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hemorrhoid treatment when bleedingBleeding hemorrhoids is one of the most dangerous stages of the disease, which can lead to the need for surgical intervention. However at this stage it is possible to realize a method of therapy, which will allow you to obtain a positive trend. Usually hemorrhoid treatment when bleeding is a two therapies-local and complex. 

Each of the methods involves the use of rectal suppositories containing a combination of medicines. Essentially candles from hemorrhoids when bleeding quite a common method, which is usually used in all stages of this disease, with the exception of the necessity of surgical intervention.

The composition of the rectal funds from this disease usually can vary, but it is mandatory contains painkillers and hemostatic components. In addition, the use of rectal medication for hemorrhoids allows to solve a complex of problems caused by this disease. Note, however, that the use of candles is only possible if the ailment is internal, not external over, as in the latter case, they will not give any result. candles from hemorrhoids when bleedingMost Often in the composition of these medicines include thrombin or epinephrine that will stop the bleeding, and effectively to anesthetize the site of injury. Hemorrhoid treatment when bleeding candles should be mandatory to carry out under the supervision of a specialist, because a too advanced stage of the disease threatens unpleasant consequences.


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Should be clear that any medicines are exposed to a particular classification. Accordingly, the hemorrhoid treatment when bleeding may also candles that belong to one of the following groups.


  1. Tools, containing the propolis extract. They increase blood clotting, has analgesic effect.
  2. Tools, which is adrenaline. In principle, the properties of these drugs similar to that described above, but they do have some contraindications, for example, for hypertensive patients and the elderly, this method is strictly prohibited.
  3. Ice candles, the use of which hemorrhoid treatment when bleeding is based on reducing the temperature in the rectum. Thus there is a narrowing of blood vessels and normalize blood circulation.
  4. Healing methyluracyl drugs that are composed of natural oils (sea buckthorn, fir, essence St. John's wort, etc.), providing a healing effect.

Despite such a wide distribution of products for getting rid of unpleasant disease should not be engaged in their selection without the advice of a specialist who must conduct the examination of the patient.

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