The Drug Is "Maalox". Indications for use


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High neutralizing properties and cytoprotective effect has the drug “Maalox”. The composition of the medicine – a balanced combination of algeldrata and magnesium hydroxide.

The Drug has a shielding, absorbent, antacid effects that can relieve pain in the upper part of the digestive system for a few hours.

Means “Maalox”. Indications for use

The Drug is prescribed for acute gastritis flow. In the chronic stage in acute phase of the specified disease with a high or normal secretory activity is also recommended by the drug “Maalox”. Indications for use include the a hiatal hernia in the diaphragm. The recommended medication for stomach discomfort on the background of the errors in the diet, alcohol, coffee, Smoking or medication. The drug is prescribed not only as a symptomatic therapy. For prevention are also recommended medication “Maalox”. Indications for use include prevention of development of peptic ulcer in stomach and duodenum.

The Drug is the recommended if you experience any pain or after an hour and a half after a meal.

Adults appoint fifteen milliliters of the suspension (sachet or tablespoon) or one (two) tablets throughout the day three times and another – at night.

The Drug “Maalox” for children are recommended from four months. Patients to year to designate the floor of the spoon (tea), over the year – on a teaspoonful of suspension three times a day.

The Tablets should be chewed (sucked) until complete dissolution. Suspension from a bag you can squeeze onto a spoon or directly into your mouth. It is recommended that the vial with the suspension, shake or knead the bag between your fingers before taking the drug “Maalox”.


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Indications installs only the doctor. Self-diagnosis and self-medicate to deal with is not highly recommended.

The drug may provoke in rare cases, the deficit of phosphorus. This may be due to continuous use of medication in high dosages, with the presence of algeldrata.

Is Contraindicated in patients with renal disorder activities of a pronounced character.

Use ‘Maalox” period of gestation is allowed by the recommendation and under the supervision of a doctor. It is not recommended medication during lactation, in the absence of data on the ability to penetrate active ingredients into the milk.

High dosages are not administered to patients with renal insufficiency. Reception in low to medium quantities of these patients should be accompanied by the control level in the body, phosphorus. When the first signs of decrease in the concentrations of the drug “Maalox" to cancel.

We recommend taking the drug two hours before or after application of indomethacin, a blocker of H2 histamine receptors, acetylsalicylic acid (and other salicylates), chlorpromazine, beta-blockers, phenytoin, isoniazid, diflunisal, phosphorous-containing drugs, antibiotics of tetracycline group.

As shown by clinical practice, the drug “Maalox” is well tolerated, has a pleasant taste. The drug does not cause constipation.

Cases of drug overdose not described.

Reviews of product can meet different. Some patients can be highly effective in the manifestation of discomfort in the region of the gastrointestinal tract. The drug, according to them, is able to eliminate the discomfort fast enough. Some patients did not feel significant effect. Probably it could be due to the characteristics of the organism.

Before using the drug should consult a specialist to avoid negative consequences, familiarize yourself carefully with the annotation.

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