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Long Voluminous lashes-the dream of many women. Unfortunately, not every girl can boast of such a gift of nature. What about the rest? Of course, the use of mascara or artificial eyelashes — proven methods to quickly correct his appearance, but the effect of such funds is temporary, and for eye health products such cosmetics are not very useful. How to safely achieve the desired result persistent? Manufacturers offer an innovative product on the market care products - FEG for eyelash growth. Reviews about this serum is different. In our article we will try to understand how effective this tool is, what is the mechanism of its action, and also share the opinions of doctors and consumers.

FEG eyelash growth reviews

Serum FEG eyelash — what is it?

Is this a cosmetic in China. In the domestic market this product has gained popularity recently. It should be noted that, in addition to high quality and expensive advertising this cosmetic trends, any tested experimental data, virtually none. However, demand remedy for eyelash growth FEG. The testimonials of women who experienced this product myself, talking about its effectiveness.

What is a FEG? It is a cosmetic for the care of eyelashes, the consistency resembles milk whey, white, practically odorless? It is Packed in a plastic vial of 3 ml. the package also includes a special nozzle, which is conveniently and economically also apply on the lash line.


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Remedy for eyelash growth feg: reviews


How did the FEG serum improves the condition of eyelashes, their growth and strengthening? The manufacturer claims that the positive effect is achieved due to the unique natural composition. The serum consists of the following components:

  • Amino acids;
  • Retinol;
  • Stabilizers or preservatives.

Thus, it appears that only through the amino acid complex and vitamin A, an effect of FEG eyelash growth.

The doctors confirmed that these substances do contribute to the growth of hairs. But is it fast as the manufacturer claims in advertising funds, you can achieve a visible result? On this question the experts can not give a definite answer, as it was not conducted special studies.

Expected impact

According to the manufacturer, the serum FEG promotes:

  • To restore weak, damaged eyelashes;
  • Strengthening and food;
  • Significant increase in length;
  • Increased density;
  • Reduction in falling out of hairs;
  • The acquisition of a richer and darker color shade.

This effect is achieved by daily use of the drug for three months. Is it possible to get this result, applying activator eyelash growth FEG Pro Advanced? Reviews indicate that in such a short time to achieve the desired effect is impossible, but some positive changes in the state of the eyelashes still recognized by consumers after just a week of regular application.

feg serum eyelash growth reviews


Product FEG is not a drug. So you can apply it to anyone who wants to improve the appearance of eyelashes. Including beauticians recommend this tool for people who have:

  • Weak structure of the cilia from nature (they are light, thin, rare);
  • The hairs were damaged in the result of the application of dyes or artificial building.


Despite the fact that, as indicated in the instructions to the drug manufacturer, does not sting the eyes FEG eyelash growth, reviews of ophthalmologists say that the tool with the specified composition can cause serious allergic reactions and other diseases of the eye. So getting whey on the mucous membrane it is inadmissible. It is also not recommended to apply it to people who are prone to allergies, and having any vision problems.

enhancer eyelash growth feg: reviews

Usage instructions

Often the lack of effect of the drug and the occurrence of side reactions due to incorrect use of FEG for eyelash growth. Reviews indicate that the Supplement does not contain descriptions in Russian, that is why customers have varying difficulty in the proper carrying of the substance.

So, we suggest to familiarize with the gradual instructions for use this tool:

  1. The First step is to cleanse the skin using special cosmetic products: it is necessary to remove makeup, remove impurities and remains of cosmetics for age;
  2. If you use contact lenses, remove them before applying the serum FOG.
  3. Then Unscrew the cap of the bottle. It is a special nozzle with which you want to apply the serum along the line of growth of eyelashes. It is important to note that processing should be only the upper eyelid, and following direction from the inner corner of the eye outwards. The result is blinking the required amount of funds will fall and on the lower lashes.
  4. Finally, you must dry the site of application of the drug a cotton swab to remove excess material.
  5. It is Recommended to apply FEG before bed — then all the beneficial ingredients of the serum can soak into the roots of the eyelashes and efficiently act on them.
  6. To Use the tool should be daily for three to six months.
  7. Whether to do a break after applied for a long time enhancer eyelash growth FEG? Reviews note that upon termination of treatment the effect quickly disappears. This is because “life cycle” of eyelashes human average 30–80 days. That is, after the hair naturally falls out, and in its place grows a new one.
  8. It Should be noted that the open vial cannot be stored longer than 6 months, as all useful substances contained in the serum, by this time will lose their quality.

FEG eyelash growth: feedback from physicians


Is it Really effective FEG serum for eyelashes growth? Specialists indicate that a pronounced effect to make it impossible. This drug will certainly bring benefits to the eyelashes, to strengthen their structure due to the complex amino acids and vitamins. But to increase the length of the hairs twice, using such substances is impossible.

Normally, a person's the eyelashes on the upper eyelid to grow by 150–250 pieces in each row and the length does not exceed 12 mm. For the bottom - 75–100 pieces for 6–8 mm Follicle hair is at a depth of 2 mm. Considering all these factors, it can be concluded that the serum can only “improve” lashes, “energize” nutrients roots. But to increase the inherent nature of the number of bulbs or achieve unnatural for a person length hairs only with the help of amino acids and vitamins is not possible.

activator eyelash growth feg pro advanced-reviews

Customer Testimonials

Despite the skeptical attitude of physicians to this remedy as FEG eyelash growth, customer feedback indicates a high efficacy of the drug. Women applying the serum, noted a significant lengthening of the eyelashes in just a few weeks of regular use of the drug. Also noticed the increase, strengthening and darkening of the hairs.

In addition, the positive feedback indicate the ease of use of the serum at home. There is no need to purchase any additional tools or have a professional skills. Apply using the handy nozzle-spatula - eyelashes everyone can do.

But there are also negative opinions: either the effect was slight or even absent after long-term use of the drug or FEG caused side reactions (often marked allergic complications).

FEG eyelash growth reviews ophthalmologists

Drug Cost

Attracts consumers not only the quality is of this tool, but also the reasonable price. So, a vial of the drug FEG only costs about 600 rubles. According to the manufacturer, the standard packaging (3 ml) is enough for 2 months of daily use.

Thus, it is difficult to conclude how effective is FEG eyelash growth. Reviews about this drug are mixed, sometimes controversial. To determine the safety and effectiveness of such tools requires special laboratory and experimental studies. So should you purchase this cosmetic product for use at home — this decision should be taken individually, without consulting your physician.


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