Is it possible to "Citramon" during pregnancy? What helps "Citramon"


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"Citramon" famous for a rich variety of healing functions: it is able to lower the temperature, halt inflammation, relieve pain dental, muscle and brain of nature. The popularity of analgesic due to a good ratio of quality and price. Is it possible to "Citramon" during pregnancy find out in the article!

can an Advil when pregnant

Feeling a headache or mild fever, a simple man the first thing out of the kit "Citramon" — it is non-narcotic, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine is a panacea against all diseases. At least, so says the majority. All men know, What helps "Citramon". But not every future mom know the impact this drug has on the fetus in the womb. We Offer you to study in detail the characteristics of the funds and its pharmacological effects. Then the question of whether mCourse you can do "Citramon" during pregnancy, will disappear forever.


Pharmacologists include "Citramon" to NIP the non-narcotic group of medicines. The abbreviation NIP means that the medication has on the body characteristic of steroidogenic drugs adverse effects, thus helping to stop the inflammatory processes. "Citramon" is widely used to relieve pain and fever — use drug with this goal due to the fact that it is composed of substances such as acetylsalicylic acid, paracetamol and caffeine, the combination of which enhances the therapeutic effect of each of them. In pharmacies "Citramon" can be found in both tablet and granular form.


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citramon during pregnancy in the early stages

Is it Possible to "Citramon" during pregnancy? Know the answer of the patient leaflet to the drug. So, the instructions for use States: the use of "Tsitramona" during early pregnancy Not recommended. Thus, treatment of them is unacceptable in the first and third trimester during lactation.

What is dangerous "Citramon"?

Harmonious and painless pregnancy — an important aspect of a happy parent life. However, experiencing pain during pregnancy, it should not be the first thing to ask for help to this drug. Here are some reasons why "Citramon" during pregnancy in early pregnancy — not the best option:

  • Acetylsalicylic acid, which is the basis of the drug has on the foetus teratogenic effects, disrupting the natural processes of fetal development: for example, aspirin can cause fetal defects such as “wolf pack” and “cleft lip";
  • Caffeine, which is one of the active ingredients "Citramon", In combination with aspirin can lead to the weakening of labor, increased bleeding and premature closure of the ductus aorta in a child.

Remember that the first twelve weeks of pregnancy-the period during which a laying “Foundation” baby's health, so it is important to preserve the naturalness of this process.

citramon from what helps to Seek the assistance of chemical drugs should only on doctor's advice. To last you need to ask a question: mCourse you can do "Citramon" during pregnancy, individually.

Effect of the drug on the course of pregnancy

In the first third or During the second trimester of pregnancy "Citramon" and substances in its composition, penetrate the placental barrier and lead to the development of Child Such pathologies asIngram Raynaud's or so-called “a dead finger syndrome”, which is characterized by infringement of functions of the circulatory system. As a result of the limbs of the fetus suffer from seizures. Subsequently develops gangrene can lead to death.

PPrimechatelno that "Citramon" far from harmless not only to the fetus but for the mother. Even for the common man overdose or the drug if you are hypersensitive may cause disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, changes in the composition of the blood, defects of the Central nervous system. For pregnant woman "Citramon" represents a danger, primarily because it includes aspirin, thinning property which could lead to internal bleeding. This happens due to the lack of elasticity of blood vessels and the high tone of the uterus. In the end, the bleeding deprives the fetus of oxygen supply and the baby observed the development of pathologies. It is Worth noting that the application of the "Citramon" during pregnancy has a negative effect on the circulation between the placenta and the baby. So here is something to think about.

"Citramon" during pregnancy: reviews and recommendations of doctors

Healthy sleep, moderate exercise, proper diet — universal tips to help keep the health not only in the company of the delicate situation. Experts in the field of medicine recommended for pregnancy and lactation should abandon the excessive intake of therapeutic drugs, and therapy drugs carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Advil for a headache during pregnancy

Unfortunately, the question of whether Is it possible to "Citramon" during pregnancy doctors are unable to give a definite answer. Some believe that its use is permissible after the third trimester. DUnited States claim in the process of carrying a child should be required to abandon the This drug as it causes reduction in generic activity.

So, doctors recommend to find an analogue "Citramon": headaches during pregnancy helps, for example, the classic "But-shpa".

What you need to know the future mother?

Diagnosis of the causes of pain — the stage preceding the use of medication to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms.

citramon in the second trimesterIt is Important to understand that the process of fetal development in the womb and carrying the child characterized by a strong hormonal changes in a woman's body: the functioning of organs and systems during pregnancy differs significantly from their work in the usual, insensitive, time. Accordingly, the reaction of the body in the form of pain is although not very healthy, but quite normal and natural.

Drank "Citramon" pregnancy: what to do?

If it so happened that a pregnant woman already had this drug, you should consult a gynecologist. It needs to establish whether they broke the processes associated with the development of the fetus.

Main — to abandon the self-flagellation and nervous attacks: after a fight with his fists do not wave.

"Citramon": contraindications during pregnancy

So the leaflet insert accompanying the drug, says: "Tablets" should be avoided during the first twelve weeks, the last few trimester of pregnancy and lactation. However, it should be noted that the use of the drug in the “safe” period, too, may constitute a danger to the baby and mommy. Contraindications the following:

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