The harm and benefit of a fern for a man


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It is believed that the fern is one of the oldest plants on Earth. He appeared in the Devonian period. In Russia it was believed that any secrets and the locks will be revealed to the person who found the fern flower. According to legend, the plant originated from the goddess Venus, dropped hair. According to another version, the girl fell off the cliff, and there arose the source, and her lovely hair turned into a fern leaf, which resembles a bird's wing.

Background from the legends and consider how plants grow in nature, and also what you need to know before you take fern home. Benefits and harms of it have been studied since ancient times and, as people say, the plant is really mysterious. However, it often kept at home, used in cooking and cure them of the disease.

the harm and benefit of a fern


Considered the plant looks like a shrub. In the nature of bracken usually grows in colonies. This hardy plant is able to live even in rocky and sandy soil. If the fern begins to grow once in the country, then print it is very difficult for the cottagers, it is, of course, do not favor. It is so tenacious that even after the fire, kosevsko all around, first give your sprouts.


One of the herbaceous plants of the family Osmundaceae is the bracken. It traditionally grows in the far East, in China and Korea. In addition, it is found in Russia, Finland, Asia, Mexico, and Ukraine. The plant consists of many stalks with feathery leaves.

First, the fern starts its life under the ground. Here are formed the leaves — the fronds, which are similar to the snail. Then, turning, they begin to resemble a hook. Reproduction of plants is not by flowers, but due to the dispute. It got its name because of the similarity of the leaves with a wing of a large bird. That's why is named the fern Bracken. Benefits and harms of it are revealed in the many folk legends that are retold from generation to generation to this day.


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When blooming fern

People have always regarded him warily. In ancient times did not understand how a fern reproduces, so how does not seen flowering. It was like a holiday. There is a belief that one who finds a blooming fern, a fabulously rich, as the Earth itself will show the person their mysterious wealth. People from ancient times believed and that exists in both the harm and benefit of a fern. What does this mean? This will be discussed further.

fern benefits and harms

Useful properties

Today science can justify the use of a fern from the point of view of composition. The plant is very valuable. It is rich in starch, alkaloids, flavonoids, essential oils, and tannins. In shoots there carotene, Riboflavin, tocopherol and other vitamins and minerals.

It Also has a lot of protein, the same as in cereals. They are easily digested and are beneficial to him. The positive effects of fern seen in the nervous system and in the overall improvement. There is evidence that the fern helps to remove from the human body radionuclides.

fern home benefits and harms

Harvesting of rhizomes for the treatment of doing in September. It is used for problems with the sciatic nerve, the gastrocnemius muscle (convulsions). Those who have tried to be treated with ferns, note the usefulness of the course, the duration of which is normally three weeks. But remember: you should not self-medicate. Before applying any drug or remedies should consult with a specialist.

Benefiting Not only the influence of the famous fern. The benefits and harms him more than anything revealed in people's beliefs. This is today and referred to in the article. Let's look at how this plant is used in cooking.


In ancient times the fern was used for culinary purposes. Food used such types of trusnik and bracken, and their shoots. The leaves — is also edible. It is good to add to salads or other dishes in the form of condiments. Shoots of a fern to taste like mushrooms. Love them in Japan and Korea. It's diet food. In 100 grams of product contains 34 calories.

The Plant is canned or cooked. Raw shoots, or as they are called, rahisi, do not drink, as they have a bitter taste. In cooking was also investigated the harm and benefit of a fern. As mentioned above, the plant is rich in various trace elements, which can be valuable for the body, quite the opposite.

bracken the benefits and harms

Cook the plant as follows: the leaves are placed in water, add salt. Then boil for a few minutes, drained the water and poured fresh. Boiled the second time to readiness. Ready rahisi should not break and easy to bend. When this condition of the shoots achieved the water is drained through a colander and then used the fern for the recipe.

A Favorite dish for many Housewives is salting. Blank long will deteriorate and will retain all useful properties. Its preparation is very simple: in a glass jar put layers of fern, not forgetting each time to fill it with salt. Then cover the jar with nylon cover andleave for two weeks in a cool dark place. Thereafter, the brine is drained and put the sprouts into another container, only in reverse order, where the upper layer should eventually be lower. Jar pour the brine, on the basis that salts should be 22%. Then roll my lids and store in a cool and dark place. The workpiece can be eaten for several years.

Harm and use fern studied for a long time and it is about salting the hostess respond most positively as they say that this method preserves as much nutrients.

Harvesting plants you can buy. Before use of this product is first soaked for several hours, the salt and the bitterness is gone. The water is then drained and poured fresh. Two hours later, the fern you can also boil a quarter of an hour, not adding spices. The plant is added, for example, grilled meat at the end of cooking, cutting into pieces and leaving the heat for another few minutes.

The Famous recipe of “speaking”. To do this, first extinguish separately julienne strips of carrots and onions, then add the fern with spices and simmer another quarter of an hour.

fern benefits and harms for health


The Harm and benefit of a fern is widely known in folk medicine. It is used as an effective pain reliever, for example, pain in the joints. For rheumatism will help the bath with a decoction of herbs. Fern used topically for abscesses, eczema and scrofula. Also, the decoctions of the plants are treated with bowel disease, spleen, jaundice.

The Fern - an excellent anthelmintic. Acids contained in it that can kill all intestinal parasites. However, be careful using fern. Benefits and harms of it are adjacent to each other. And the latter manifests itself due to the toxicity. Therefore, the more secure is the outdoor use when treated with cramps, sores and rheumatism.

At home you can prepare a decoction of the rhizomes. For this, ten grams are boiled in two hundred milliliters of water, and drink a teaspoon of honey. Also in the broth, you can add the flour. Sometimes during treatment, you should take an enema or take a laxative once used the fern. The benefits and harms to health, as people say, manifest themselves immediately after application. The main thing is to use the tool, and it only after consulting a doctor.


fern room benefits and harms

With proper use of such plants as the fern, good for people becomes apparent. However, as indicated above, the use of plants must be strictly controlled as it is poisonous and harm from it will not take long.

Fern prohibited, for example, pregnant women. In addition, you cannot use the plant for fever, kidney disease, ulcer, liver, tuberculosis and other diseases, especially chronic character.

In case of overdose be sure to rinse the stomach and consult a doctor.

Fern home: use

Both harm And benefit there from houseplants. People about it has long been known. House plants improve energy. Fern also refers to them. Many people believe that he is able to work miracles.

But opinions on this subject are very mixed. Some believe that where the ferns grow, improves energy, and others, however, argue that it brings nothing but misery. If you look at it just like a houseplant, it turns out that it is quite unpretentious and easy to live in the shadows.

Those who believe in the positive qualities they say that the fern has a wonderful ability to calm people. Aggressive and violent nature change their attitude to a more friendly and calm way. Therefore, where family members often quarrel, it is recommended to have this plant.

The same goes for the General atmosphere. In the house with fern appears like harmony. And yet people believe that the plant brings good luck in personal and business life and also improves the financial situation. Previously, for example, very often the leaf the plants were put in a purse, believing that money will be found there more often.

Fern home: harm

a fern in the apartment harm and benefits

Before you make the decision as to whether or not to keep the fern in the apartment, the harm and benefit the plants should be examined in full.

There is a view according to which this plant is an energy vampire, taking away from family members energy, causing them to become sleepy, tired and unhappy.

Those who believe in ghosts, should know: it has long been thought that together with a plant brought from the mysterious forest into the house, people were brought, and every evil, also taking subsequently their energy.


If you analyze all the information obtained, it appears that it also has more positive traits such plants as the fern room (benefits and harms it was presented to your attention the article). If the right to use the plant, it has an excellent therapeutic effect. If you have a fern in the house, peace and quiet. How to treat this plant - it is purely individual.

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