe or bask in the sun.

Dead sea

Complete recovery of the body also contribute to the climate of the protected area:

  1. Location. At the lowest point of the planet's high atmospheric pressure and oxygen in the air in this region contains 15% more in comparison with any other place on the globe. Exerted on the body the effect is very similar to the one that is created in the chamber. The air is filled with a special mineral compounds that create a layer that filters the sun's rays, depriving them of the negative UV effects.
  2. Climate. The dryness and constant high temperature for almost the entire year. 10 months out of the year here there is low humidity, rare rainfall. The lack of sharp changes in temperature pose health stress-free conditions for those wishing to heal their body and soul.
  3. Chemical composition. The sea water contains salt, minerals and trace elements, providing not only the special density, but also a positive effect on the skin and joints. So relaxing at the Dead sea, you can get a complete recovery. The effect of weightlessness relieves musculoskeletal system, beneficial minerals the skin heals, the climate affects the body and nervous system as a whole.
  4. Of the Protected area. The whole area is extremely clean air thanks to the fact that the area is protected and guarded with great care.


According to reviews on medical rounds in Israel at the Dead sea, atmosphere resorts affects recovery of health in all its aspects. Many people share their impressions about visiting such health centers in the following way:

  • Compare the visit to Israel and the lack of attention to the Dead sea with a crime;
  • Argue that the landscapes of this region resemble another planet and striking picturesqueness;
  • Confirm that the rest and treatment in Israel - no profanity, a really effective combination of environmental conditions and the professionalism of doctors;
  • Describe this trip as a perfect blend of relaxation and therapeutic treatments, cultural and educational events with Wellness.


It is Important to study doctors ' recommendations about the most beneficial time visit to Israel. For example, a trip to the treatment will be very useful for people with respiratory diseases, including bronchitis and asthma. However, such people are not recommended to visit Israel in an extremely dry (as a result, dusty) season from may to October. You should also consult with your doctor to choose the best time for the acquisition of medical tour in Israel.

Tour Operators in this area

The Most popular tour operators - organizers medical tours to Israel to the Dead sea from Moscow. The health tourism market is quite developed, especially for residents of the Russian capital:

  • TUI;
  • "Mona tours";
  • "Lead tours".


In General the Dead sea is located more than a dozen dermatological health centers. Here treat everything from cardiovascular diseases to orthopaedic problems. Each patient is given personalized attention of doctors, are assigned the required unique treatments that include the latest technology as well as traditional wraps black clay and mineral mud, special mud baths. Medical tours to Israel most often include not only health treatments and examinations, but also excursion and introductory part. It makes the trip doubly attractive to tourists.

Places to visit

This is a meditative place full of oases in the desert. The region is perfect for lovers of adventure and ancient ruins, for example, the fortress of Masada, the Palace of Herod the Great and old synagogue.

Oasis of Nakhal David

It is Worth to visit the Botanical garden "Ein Gedi".

Botanical garden "Ein Gedi"

Visitors of the national Park "Qumran" is waiting for a reunion with nature. Lush exotic vegetation, clean air, quiet conservation area. Near the Park are the legendary "Lot's Wife" - one of the references to biblical stories.


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