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Vision is one of the greatest values in human life, and few people think about it, being in good health. But once you deal with any eye disease for the possibility to see clearly already want to give all the treasures. Here early diagnosis is important – treatment of the terms will be effective only in setting the correct diagnosis.

In the modern world there are many different techniques which can detect any problem with the eyes at the first signs of the disease. They all give the opportunity to determine the nature of the threat and the tactics of further treatment. Such research is conducted with the help of special equipment in ophthalmology clinics.


Despite the fact that the process of complete examination by an ophthalmologist takes only an hour to diagnosis it is better to allocate more free time. The problem lies in the fact that during the studies the eyes buried with a special solution that extends the pupil. It helps to see the greater part of the lens to hold the best inspection of the fundus. The effect of these drops may last several hours, so during the period noted, is to abandon any activity.

Why go to an ophthalmologist?

In the life of any man there can come a time when you have to seek the assistance of an ophthalmologist. This decision is determined by several factors that are possible during a visit to an ophthalmologist.

  1. Complex diagnostics of view.
  2. Professional equipment and high quality consumables.
  3. Reasonable price of services.
  4. Diagnosis and treatment options.
  5. A special database that stores all the information about any of the patients.
  6. Individual approach and purpose of the required tests.
  7. The Surgery followed by rehabilitation.
  8. Consultation related professionals.

Keep in mind that a person's vision can deteriorate for various reasons. To find them and fix will help only advanced examination.


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General information

The Diagnostics needed for an accurate diagnosis or just identify the causes of worsening eyesight, as well as to choose the optimal course of treatment for each individual patient. A comprehensive approach to this issue will help to identify the true cause of poor vision many eye diseases have similar diagnostics

This is carried out complex diagnostics of view, learning a variety of indicators:

  • Check visual acuity;
  • Finding the refraction of the eye;
  • The establishment of the field of view;
  • The status of the optic nerve;
  • Measuring the depth of the cornea and so on.

Also in the list a comprehensive survey necessarily includes ultrasound of internal structures of the eye at the possibility of pathologies.

Preparing for examination

Full diagnostics of vision or partial examination may be done only after proper preparation. For this purpose you should consult your doctor who will be able to see whether the problem is vision concomitant symptom of some other disease. This applies to diabetes, or the presence in the body of chronic infection. In the preparation of the history should include the question of heredity of the patient, which may at some period of life to affect his health. Before by the visit to ophthalmologist no special preparation is needed, except better, a good night's sleep to be able to adequately interpret the obtained in the survey results.

Methods of diagnostics

At this point ophthalmology has made great progress in understanding the eye as a separate element of the entire body. Due to this, it is possible to more accurately and quickly treat a wide variety of eye problems using innovative methods. List them all is simply impossible, but to see the most popular and worth a closer look.

diagnosis view

Visual acuity testing

Starts vision diagnostics traditional methods – determine acuity and refraction. For this purpose, a special table with letters, pictures or other signs. The most familiar is the table Golovin-Sivtseva, although in recent years in the first place was the halogen projectors marks. In the latter case, medical personnel are able to check the sharpness of the binocular and color vision. Initially being tested without correction, and then with a special lens and spectacle frame. This solution allows the doctor to accurately diagnose the problem and determine the optimal treatment to eliminate it. Usually after that, patients can regain 100% vision.


The Most common procedure ophthalmologists, which involves the measurement of intraocular pressure. Such vision diagnostics is very important in the appearance of glaucoma. In practice, this study provides a contact or contactless means. In the first case is used tonometer Maklakova or Goldman who need to measure the degree of deflection of the cornea under pressure. When non-contact method pneumotonometry determines the intraocular pressure using a targeted air jet. Both methods have a right to exist and can afford to judge the possibility of a number of specific eye diseases. This procedure is considered mandatory for people over the age of 40 as in that age increases the risk of developing glaucoma.

diagnostics of vision in children

Ultrasound of the eye and orbit

Ultrasound of the eye is considered non-invasive and highly informative method of research, providing the opportunity to consider the posterior segment of the eye, vitreous body, and orbit. This technique is performed solely at the recommendation of a physician and is considered mandatory before performing certain operations or cataract.

At the present time, conventional ultrasound has replaced ultrasound biomicroscopy studying anterior eyes at the micro level. Through such immersion diagnostic procedure to obtain detailed information about the structure of the anterior eye.

There are several techniques to perform this procedure, depending on which eyelid can be closed or open. In the first case, the sensor is moved across the eye to and avoid unpleasant sensations is performed under sedation. When closed, century need only to apply some special fluid, which at the end of the procedure, removed the cloth.

At the time, such research methodology state of the eye takes no more than a quarter of an hour. Eyes ultrasound has no contraindications regarding the appointment, therefore, can be performed in children, pregnant women and even people with serious diseases.

Computer diagnostics

Marked by the method of the study of eye diseases is one of the most accurate. With his help, you can find any eye disease. The use of specific medical devices provides an opportunity to assess the condition of all structures of the visual organ. It should be noted that this procedure is done without direct contact with the patient so completely painless.

diagnosis vision the best clinics

Computer diagnostics, depending on the age of the patient, can last from 30 minutes to an hour. For this applying for announced testing, the person will have to take a position about a special device that will lock the eyes on the displayed image. Immediately after this autorefractometer will be able to measure a number of indicators, the results of which can judge the condition of the eye.

Computer diagnostics of view can be administered by a retinal specialist to assess the condition of the patient's eye for the presence of disease or pathogenic processes, determining the most optimal treatment plan or confirm the need for subsequent surgical intervention.


Another method for examining the human eye, in which case special importance is attached precisely choroid, the marked body, and the optic nerve and retina. During the procedure used special instrument, an Ophthalmoscope, which directs the eye of the beam of direct light. The main condition of this method is the presence of a maximally enlarged pupil, which allows to inspect hard to reach peripheral parts of the retina. Thanks to the Ophthalmoscope, doctors can identify the stratification of the retina and its peripheral degeneration and the pathology of an eye bottom, did not show themselves clinically. For mydriasis only need to use mydriatic short-acting.

Of Course, this list of existing methods of diagnostics of the eye diseases is far from complete. There are a number of specific procedures in which you can find only certain diseases of the eye. But to assign any one of them can only doctor, so in the beginning you just need to make an appointment to see the optometrist.

Diagnosis of eye problems in children

Unfortunately, the disease g...

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