Chronic candidiasis: treatment and implications


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In this article you will learn what candidiasis chronic. Also, we will describe the causes of the disease, symptoms. The subject of the treatment will be also discussed in the article.


Chronic Candidiasis is a mucosal lesions in human organs bacteria Candida. This is present not only in patients but also in healthy people. But in healthy people these bacteria do not spread. The immune system hinders the spread of the fungus. But if the human body is weakened, the bacteria can begin to multiply and to form colonies. Then there is the chronic candidiasis. The bacteria strike the mucosa and cause inflammation and irritation. The disease has a second name - thrush. It can occur in both men and women. Also suffer from candidiasis children. In children thrush usually occurs in infants and teenagers.


Let's look at the types of this disease:

  1. Oral candidiasis. The risk of this disease are no longer receive children or teenagers. At first the body is still weak. Therefore, the Candida can begin to multiply. In adolescence, the children have unstable hormones. Because of this, there are various failures in the body. chronic candidiasis in women
  2. Vaginal candidiasis. Appears in women or girls. Cause can also be unstable hormonal background.
  3. Candidiasis can be ill men, as a rule, they become infected during intercourse.

Why candidiasis bacteria begin to multiply

In fact, there are many factors that can contribute to the development of this type of bacteria in the body. For example, colds, nervous strain, and many others. Often the Candida bacteria begin to actively proliferate when the failure of hormonal background. Usually this affects women and adolescents. Also hormones can change on a background of reception of medicines that contain hormones. Antibiotics can cause candidiasis chronic. This is because these drugs kill not only harmful bacteria, but also those that provide the protective function of the body. So after taking a course of these drugs the bacteria candidiasis can begin to proliferate. Another cause of the disease is poor hygiene, or lack thereof.


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candidiasis chronic form

You Must wear underwear of high quality. As synthetic fabrics can cause irritation. Actually causes of thrush can be very many. These include disorders of the endocrine system, obesity, diabetes, and others.

Chronic candidiasis. Symptoms and signs

I Should say that you should not run the disease. As advanced forms of the disease always require longer treatment. Also, if time does not diagnose the disease and to take measures that will contribute to the recovery, this process can bring complications to the other organs or systems.

chronic candidiasis symptoms

The Symptoms of candidiasis depend on what type of Candida present in the body:

  1. If to speak about breast children oral candidiasis manifests as white patches on the mucosa in the oral cavity. The degree of the disease depends on the affected area bacteria Candida. Chronic candidiasis of the mouth can go into the throat and stomach. Also under the crust can begin to form erosion. And upon its removal the mucous begins to bleed.
  2. If we talk about vaginal candidiasis in women, it manifests itself in the following way. Irritation of the labia, they are all puffy and itchy. There is a burning sensation when urinating, having sex and taking a shower. Women appear mucous discharge that has an unpleasant odor.
  3. Men yeast infection covers the glans penis and foreskin. Candidiasis in guys is manifested by painful sensations in the head. Also itching and a burning sensation during urination and intercourse. At the head of the penis occurs white patches. Chronic candidiasis in men may cause other more serious diseases.

It is Possible that candidiasis is transferred to other organs. For example, during pregnancy women can develop in the intestine of chronic candidiasis. Treatment will require more time.

Complications of the disease

Some people are not serious to this disease and believe that it can pass by itself. In some cases it happens. Since the body can cope with these bacteria and come in the normal healthy state. But count on this development and let it go is not recommended. Because there is no guarantee that the body will cope with the disease.

chronic candidiasis in men

If you do not start timely treatment, the disease may become chronic. The mucous membrane of affected bacteria candidiasis loses the opportunity to recover, and there are pus formation. It is also possible that connect various additional infections. Pus formation begin to spread throughout the body by the blood. As a result, form new centers of infection of the body such diseases as candidiasis. Chronic form is particularly dangerous for women who are carrying a child. Since there is a probability of infection of the fetus. Therefore, chronic candidiasis in women, especially pregnant women, should be treated immediately.

Methods of treatment of disease

I Should say that you should not self-medicate. If signs of candidiasis you need to see a doctor. This must be done in order for the doctor diagnosed accurately and prescribed the right treatment, given the patient's condition.

chronic candidiasis

In order to medication for the treatment of candidiasis, you need to find out what kind of fungus spreads in the body. To do this, the doctor takes the necessary fences, and sends samples for study in the laboratory. Once identified the type of fungus, prescribed the necessary drugs. If bacteria Candida have a distribution area on the skin, there shall be special ointments for local application.

chronic candidiasis of the mouth

Mucous lesions are treated with a special suspension. Urogenital lesions treated by antifouling drugs that come in pill form. The complex also prescribe suppositories or ointments, which are injected into the vagina. Modern medicines have the effect of a complete cure from thrush for a couple of days.

What to do if you fell ill with candidiasis

In order to prevent the disease passing into the chronic form, it is necessary to take timely measures for recovery of the body. There are cases that women or men are too embarrassed to go to the doctor with similar problems. Actually, do not delay a visit to a specialist. As a result, a disease that can be cured in a few days, can become chronic and go to other organs. Therefore, if you notice any signs of a candidiasis, you need to enroll in the clinic for examination. As mentioned above, the causes of this disease can be quite different. A person can catch a cold or get infected. Also hormonal balance is very important.

Prevention of candidiasis

After the body is cured of candidiasis, you should pay special attention to the prevention of this disease. First, it is necessary to implement measures to raise the immune system. For this it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Namely, for exercise, exercise walking in the fresh air, to swim. You also need to eat right.

chronic candidiasis treatment

Menu of a person should contain sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Secondly, you should maintain good hygiene, take a shower, wear clean underwear and stuff. It is also recommended to follow a hormonal background, especially women. Don't worry or get upset over little things, must learn to switch from problematic situations to those that give pleasure and bring joy. It is important to know that stressful situations and problems happen to everyone, does not happen to someone in my life everything went smoothly. But don't cheat yourself. It is better to keep your body healthy by walking, exercising and proper nutrition.

Wrapping up

Now you know what the chronic candidiasis as the disease manifests itself and how to diagnose. We also made recommendations for treatment and prevention.


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