The drug "Enterofuril" in pregnancy: instructions for use and reviews


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Probably everyone knows that during pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding is contraindicated many drugs. But mums, like other people, are often faced with various pathologies. This article will tell you about whether the ‘Enterofuril” during pregnancy. You will learn about the features of using this medication during pregnancy. It is also worth to know what is the cure "Enterofuril" (in pregnancy) reviews. The opinions of experts will be presented to your attention.

enterofuril in pregnancy

Can you drink the “Enterofuril” during pregnancy?

When it comes to the question of use of any drug while carrying a child, it must be particularly responsible approach to decision making. Gynecologists and therapists say that drug “Enterofuril” during pregnancy to make impossible. This can lead to unexpected reactions and disastrous consequences.

Can I take “Enterofuril” during pregnancy doctor's prescription? Of course, Yes. When the doctor evaluates all the risks to the fetus and compares them with the benefits of treatment – to take medicine is not only possible, but necessary. Refusal of medical treatment in this case could face complications.

enterofuril during pregnancy testimonials

Recommendations for use: indications

In what situations is assigned to the drug “Enterofuril” during pregnancy? The drug is recommended for acute and chronic diarrhea, which is caused by bacterial origin. It should be noted that the drug “Enterofuril” during pregnancy will not help against diarrhea that often develops in pregnant women under the influence of the change of a hormonal background. That is why before treatment, you need to contact the doctor and find out the exact cause of your condition.


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Contraindications for the use of a drug

It is Not recommended to use the drug “Enterofuril” during pregnancy in the early stages. In the first trimester of the development of this condition is the formation of the major organs, systems and body parts of the baby. Any interference can lead to disastrous consequences. Medications will also impact favorably on the process. It is worth noting that most expectant mothers suffer from diarrhea of bacterial nature in the first half of the term. Accordingly, medication can be prescribed by a doctor. But before that is to produce a stool sample.

is it possible enterofuril in pregnancy

The Drug is contraindicated to expectant mothers who have increased sensitivity to one or more components of the drug. Also fructose intolerance, and sucrose will be the reason to refuse such correction.

“Enterofuril”: how to use during pregnancy

The Medication given to mothers according to the General scheme. A single dose of 200 milligrams of the active ingredient. This is the number one capsule contains a medicament. Sometimes (often when toxicosis first half of pregnancy) the medication is prescribed in the form of a syrup or suspension. In this form of the drug desired dose will contain five milliliters.

A day you can make several methods of medication. In most cases doctors suggest to drink a medicine every six hours. In the acute form of disease, a break may be reduced to four hours. As soon as the woman starts to feel better, it is necessary to reduce the number of receptions of up to three times a day. The course does not exceed one week.

enterofuril during pregnancy in the early stages

Special instructions

The drug “Enterofuril” during pregnancy should be combined with necessary amount of water. It should be noted that dehydration during this period can be dangerous not only for women but also for her unborn child. If the diarrhoea vomiting occurs, it makes sense to use appropriate solutions, for example “Regidrona”.

enterofuril during pregnancy instruction

If at the same time with this medication used sorbents, the medication must be for a different time. So, the gap between the ‘Enterofuryl” and the sorbent is advised to do at least two hours.

The Use of medication in the later stages of pregnancy, before birth

Many antimicrobial and antibacterial drugs never use before birth. This view is explained by the fact that in the last stages of pregnancy, drug may appear in breast milk. Immediately after birth the baby is breastfeeding. As a result the drug can enter the body of the baby.

can I drink during pregnancy enterofuril

However, the drug “Enterofuril” considered safe in this regard. It is even prescribed during breastfeeding. The doctors say that the medicine is not absorbed into the bloodstream and acts solely in the stomach and intestines. That is why he is recognized as one of the safest in the treatment of diarrhea of bacterial origin. The drug is used in many situations, when use of antibiotics is impossible.

Consumer Reviews of medicine for diarrhea during pregnancy

Expectant mothers suggests that this medication is quite expensive. However, given its safety, women prefer to buy it “Enterofuril”. Packing with thirty capsules at 100 milligrams each will cost you around 300 rubles. The drug at a dose of 200 milligrams of contains 16 capsules and costs 400 rubles. If you need a suspension, then be prepared to pay for it almost 500 rubles.

Consumer Reviews say that the drug is in the form of syrup has a sweet taste. Due to this it is very easy to drink. Women indicate that the action of the drug starts immediately after consumption. The drug blocks the growth of bacteria and removes them from the intestines. At the same time the drug does not affect the intestinal microflora. The medicine is derived solely from the intestines.

In some cases, often with excessive use of drugs, you may experience an allergic reaction such as rash, itching. Less common is nausea or vomiting. These symptoms disappear after discontinuation of the medication.

can I take during pregnancy enterofuril


Now you know whether you can use a medicine “Enterofuril” during pregnancy. Instruction manual is presented to your attention in the article. Remember that before the correction any medication, even the safest, you should consult with your doctor. Perhaps in your case it is strictly forbidden to use a particular drug. Treated properly and as safely as possible. Be healthy!


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