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If the chest is so bad, you should know that the appearance of this symptom may be a manifestation of many diseases.

sore chestNature, location, nature of the complaint is very diverse, to tell about all in one article is difficult. The emergence of unpleasant sensations in the chest can be induced by pathological processes actually in the chest, respiratory organs, heart and aorta. In addition, pain in this area may radiate to osteochondrosis of the spine, various diseases of the digestive system. We consider the most common causes of this symptom.

As sore chest in diseases of the respiratory system

The Most common symptoms of diseases of the lung and bronchus are shortness of breath, dry cough, fever. Lung tissue and bronchi contain very little nerve pain receptors. So for most of the diseases of these organs pain is not typical. A large number of nerve receptors is contained in the pleura. Therefore any pathological process, its exciting, cause pain in the chest when coughing, deep breathing or movement. The main symptom is an objective symptom, confirming the defeat – pleural friction RUB, which is auscultated above the place of localization of the pathological focus.

Like a sore rib cage with heart disease

chest pain when inhalingPathological changes of the heart cause the appearance of this symptom in the middle of the chest, behind the breastbone and in fact in the region of the heart. Such sensations can be associated with pain of angina, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and other diseases of internal organs. Often chest is so bad with pericarditis. The appearance of complaints in this disease are caused by irritation of the nervus frenicus or phrenic nerve, and inflammation of the adjacent pleura. This symptom increases on inspiration, coughing, sneezing, sudden movements. To diagnose dry effusion are auscultation of a pericardial RUB.


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Like a sore chest injuries

If the chest is painful in a limited area, you should think about the traumatic nature of the complaint. Blunt trauma of the chest wall often almost not leave marks, and sometimes bruises as a result subcostal haemorrhages are already taking place, and the discomfort continued to worsen. The site of pathological changes is typically severely restricted, felt stronger pain in the chest when you inhale. To determine the location of the pathology is possible by compressing this area from two sides.

chest pain when you coughLike a sore chest osteochondrosis of the spine

Soreness, emerging in diseases of the spine, is first and foremost a back pain that can give forward, spreading across the chest. These symptoms largely depend on the position of the body. The patient tries to find a sit or lie down comfortably, so the pain is lessened. Lesions of the spine help to identify hypersensitivity, tension of the respective muscles of the back.

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