The main characteristics of the use of narcotic substances


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Drug addiction is a topical problem of modern society. A chemical addiction develops very quickly, especially in children, and even the most efficient propaganda directed against the use of drugs, may not have the absolute effectiveness. In order to protect your loved ones from this problem and to be able to help them, it is important to know the signs of use of narcotic substances.

signs in the use of narcotic substances


Even those who do not have sufficient information about how it looks and behaves personality, drug users may notice changes in human behavior, which is under the influence of drugs.

Physical indications of drug abuse differ little from the symptoms of alcoholic intoxication: a person can not control the coordination of movements, is experiencing hyperactivity or, on the contrary, stupor.

signs in the use of narcotic substances among adolescents

But unlike the effects of the use of alcohol beverages, people who took drugs would not have such a characteristic symptom of intoxication, such as peculiar smell.


In the external signs of the use of narcotic substances is primarily the emotional aspect of behavior. The severity of this symptom depends on what specifically the drug was accepted, but the important fact that the behavior of a man who took a drug, just different from his normal behavior.

From the normal emotionality of the person under the influence of drugs, distinguished by illogical actions. That is his reaction to certain events can be objectively abnormal, not to fit the particular circumstances.


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For Example, signs in the use of narcotic substances may include strong laughter in inappropriate circumstances, the rapid reaction and so on. It is noteworthy that the change of moods and attitudes occurs very quickly, laughter can change tears, then without any external causes of indifference.

external signs of the use of narcotic substances

Motor activity

Drug Use changes the mode of the day and the level of physical activity. Various substances and drugs have different effects on the body, but, as a rule, most of the drugs cause hyperactivity.

This can be expressed in the human desire to stay in motion. Poor coordination leads to the fact that the movement becomes fussy. It can continuously move without feeling any fatigue, but a waste of energy will cause him to hunger and thirst. An addict may repeat the same steps until until the the effect of drugs will not stop: he can walk in a circle, run, dance and so on. It is important that any actions are objectively purposeless, even though the addict may feel that his actions logical and consistent.


Signs of alcohol, drugs always include the change in the relationship of man to his external appearance and, as a consequence, appearance. Addicts rarely take care of themselves, so they can be distinguished by unkempt clothing.

The Negative impact of the chemical composition of the drug affects not only health, but also on a person's appearance. Leather addicts usually pale, and with long-term experience of the use of drugs, it becomes wax-yellow. Addicts violated the regeneration ability of tissue, so even the slightest scratch on the skin leads to inflammation.

In Addition to the skin, the drug in poor condition the hair and teeth. Of course, these symptoms are not specific and with an equal degree of probability may constitute signs of the use of narcotic substances or various serious diseases. However, coupled with the other signs, you can recognize a pathological condition.

Symptoms of addiction in adolescents

The Most vulnerable in facing up to drugs are teenagers. The child's body, quickly undergoes addiction, so parents, it is important to know how to recognize the warning signals, indicating that the child is taking drugs.

signs of drug use in adolescents

There is an opinion that the main characteristic of risk is the relationship of a teenager with bad guys. But your circle of contacts teenager can easily hide, but the interest in the use of substances – no. Therefore, the signs of drug use in adolescents primarily lies in the heightened interest of the child to drugs, pharmacology, medicine chest. The child may try to take drugs for any reason, experimenting with them, trying to consume large doses or combine two different drugs.

The Second sign is a sudden and abrupt change in behavior of the child. In children hyperactivity on the background of drug use more pronounced than in adults, therefore, if the child became irritable, restless, he received numerous complaints from teachers and others, you need to check not known whether the teenager medication, syringes and other items.

signs of alcohol drug

You should Also consider the following characteristics of the use of narcotic substances among adolescents:

  • Loss of interest in previous Hobbies;
  • Irresponsibility;
  • Theft of money or valuables.

Substances and reactions

Every substance has a different effect, therefore, the symptoms of ingestion of medications will vary.

  1. The Use of cannabis can be recognized by a strong thirst and hunger. Human movement becomes abrupt, he feels the desire to remain constantly in motion. The world stretched leisurely.
  2. Opiates in the first two occurrences and evoke a sense of relaxation and euphoria, the man looks peaceful, to determine that he used an opiate can only by narrowed pupil, even in a dark room. But the subsequent techniques substance very quickly become addicted, so it is difficult to achieve a sense of bliss he felt when he saw the first uses of opiates. He becomes drowsy and lethargic, he can't reflect on this condition: for example, they can fall asleep in mid conversation, then Wake up and continue the conversation as if nothing had happened.
    outward signs of the use of narcotic substances of opiate group: pale skin and red swollen lips.
  3. Cocaine – a substance that stimulates the activity of the Central nervous system, so a person who has used the drug looks very active, he does not experience feelings of fatigue, at the time of action of the drug, its performance can be enormous. But stimulation of the Central nervous system leads to anxiety, nervousness, sweating. A drug addict after cocaine use marked shortness of breath and high blood pressure.
  4. Acceptance of hallucinogens to recognize the easiest way, because man is after taking drugs that cause hallucinations, completely loses control of himself. Hallucinations can be visual, auditory or even olfactory, but in any case man there is a violation of coordination of movements and pupillary constriction.
  5. Psychostimulants – the most dangerous type of drugs, as under their influence the person experiences suicidal. The addict is aggressive and suspicious, sometimes under the influence of certain types of drugs may experience strong sexual arousal. Under the influence of psychostimulants addict is never sluggish, on the contrary, it is active, active, talkative.

The Symptoms of “breaking”

“Breaking” - as a drug addict in the interval between doses of regular doses. If at first a person uses a drug in order to experience the pleasure, then the dose of the substance he needed in order not to experience severe physical discomfort. Received the drug causes the addict pleasure, but the feeling of relief from eliminating the signs of withdrawal makes him look dose and use the drug again and again.

external signs of drug consumption

Signs of the use of narcotic substances an adult experiencing a break-up, starts with feelings of anxiety, insomnia, and anxiety. A few hours after that having severe pain, muscle stiffness, semi-conscious state.

This condition is really very painful for a person, the brain requires a new dosage of the substance, and the only way to ease this condition is the intake of drugs.

What to do in breaking down the addict?

First of all, you need to understand that breaking addict is not fatal. And despite the fact that the addict really feels very painful, it often happens that he exaggerates the strength of his bodily sufferings in order to obtain the necessary dose of the drug.

Addiction Treatment

signs in the use of narcotic substances an adult

Regardless of what the signs of drug use was discovered,...

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