Barberry: the therapeutic properties and contraindications. Barberry root: medicinal properties


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Barberry is a deciduous spiny shrub up to three meters. In medical purposes used the berries, leaves, roots and bark. Mainly used barberry ordinary and Amur. They have almost the same properties, as a species close to the origin.barberry medicinal properties and contraindications

Medicinal properties of Berberis vulgaris was known even in Ancient Mesopotamia. To date, the flowers, leaves, bark, roots and berries of this plant are widely used in medicine, in addition, are used as raw materials for the production of homeopathic and pharmaceutical products. In medicine, used such drugs barberry as:

  • Jollity;
  • Berberine bisulfate;
  • Tincture of barberry.


Barberry, medicinal properties and contraindications of which we will consider in detail in this article, contains the alkaloid berberine that cause choleretic properties of the plant. It includes:

  • Carotene;
  • Alkaloids;
  • Tanning substances;
  • Ascorbic acid;
  • Organic acid;
  • Tocopherol.

barberry root medicinal properties

Useful properties

Barberry, medicinal properties and contraindications to the use of which was known has long been used in pathologies such as:

  • Kidney disease (nephrolithiasis);
  • Liver disease;
  • Gallbladder disease (cholelithiasis);
  • Hepatocholecystitis;
  • Inflammation of the gallbladder;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Diseases of the spleen;
  • Stomach cramps, gastric pathology;
  • Pathology of the eye;
  • High temperature;
  • Diseases of the oral RTA;
  • Malaria;
  • Tubercules;
  • Zynga;
  • Pleura;
  • Rheumatism;
  • Podagra;
  • Lumbago;
  • Diseases of the throat, stomach and liver;
  • Bleeding, associated with childbirth;
  • Postpartum uterine bleeding;
  • Back arrested development of the uterus after abortion or childbirth;
  • Bleeding with uterine inflammation;
  • Toxemia of pregnancy;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Cardiac pain;
  • Hypertension;
  • Diabetes.medicinal properties of barberry berries

In addition, preparations on the basis of barberry are used as:


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  • Antiseptic;
  • Tools to increase appetite;
  • Laxative;
  • Diaphoretic and antipyretic;
  • A tonic.

Barberry Shrub medicinal properties has a very diverse, but one of them is unique – it relieves vomiting and nausea. Due to this, the plant is actively used by pregnant girls in the toxicity, since pharmaceutical drugs that have the same effect in the main have various side effects. In addition, it can relieve cough, especially wet, when the bronchi are clogged with phlegm.

Barberry finds its application even in the treatment of various cancers. So, the scientists were able to prove that berberine, which is included in its composition, has anti-leukemic and antitumor activity. The berberine chemical synthesis today does not give in. Since this discovery was made recently, at the present moment it is used only by rare experts in alternative medicine, who has studied the anticancer properties of this plant.leaves of barberry medicinal properties

Healing properties of barberry. Berries

The Green berries of barberry are poisonous, they can lead to very severe intoxication. In alternative medicine uses only the ripe fruit. Berries help strengthen the immune system. In different regions of our country decided to freeze them to defrost in the winter and to use as food.


The Plant barberry medicinal properties and contraindications has varied. Hypertension and heart pain used a decoction of the flowers. To do this, a spoonful of dried plants to pour ½ Cup of water, boil 10 minutes on low heat, then 2 hours to insist, filter. Drink 2 tablespoons twice a day. The above decoction is also eliminate inflammation in the mucosa of the eyes, for this, cleaning them up to six times a day.


In order to prepare a tincture with vodka the leaves of the barberry, we need to take these ingredients in the ratio of 5:1, respectively. Ready mix insist 15 days. Use 25 drops three times a day for 20 days. Then a break of 10 days, then repeat. This infusion is used in the postpartum period in atonic bleeding, when bleeding caused by inflammation, uterine subinvolution, in addition, in gynecologic and obstetric practice.plant barberry medicinal properties

The leaves of the barberry, medicinal properties that help in the treatment of various diseases, also used for making other infusions. To do this, 2 tablespoons of dried leaves to insist in for one hour in a Cup of boiling water. Then infusion of strain and drink a tablespoon a few times a day for one month. It is used when abnormalities of the gallbladder and liver as a choleretic and anti-inflammatory.

Bark, branches and roots

Barberry Root, medicinal properties of which have for many years known in folk medicine, is the raw material for the manufacture of berberine. It is used in traditional medicine.

  • To reduce the pressure;
  • As a choleretic agent;
  • Uterine contractions;
  • To calm the heartbeat.

The Roots of barberry are an important component of medicine known Zdrenko.

A Decoction

In alternative medicine for several centuries used medicinal properties of barberry. The berries are used to prepare the broth. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of the fruit, pour ½ tablespoons of water, put on fire and boil 20 minutes. Then the broth to bring the water to its original volume. You need to take 50 ml three times a day. A decoction is used as diuretic, choleretic, diaphoretic, cough, bronchitis, colds, pneumonia.

Ripe fruits, mixed with honey, – this is a great vitamin tool that enhances immunity and protective forces of human body, useful for vitamin deficiency, including.

The Decoction of the leaves

You Need to take 15 grams of leaves, pour them a glass of water, put on fire, boil for 10 minutes, then to insist. After the broth to bring the water to its original volume. Take a tablespoon 4 times a day. This broth helps eliminate nausea, it is used for cramps in the intestines and stomach, diarrhea.shrub barberry medicinal properties

The Decoction of the root

Barberry Root has medicinal properties. You need to take a spoonful of chopped root plants pour 400 ml of water, put a few minutes on the fire. Then the broth was infused for 30 minutes and take every hour a spoonful of diarrhea and cramps in the intestines. The decoction is also used in inflammation of the gums, rinse the mouth, as an antispasmodic and analgesic agent. They make lotions with sciatica and arthritis, spasms of muscles of feet.

Using in cooking

Barberry, medicinal properties of which were described in this article, is widely used in cooking. The fruit is added to pilaf. In addition, barberry boiled syrup, compote, jam, juice, marmalade, jelly.


  • Fruit is contraindicated for people suffering from thrombophlebitis, with high acidity of the stomach, as well as people in preinfarction condition.
  • Long-term use of barberry can develop constipation (constipation).
  • In gynecology and obstetrics barberry is prohibited in bleeding, which are caused by nivedanam fragments of the placenta from the uterus after childbirth and ovarian dysfunction.
  • Also it is contraindicated in menopause for bleeding.
  • Since the preparations of roots and bark constrict blood vessels and increase blood clotting, they can not be used when abnormalities of the heart, spasms of cerebral vessels, high blood clots.
  • Infusion of the leaves can not be used by pregnant women.
  • Cirrhosis.
  • A decoction of the roots reduces the pressure of the blood, so is contraindicated in hypotension.
  • Children under 12 years.medicinal properties of Berberis vulgaris

In addition, you need to remember that is poisonous when unripe barberry. Therapeutic properties and contraindications to plants now known to you! All the best!


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