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Vitiligo-the most unrecognized pathology in the field of dermatology. Decided to attribute the disease to the category of violation of the production in the body of the pigment melanin under the action of immune factors. Let's see what kind of disease is vitiligo. What are the characteristic signs of the condition? What are the causes of formation of pathology? How to treat vitiligo with the use of pharmacological agents and methods of alternative medicine?

General information

Vitiligo-what is this disease? The problem is in the formation on the surface of the epidermis unattractive discolored spots due to the destruction of the coloring pigment melanin. Such growths can appear on various parts of the body. This files most often occurs vitiligo on the face, upper and lower extremities.

The Phenomenon remains a mystery to researchers. Surely it is only known that the formation of the characteristic white spots on the skin provoke failures in the functioning of organs and systems, contact with various chemicals, bad heredity, unfavorable environmental factors and so on.

Typically, vitiligo is an acquired in the course of life disease. Even in the case of poor genetics of the disease may not manifest in children. Because of the hereditary factor in good health and the absence of serious disease is often insufficient.

According to statistics from the disease vitiligo suffers only about 1 % of the world population. Problem usually makes itself known in people aged 10 to 30 years. Infants rarely suffer from the disease. The same applies to the elderly, if they have not previously noted the tendency to the formation of the disease.


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Cause of disease

vitiligo what is this disease

What are the causes of vitiligo? The destruction of melanin pigment in the epidermis can result in the following external and internal factors:

  1. Autoimmune failures – the inhibition of the protective functions of the organism in the development of various pathologies. Such violations lead to incorrect execution of the antibodies of their functions. The phenomenon causes the destruction of the coloring pigment, which is perceived by the immune system as pathogenic substances.
  2. Trophic disorders – the other causes of vitiligo, the essence of which is the presence of mechanical damage on the skin is injured, scar tissue formation. It is also possible to change the hue of the epidermis under the action of sunburn. The last factor aktiviziruyutsya in the spring and summer.
  3. Congenital predisposition. Vitiligo in children can be felt when the genetic inheritance of the disease. In this case the tendency to the development of the disease is passed from parents to children.
  4. Failures in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract – the white patches of vitiligo often appear with dysbiosis, bile stasis, inhibition of liver function. These factors lead to a slow breakdown in the body nutrients that are required for the production of melanin pigment in the skin structures.
  5. Endocrine disorders. Skin discoloration may be due to decreased activity of the pancreas, ovaries, pituitary.
  6. Contact with aggressive chemicals. Vitiligo in children and adults is often manifested in the destruction of melanin formaldehyde, phenol, all kinds of reagents. Typically, this is due to the unwise use of cosmetics of dubious quality.
  7. Overdose pharmacological means. Unauthorized medications without the approval of the doctor can start reactions in the body that cause destruction of melanin. First of all, we are talking about the overuse of antibiotics. Because they contain active elements which not only destroy harmful bacteria but also destroy beneficial intestinal flora.
  8. Pathology of the thyroid gland. According to the statistics of vitiligo in adults in 10% of cases caused by the emergence of so-called toxic goiter, as well as the formation of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Clinical picture

The Initial stage of vitiligo is manifested in the formation on the skin rounded bleached spots. The latter have small size – about one-third of a centimeter in diameter. Over time, the area of the tumors increases. Spots become milky color and contrast with the background of the healthy part of the epidermis. It is noteworthy that lesions of vitiligo have a smooth surface and will never flake. Externally, the skin looks completely normal, not considering atypical pigmentation.

The Characteristic feature of vitiligo is also discoloration of the hairy parts of the body. Thus the sick person does not complain of discomfort, do not feel any unpleasant sensations, in addition to cosmetic discomfort. In some cases, unhealthy pigmentation may be the whole body. However, this happens very rarely.

Surgical treatment

vitiligo in children

The Operational solution to the problem involves the transplantation of healthy skin to the affected vitiligo area. The method resorted to in extreme cases. Most often, the option practice,if the treatment of vitiligo medicine, physical therapy, and folk remedies do not bring the expected results. An alternative to the transplantation of skin is a tattoo, a shade which mimics the texture of healthy skin.

Laser therapy

How to treat vitiligo? Helps eliminate the trouble impacts on the affected areas of skin to laser radiation. As practice shows high efficiency of such treatment demonstrates that if a patient goes to the doctor in the development of the pathology in its initial stages.

To remove discolored spots on the surface of the epidermis, is usually sufficient to perform multiple procedures using a laser device. In the early stages the skin is carried out for a few seconds. Over time, the duration of sessions increases, which allows you to remove cosmetic defects.

Alignment of skin color

vitiligo causes

How can you get rid of vitiligo in the shortest possible time? A good option is the alignment of the skin tone thanks to the introduction of a special fabric dye drug. Use injection treatment method accompanied by a wide range of contraindications and side effects. For this reason, before starting therapy it is important to obtain approval from the qualified dermatologist.


The method consists in treatment of the skin with special chemical compounds that enhance the tissue sensitivity of the epidermis to the sunlight. In our days there are many pharmaceutical solutions, pills and ointments that contribute to the production of melanin in the skin structure under the action of ultraviolet light.

Vitiligo Patient takes the drug inside or go through the procedure of application of special trains of containment areas discolored spots. After some time, the doctor begins to affect the skin UV lamp. Positive changes in this therapy occur after 3-4 treatments. To visually smooth out the tone of individual sections of the epidermis, requires multiple episodes photochemotherapy.


vitiligo treatment folk remedies

How to treat vitiligo medications. These goals can be effectively corticosteroid with systemic action "Prednisolone". The active substance contained in the product inhibit the attack of antibodies on the melanocyte-specific cells which are responsible for the production of coloring pigment. Receiving pharmacological agents seems rational, if the development of autoimmune vitiligo triggered by disruptions in the body. The use of medicine has numerous limitations. Because the drug has a wide range of side effects.

How to treat vitiligo with the help of "Prednisolone"? The dosage set by the doctor individually. As a rule, the admission of the drug start with a safe amount of – 20 mg per day. This norm corresponds to the four tablets funds that periodically used throughout the day. In the presence of a sustained positive shift gradually reduce the dose.


The Mechanism of action of the drug consists in the following. The components of the product are concentrated in the cells melanocytes, stimulating the production of coloring pigment under the action of ultraviolet light. In addition, the active substances produce immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effect.

"Hydroxychloroquine" take not more than 400 mg per day. The drug absorb in the course of eating. Doctors recommend the pills with a glass of milk. Duration of therapy is 2-3 weeks.


Topical application of the tool is in cases where vitiligo develops on the background of oppression of the liver. The drug contains phospholipids, which stimulate the regeneration of cells of the organ. The result of treatment becomes the active cleavage in the body of nutrients, essential for active production of melanin pigment.

What is the dosage of the drug? During the first weeks the patient takes 2 capsules of medicine 3 times a day. The drug absorb in the course of eating without chewing. At the end of the month rule is reduced to one tablet with the same frequency. These dosages may vary on the order of a physician.


vitiligo in adults

Vitamins for treatment of vitiligo gives you the ability to normalize metabolism and to saturate the cells with plenty of nutrients. Thus stimulated production of coloring pigment in the structures of the skin, eliminates the effect of rapid destruction of melanocytes by free radicals. In order to regenerate tissues and maintain the health of the skin doctors prescribe the intake of ascorbic acid and preparations containing vitamins E, b1 In6 In9.


The drug with the development of vitiligo helps reduce the immune attack on the cells that are responsible for production of melanin pigment. The active ingredients of the medication are toxic in nature. So the medicine usually ordered by doctors in extreme cases.To avoid trouble in the course of therapy with the use of the drug, it is important to exactly adhere to the dosage recommended by the specialist.

"Melagenina plus"

The Medication is available in lotion form. The product contains of 50 % extract of human placenta, as well as alcoholic ingredients. The drug stimulates the production of pigment in pigment cells melanocytes.

In order to treatment vitiligo lotion is applied on discoloured lesions once per day. The procedure is repeated daily. After about a week of areas of depigmentation of the skin come back to normal. The epidermis gradually becomes pink.


ointment of vitiligo

"Ftorokort" – a corticosteroid ointment vitiligo. Hormonal components of the drug to normalize the functioning of antibodies, contribute to the suppression of inflammatory processes, protect against the development of allergic reactions. The use of the tool is a rational solution in combination with photosensitizing drugs.

How to use "Ftorokort"? The ointment is applied a slight layer on the skin of vitiligo areas epidermis. The composition is applied without rubbing into the skin. The procedure can be performed 2-3 times per day. With an integrated approach to therapy, the positive changes in the use of funds are monitored according to the passage a few weeks.


Gel "Whitecolor" refers to a category of masking cosmetics. Is used for staining discolored spots on the skin. The gel contains a dye that for a long time give the homogeneous epidermis natural shade.

"Whitecolor" is applied to the skin using a special applicator. The composition is distributed in the troubled areas in a circular motion, moving the brush in the direction from the center of the vitiligo patches to the edges. The areas covered with the gel, try to limit contact with the water for 7-8 hours. This time is enough to produce anchoring dyes in the structures of the skin for 6-8 days.

St. John's wort Oil

treatment of vitiligo medications

A Good option is the treatment of vitiligo folk remedy based on the oil of Hypericum. To prepare a medicinal composition used flowers plants. These raw materials densely fill a small jar. The Foundation funds pour refined sunflower oil to the brim of the container. The mixture is left to infuse in a Sunny location for 2 weeks. The contents of the jar periodically to mix. After passage of the specified period the liquid is drained, then add into the container a new batch of flowers and St. John's wort oil. Similar operations are performed 5-6 times, which allows to accumulate a sufficient amount of medicinal composition for the treatment of vitiligo.

The Remedy is taken orally several times a day for one dessert spoon. Absorb the medication before meals. This solution gives the opportunity to remove failures in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as to saturate body tissues with nutrients needed for an active education in the structures of the skin pigment melanin.

Bog moss

Seaweed rich abundance of iodine and bromine salts. Replenishing these substances in the body helps treat vitiligo in cases when the disease is caused by abnormalities of the thyroid gland.

Preparation of medicinal agents involves the following. Marsh duckweed connect with vodka in the ratio of one teaspoon of vegetable raw materials 50 grams of alcohol. The ingredients are mixed and placed in a container of opaque glass. Pot leave for a week at room temperature in a dark room. Then the infusion is filtered through a section of gauze. In order to maintain the health of the thyroid gland in the development of vitiligo taken orally, 20 drops of the composition diluted in a fourth part Cup of water. Treatment performed three times per day.


Sesame Seeds contain an abundance of substances that contribute to the active renewal of skin cells. To prepare the tools use about 10 tablespoons of bean plants. Raw materials are carefully milled using the grinder. The resulting mass is used inside a teaspoon upon waking and just before bedtime.

Some time after the start of treatment in the structure of the discolored spots of vitiligo begin to appear yellow blotches. If you continue the therapy, the epidermis gradually becomes homogeneous structure. To achieve these results, typically takes several months. Crushed sesame seeds it is important to continue to use until the complete disappearance of the problem.

Onions and garlic

The Positive results in the treatment of vitiligo potentially allows to achieve the use of funds based on onions and garlic. Their juice daily RUB the discolored spots on the skin. The procedure is performed within 3-5 minutes. Onions and garlic are used alternately, through the night. Small spots that have formed recently disappear after this therapy throughout the week. Obsolete symptoms of vitiligo have a healthy pigmentation later.

In conclusion

As you can see, the treatment of vitiligo can be done by using a wide range of methods. However, despite the effectiveness of those or other decisions, targeted therapygives you the opportunity to slow down and stop the pathological processes that cause the problem. Full recovery of the patients seen in rare cases. Relative consolation is the fact that the consequence of vitiligo is the formation of cosmetic defects that do not affect the well-being and disability rights.

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