Eye massager HealthyEyes: feedback from doctors and patients, recommendations for use


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With the help of vision a person perceives 85% of the information. And, of course, no one will argue with folk wisdom, which States: “it is Better to see once than hear a hundred times”. Every second person today suffers from various disabilities. Every day we subject our eyes the strongest load: computer, artificial lighting, watching TV. To reduced vision complain not only adults but also children.points massager for eyes HealthyEyes

With significant eye strain not only deteriorating eyesight, but I can develop stress, depression, migraines, cancer, reduced memory, increased blood pressure. Ophthalmologists propose to solve this problem is surgery, however this is not always possible and sometimes not very well.

To normalize the function of the organ of vision the joint efforts of American and Chinese scientists have created innovative massager HealthyEyes. Reviews of doctors and patients about this device are extremely positive. Let's talk more about it in the article.

History of the device HealthyEyes

In the mid 80-ies of the last century based on the ancient Chinese acupuncture therapy, American scientists developed the first prototype of the eye massager, through which it became possible to improve vision 1-2 diopter, without resorting to surgical intervention. However, the first massager had a number of defects, so to the masses he did not, it was forgotten.

In the early 2000s at the international medical Symposium American scientists again raised the issue of long development and has received the support of Chinese colleagues. So, joint efforts have created a modern glasses-tumblers for eyes HealthyEyes. And for the past few years with their help people return lost vision.HealthyEyes reviews of physicians


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The design of the massager HealthyEyes created using computer programs, allowing the device to accurately approximate the shapes of the periorbital area and corresponds to the location of acupuncture points.

The massager HealthyEyes has 22 finger massage, which uses high quality silicone, does not cause allergic reactions. This material gives the fingers soft and supple, making the use of the device is most effective.

At the top of each finger there is a powerful magnet made of an alloy of rare earth metals.

Inside the massager HealthyEyes is a micromotor, which provides an acupuncture effect with such intensity and frequency that correspond to one of the selected programs (all nine of them).


Eye Massager HealthyEyes weighs just 280 grams and runs on batteries. The device can be used at home, at work, during long trips in the car. The device has multiple massage programs, through which to explore the area around the eyes can be of different intensity.for eyes HealthyEyes

How does the tumbler?

Imagine the skilled hands of a qualified massage therapist influencing the problem area. Thus acts on the area of the eye massager HealthyEyes. Reviews of doctors and patients who used it confirm its effectiveness.

  • Relax the eye muscles.

  • Improves blood circulation.

  • Eliminates the spasm.

  • Removes the feeling of fatigue.

  • A Constant magnetic field influences on blood flow and metabolism.

Who is recommended to use the massager HealthyEyes?

Physicians recommend the use of this device the following categories of persons:

  • Students of educational institutions, which quite often suffer from false near-sightedness, which develops on the background of fatigue.

  • Employees whose activities are associated with significant visual load: computer operator, accountant, designer, Secretary, driver, teacher.

  • Individuals with presbyopia (age-related pathology refractive power of the eye in which you want to wear a “positive” points).HealthyEyes price

Those who have used eye massager HealthyEyes, feedback very positive:

  • The sight improves;

  • Disappear headaches;

  • Smoother skin around the eyes;

  • Reduced stress;

  • Improves mood, and concentration.

Recommendations for the use of massager HealthyEyes

To achieve the best results, treatments are recommended every day: 3 times for 3-5 minutes (maximum time-20 minutes).

Before you can use massage HealthyEyes glasses, contact lenses must be removed.

Before using the massager you must insert the batteries, then put it on, to enable, to select a suitable mode and set the timer.

If you are going to spend with the massage HealthyEyes no more than 10-15 minutes a day, will very soon notice how much brighter and clearer the world becomes around you. After 2-3 weeks of regular use significantly reduced the need for glasses, but after 4 weeks you will no longer to need them and even at nightfall it will be good to see.eye massager HealthyEyes reviews

In some cases, you cannot use massage glasses HealthyEyes?

Reviews of doctors and patients indicate a high efficiency of the device, however, in some cases, the use of massager is contraindicated. Experts say that the device cannot be used with:

  • Head injuries

  • Burns.

  • Post-operative or inflammatory conditions of the eye.

What is the cost of eye massager HealthyEyes?

The Price of the device ranges between 2000-3500 rubles.


Restore or save the eyesight, to forget about headaches and a good night's sleep will help eye massager HealthyEyes. The doctors attest to its quality. This means that the device is indeed unique and effective. To see the world — is a great gift, return it to yourself. With the eye massager HealthyEyes make it a snap.


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