Why pain in left lower abdomen in women?


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Every girl needs to closely monitor its women's health. That is why in any unclear situation it is best to seek medical assistance. However good previously try to deal with the problem to know what diagnoses would you expect from a doctor.

sore abdomen on the left women


It is Worth noting that almost every woman from time to time experiences some discomfort. Why is it that may mean, if ladies very sore lower abdomen? It just may be the signal for the beginning of menstruation the first few days which women often experiencing pretty painful. If discomfort connected with this situation, do not panic, this is normal physiological process of the female body.


What causes cause pain lower abdomen on the left a woman? First of all this may be preceded by adhesions in the pelvis, when the pain can appear to the right or left, depending on where the operation was performed. Pain may indicate the presence of such diseases as adnexitis-inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes. It was the nagging pain that can radiate into the thigh, the loins, the anus. Increase unpleasant sensation during hypothermia, physical exertion, sexual relations.

sore belly

Ectopic pregnancy

If pain in lower abdomen on the left in women, it may also indicate that the lady has an ectopic pregnancy. However, such pain is often not strictly concentrated in one place, they can be flowing, moving. It should be noted that if the cause of discomfort in this, a woman should immediately be hospitalized, because, most likely, need surgery.


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If pain in lower abdomen left from a woman, what does that mean? May be such that the lady's inflammation of a particular Department of the colon. To get rid of this, you can try to sit on  a diet that excludes the consumption of fatty and spicy dishes. In the diet should be mostly cooked vegetables and fresh fruit.

Urinary system

If pain in lower abdomen on the left in women, it can say that the ladies there are problems with the genitourinary system. If unpleasant sensations was joined by fever and vomiting, hospitalization is necessary because, most likely, have to be operated on.

dragging pain in the lower abdomen


To Disturb pain to the left a woman and also the pancreas. However, discomfort may be felt also in the back.


If a woman is in the position and feels nagging pain in the lower abdomen, what it may mean? It's okay if the pain is not too strong, they can accompany a woman in the early stages, when changes in the body. However, if it is accompanied by discharge, you should definitely consult a doctor, because there is a risk that the body rejects the baby. Also, such feelings may indicate hypertonicity of the uterus. In such a situation, the woman is also very necessary to be observed by a specialist.

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