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Pain and sore throat are a symptom of many pathologies. Almost every viral infection is accompanied by similar signs. Also mucous membranes can be affected by bacteria.

The Treatment of these pathologies should be carried out in the complex. Often doctors prescribe a drug called "sage Evalar". Composition, manual medicine, and feedback will be presented to your attention.

manual trahison

Release Form and composition of the drug

This drug is available in form of tablets for sucking. Instructions for use reports that the drug acts directly on the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat. If taken inside, any therapeutic effect will not occur.

The drugs included three main components. It's chlorhexidine, and lidocaine (1 mg), and the antibiotic tyrothricin - 0.5 mg. In the composition of the drug includes more and more components. However, they do not have any therapeutic effect. Consider how the tablets “sage Evalar" and in particular - their components.

Antibacterial action of tyrothricin

This tool is active against many microorganisms that cause the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. In its amount (0.5 milligrams per one tablet) component is not absorbed into the blood, as when injected into the gastro-intestinal tract simply destroyed.

Tyrothricin associated with microbial cells and prevents them from multiplying. The result is a therapeutic antiseptic effect. Also the active ingredient prevents further infection of the affected mucous membranes.


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pills trahisan

Chlorhexidine hydrochloride

The substance is present in one milligram per tablet. The drug has anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. In addition, chlorhexidine is an antimicrobial agent. In combination with the first active substance is enhanced.

Chlorhexidine acts locally, not being absorbed through the mucous membranes. That is why the substance is safe even for children and pregnant women.

Lidocaine hydrochloride

Instruction ‘Tropicana” reported that the drug is an anesthetic. Anesthesia and removal of the discomfort promotes the active substance is lidocaine. It is the same as the previous components, acts locally. However, in large amounts can hurt people.

The Amount of lidocaine in a single tablet equal to 1 milligram. This portion is negligible. and for local application even expectant mothers and children.

sage Evalar composition instruction

Indications for use

According to the manual “Tropicana”? Abstract argues that most often the medication is taken in a complex correction. So, it goes well with the antibiotics for oral and intramuscular injection, as well as antiviral and immunomodulatory compositions. Indications for use drugs are the following situations:

  • Treatment of diseases of the mouth and throat (stomatitis, gingivitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, etc.);
  • Preventive measures before surgery and after.

Despite the fact that the drug is practically not able to be absorbed into the blood, its use should be recommended by a doctor.


Instruction ‘Tropicana” suggests that the medication has its limitations and contraindications. The drug is not administered to persons with hypersensitivity to the components. Also the composition is not recommended for children under 6 years due to the fact that kids simply can not dissolve such tablets.

The Drug is not used in lesions of the oral mucosa with ulcers and erosions of big size. During pregnancy and lactation drug use is possible only after comparison of potential risks and benefits.

cure trahisan instruction

Way to use drugs

Instruction ‘Tropicana” reports that for the treatment the drug is taken every two hours. The tablet to keep the mouth until dissolved. Adults are allowed to use up to eight tablets per day. The same dosage described for children after 12 years.

That said, the drug “sage Evalar" instruction? Children aged 6 to 12 years the drug is prescribed according to the above scheme. However, such children a day to eat no more than six capsules.

Improve the patient's condition and the disappearance of disease symptoms occurs within a few days. However, for maximum effect, you should use the medication for up to one week. Otherwise, can develop resistance of microorganisms to the active ingredients and the next time the drug will not help you.

trahisan manual for kids reviews

Side effects treatment

In most cases well tolerated by patients, the drug “sage Evalar". Instructions for use reports that immediately after application may experience numbness of the tongue or change in taste. All of this is normal and does not require discontinuation of treatment. These symptoms usually disappear a few minutes after tablet dissolution.

Sometimes there is Also the formation of plaque yellowish tint on the teeth. Do not worry about it. With regular carrying out of hygienic procedures, the plaque disappears.

Testimonials from patients and doctors about medication

Consumers say that plain language is written to tablets “sage Evalar" manual. (Reviews medical proof) does not quite fit the drug. However, some parents still take their own decision and give the kids the medicine. If the child is able to dissolve the pills in most cases are not noted no adverse reaction. However, when taking the drug inside young children, doctors advise to carry out the procedure of gastric lavage.

Patients report that the medication starts to act immediately after the first application. There comes a cooling, anesthetic and calming effect. Consumers indicate rapid healing of ulcers in stomatitis. Some patients taking the medication immediately before eating. This scheme allows you to eat quietly, remembering the bothersome pain.

Doctors also suggest taking the medication between meals. The fact that the active substance that covers mucous membranes and thus has a therapeutic effect. If you will eat, the composition is simply washed away from the oral cavity and larynx.

Doctors say that the composition in the indicated dosages safe during pregnancy and lactation. Experts forbid you to independently increase the dose of medication. This can lead to the development of allergies, abdominal pain and other unpleasant manifestations. Eliminate them in such a situation will help a sorbent or gastric lavage.

trahisan instruction to the children


You met with the drug “sage Evalar". The average cost of this medication is 300 rubles. Among its analogues and substitutes can be noted “Hexoral Tabs” and “Anibel”. However, before applying, and a choice of analog, you should consult a doctor and read carefully the instructions for use of the composition. Treated properly and get rid of pain in the throat.


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