Ointment against herpes. Than to eliminate the disease


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Nothing, perhaps, does not irritate the person, as a sudden runny nose and herpes. These two are completely different in nature of the disease bring a lot of discomfort and disturb the usual routine of things. In addition, the occurrence of an unpleasant crust on the lips will make you abandon even the most long-awaited romantic date. It is about the herpes and we'll talk this time.

Symptoms of the approaching malady is a burning, tingling and swelling of the areas affected by virus. Most often, herpes manifests itself as small, oozing sores on the lips. However, this part of the body “enemy” is not restricted. Medicine is known for its variety such as genital and shingles (aka zoster). In addition, crust can occur even in the nose. What is to be treated from such unpleasant affliction? Will help you ointment herpes. This is one of the most popular forms of available drugs. After all applied easily, and the effect is visible almost immediately.

All ointments are divided into two types: the antiviral and antiviral vegetable. The last are made on the basis of natural extracts and contain significantly less chemical compounds. Ointment for herpes in the nose is also included in this list. Typically, to eliminate such problems use the same drugs as in all other cases. Ointment for herpes on the body contains the same components as the cream is applied to the focus of infection on the lips. Only the concentration of active substances is slightly higher. So if you decided to go to a pharmacy, be sure to specify what type of herpes are about to heal.


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List of drugs of synthetic origin.

  • The Medication "Acyclovir". A very popular ointment for herpes. Prescribe a remedy for the disease, as well as in the formation of scabs on the genitals of the patient. To get rid of the manifestations of the disease, the drug should be applied in a thin layer on the affected skin for 5 days. If during this time the symptoms did not disappear, consult a doctor.
  • Drug "Zovirax". This ointment herpes its composition is similar to the previous medication. But it is made according to European technology, which provides the highest degree of purification of all components. As a result, the drug has a high efficiency. The disadvantage is the cost, which is much larger.

The List of drugs of vegetable origin.

  • Drug "Alpizarin" is made on the basis of an extract of Alpine Hedysarum. This ointment herpes it is recommended to apply 2-3 times a day to achieve the desired effect. It will be significantly higher if you start to use the means already at the first signs of the disease.
  • The medicine "Panavir" (ointment or cream) obtained by the developers from unripe fruit of the potato. It is used if herpes appeared on the lips or genitals.
  • Drug "Gossypol" has a very specific smell and a yellowish tinge. Apply ointment not only against herpes virus, but when infected with psoriasis. Means should be applied during the week, 4-6 times a day on affected skin.
  • Salve "Heleen" is available in two forms. The first is designed for application to the skin, the second – on a mucous membrane. This tool is best used if the herpes struck the nasal passages.

If you want to deal with the disease as quickly as possible, then combine treatment ointments with pills. In addition, there is a special vaccine that eliminates the herpes virus from the inside of the body. This will allow to forget about the disease. However, before you purchase these funds, carefully read the contraindications. It is best to seek the advice of a specialist.

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