Oak bark: use, properties, recipes


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Oak is a unique tree. It is made  dear  furniture, in oak barrels aged brandy elite. Rich  tannins wood used in  the leather tanning. Folk and official medicine uses the bark of this plant to treat many diseases, cosmetic procedures.


Oaks on the territory of Russia do not grow only in Siberia.  In other places there are different breed of long-lived giants. In the center you can find  the common oak,  in the Amur region growing  Mongolian  in the Caucasus, widespread rock. All these species have some medicinal properties, but they are most pronounced at the oak of the ordinary.


The Most essential substances that are present in many drugs, retains  the oak bark. Its application is broad and varied. Usually it is sold ready, but herbalists can collect it yourself. Collect caurier  during time sokodvizhenija. Suggest to choose young trees or branches, Stripping them only a young, brilliant layer. So as not to harm  wood,  thick branches   make incisions in the form of rings and longitudinal lines. Gently remove a layer, located between the  split, dried under a canopy, where there is no sun.


The Decoction of oak bark is famous for its  astringent, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and other useful properties. When rinsing or irrigation tannins from the broth  respond  with proteins. The result of this reaction is a thin film which is formed on the mucous membranes, protects them from irritation. In addition,  tanning substances do not allow to grow many bacteria.


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Found oak bark  application in the treatment of diseases associated with gastric bleeding, diarrhea. It is  drugs  to treat hemorrhoids, sore throats, stomatitis, skin diseases, vaginitis, sweating.


Oak bark, mixed in half with onion skin, steamed on a slow fire, is an excellent strengthener for the hair. Baths if they are done regularly, strengthen the hair, gives Shine, cleans the skin of dandruff, cosmetology is also popular oak bark. Use it to improve the quality of the skin yielding good results. For example, to reduce pores on face, it is recommended that  a glass of water with 40 grams of bark to float half an hour in the bath, and then wipe the face. After two weeks, pores are narrowed, the Shine will disappear. Also treat acne, only to broth add the grapefruit juice, rubbing alcohol. If every day wash infusion of bark and Linden, flabby code will be firmer, wrinkles will be reduced, and overall skin tone, its elasticity will be much higher. Baths with a decoction help to reduce sweating of the feet, armpits. Extracts of the bark enter into the composition of tonics, lotions, creams for skin care whole body.


Gynecologists as an aid when the yeast infection in addition to medication is recommended twice a day douche decoction, based on oak bark. To do this,  mixed  sage, rosemary, yarrow, pour three liters of water, boil for half an hour. The resulting broth to use until  the thrush will not pass.


The oak Bark used even in cooking. Here is the recipe of the unique drink, which can impress your guests during the holiday feast.  In a large glass container to mix  a half liter of good vodka, a tablespoon St. John's wort and rosehips, a teaspoon of black (preferably high quality) tea. Add a little vanilla, crushed pepper-peas, cinnamon. In the resulting cocktail add a teaspoon of oak bark. To survive in the dark no less than three days. Before serving add a bit of glucose, strain. Easy, delicious, fragrant and harmless drink will surprise many lovers of spirits.


To List all the recipes with oak bark is impossible, because a lot of them. It is important to remember one thing - excessive and uncontrolled passion, even the most harmless drugs can be harmful. Therefore, it is not recommended to start the treatment without consulting with a specialist. Oak bark, which can also cause harm, should also be used carefully.

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