Causes, symptoms of esophagitis and its treatment


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Esophagitis – a disease that is characterized by inflammation of the esophagus. It appears due to damage of the mucous membrane hot, spicy, cold or other types of dishes. Before you start the treatment of the disease, it is necessary to identify the symptoms of esophagitis. We can note the following signs: pain when swallowing, in the chest may be a sense of rawness. As esophagitis may have various shapes, and symptoms may be different.

symptoms of esophagitisSometimes the disease may be accompanied by vomiting, and patients can have black stool. Often a person may experience septic intoxication. The symptoms of esophagitis chronic forms are: constant heartburn, which may be accompanied by painful sensations and belching. Of course, to treat esophagitis of different types, it is necessary to rely not only on symptoms and tests, but also on the causes of diseases.

They mostly occur due to injury of the mucosal surface of the esophagus. However, some forms of esophagitis, such as, erosive, can be due to gastritis or pharyngitis. The disease is quite serious, so it must be eliminated. In the treatment play an important role symptoms of esophagitis. Based on the causes and symptoms of the disease and its type, the doctor can appoint carrying out of activities in the hospital.

causes of diseasesFirst of all, the patient is prescribed a special sparing diet that excludes all traumatic factors: hot or spicy food. Sometimes the doctor may prescribe a complete abstinence from food or feeding a patient through a probe. If you have erosive esophagitis, treatment of it is complex and thorough. First of all, you need to cure those diseases, which contribute to the development of inflammation of the esophagus. Patients with esophagitis should be observed at the local doctor and have a checkup 2 times a year.


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It is Very important not to overload the body with physical activity during treatment. Especially contraindicated exercises related to tilt the case forward: not to allow emission of gastric juice into the esophagus.erosive esophagitis treatment

In principle, the elimination of inflammation, erosion also depends on what the symptoms of esophagitis you appear. The treatment of this disease is the appointment of a sparing diet, avoiding Smoking and alcohol. In order for erosion to heal, you should eat soft cooked food, cereals, jellies and soups.

For treatment of the disease uses a variety of herbal teas that are able to block high acidity and delay healing. It is best in this case to use herbs chamomile, peppermint, calendula and oak bark. If the disease is accompanied by severe complications or bleeding, the patient should be urgently put in hospital. It should be noted that if all medical events started on time, the esophagitis can be eliminated completely. Naturally, from time to time will have to undergo additional tests, but the quality of life after treatment will be significantly improved.

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