Diet "Zigzag" for weight loss: review, menus, features, results and reviews


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Excessive body weight makes women and men constantly look for the right methods to bring the body in shape. They have to try a lot of diets and choose the one that will be really effective. Diet "Zigzag" - a special diet that has helped many people solve the problem of excess weight. You will know her better.

Diet "Zigzag"

It was developed by German scientist Carl Noorden. Over time it has improved nutritionists for better efficiency.

The Essence of the diet lies in the alternation of ingestion of protein and carbohydrates throughout its duration. Initially there is a sharp reduction of carbohydrates in the diet, then an increase, and in the end everything will balance out to the body optimally enough of these substances. The amount of protein within the diet is changing: initially, the consumption of it increases, then decreases, and by the end it is balance.

zigzag Diet

Body Weight is reduced, because the body has no time to get used to the carbohydrates, and then is saturated in proteins, and then it all goes in the same order. Stored fats are burned, which further help low-calorie foods.

Diet is suitable for people who are active in sports. Otherwise, if you do not consume carbohydrates, it may lead to a decrease, but rather increase the weight.

What happens to the body when you diet?

This power supply can stick to for 1-2 months. The whole period is divided into 7 day cycles. The diet is developed with "Zigzag" menu for the week, and in some cases in just 4 days.


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The First day the most difficult. The amount of carbohydrates is reduced to 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. The amount of protein for women is 3 grams, for men - 4. To the slimming process took place efficiently, it is necessary to swim, exercise and walk.

Following three days of carbohydrate low. If the first time the body can not withstand such a hard limit, you are allowed to move to the next stage of the diet on the third day.

But if it turns out to withstand such a diet, you need to understand that tighten the no carb phase is impossible. It is perceived by the body as stress, and it will begin to store fat, and to cover the cost of energy will use muscles.

Yet we must remember that a lot of protein and fat can stress the liver and kidneys. Gradually, the body, being a carbohydrate starvation, begins to burn stored fat.

On the fifth day are loaded with carbohydrates per 1 kg of weight of 5-6 g. this reduces the use of proteins and fats. These days diet "Zigzag" based on the feedback, the calories remain the same, but thanks to the cereals and fruits in the diet increases the amount of carbohydrates.

zigzag Diet menu

These days the body is resting from excess proteins and is actively burns fat, until it switches to the generation of energy from carbohydrate foods. Now is the time to strengthen the exercise.

There Comes a 6 and 7 day diet. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the following: 1,3-2 g; 0.8 g; 4 g. This proportion is recommended by nutritionists as the most balanced for a person who is actively involved in sports.

The First phase of the diet is completed, if you wish, you can go back to his early days.


Diet "Zigzag", which can be divided into 4 or 7 days, pretty easy to use. The program itself is designed for 1-2 month with cycles of 4 days:

  • In the first two days recommended calorie intake when carbohydrates are reduced and proteins are increased. During this period fat begins to actively consume. By the second day the body is no glycogen, which leads to increased use of fat accumulation.
  • On the third day in the diet increases the proportion of carbohydrates and protein decreases. In the body, which is not accustomed to such relationships, and extend the breakdown of fats. At this time there is accumulation of glycogen in liver and muscles.
  • On the fourth day the ratio of protein and carbohydrates is equalized, which corresponds to a balanced diet.

zigzag Diet reviews and results

After the first cycle to improve the result, you can stay on this diet for 1-2 months. Many people take this diet to the weapons and use them throughout their life.

Diet Menu "Zigzag" for the week: feedback

During the first two days are needed to reduce the carbohydrates in the body to start the fat expenditure. The main part of your diet will consist of fish, lean meat and dairy products. Cereals, fruit and flour will be present in the diet in minimal amounts.

The diet you can include 1-2 of Apple, 0.4 kg of vegetables that contain no starch, and a piece of bran bread.

zigzag Diet menu for a week

5 day diet, you must add the porridge oat, rice or buckwheat, chicken breast, salad vegetables and pasta durum.

Sample menu diet "Zigzag" Per week includes days, which are characterized by their caloric content. During the low carb phase of the diet you need to include:

  • Breakfast - 2 eggs, cheese and salad vegetables;
  • On the second Breakfast - Apple;
  • Lunch - steamed vegetables with meat (chicken or beef boiled);
  • Afternoon snack - a pear;
  • Dinner - baked (boiled) fish, salad vegetables.

During the high carbohydrate days on the following diet:

  • Breakfast - oatmeal, some bread;
  • The second Breakfast - any fruit;
  • Lunch - boiled rice, vegetable salad and chicken meat;
  • Afternoon snack - fruit;
  • Dinner - pasta with sauce.

zigzag Diet calories reviews

The menu balanced days could include:

  • Breakfast - low fat cottage cheese and oatmeal;
  • On the second Breakfast - Apple (pear);
  • Lunch - buckwheat, vegetable salad and chicken meat;
  • Afternoon snack - Apple;
  • Dinner - fish with vegetables, a little bread.

Benefits of diet

Diet "Zigzag" has undeniable advantages:

  • By adding a variety of foods that contain proteins and carbohydrates, the feeling of satiety lasts for a long time.
  • Carbohydrates enter the body in the quantities required to not use muscle as an energy source. There is an acceleration of metabolic processes.
  • A Varied diet gives the body to get used to monoproducts.
  • The Diet does not require any additional costs neither time nor Finance. It is easy to start and finish without damage to health.
  • In the period of the diet need to actively engage in sports.
  • For a short time, you can lose a few extra pounds.
  • During the diet the person is not experiencing psychological stress, when you have to abandon a large number of different products.

zigzag Diet menu reviews

Thanks to a balanced diet, this diet is for anyone who wants to lose weight without harm for health.


Any changes in nutrition can affect a person both positively and negatively. Diet menu "Zigzag", by reviews, also has some contraindications:

  • Not recommended it to people with disorders of metabolic processes;
  • You cannot use the diet at diseases of kidneys and liver, as well as with other chronic diseases;
  • Do not use in pregnancy and lactation.

Diet "Zigzag": reviews and results

Through the menu for the week, weight is lost in the following way: in the early days dieters may lose 1-2 kg, the third day of this process also continues. By the end of the sixth day the weight comes back because the carbohydrates that were eaten at this time, the detained water in the body. By the end of the seventh day, the weight decreases again. The average weight loss per week will be 1.5-2 kg.

After 2 months you can lose 7-15 pounds. The result will depend on the initial weight. The higher it is, the easier it leave kilos.

Positive reviews about diet "Zigzag" many stars and ordinary people attest to its effectiveness and good tolerance by the body. The meals included a lot of foods from the usual diet, with the exception of harmful food and beverages.

The Opinion of doctors regarding diet

Nutritionists this diet are positive, because in 2 months you can lose an average of 10 kilograms of excess weight. Menu is selected in such a way that the harm does not apply. This is achieved through a slow process of weight loss and optimal diet. Menu can be changed depending on whether people lose weight or gain it.

Final phase

Exit from the diet is not recommended and you should use it for the whole life, just adapting for your body. If for a long time to write this diet, you can return to him and after a long break. Diet menu "Zigzag" will allow many people in a lifetime To stay slim and healthy W...

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