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The Cough is very annoying. It can appear for many different reasons and from time to time suffer from it all people. Most often it is the result of a disease, e.g., bronchitis. This is a serious ailment that requires a quality assigned to a specialist treatment. And one component of such therapy - expectorants bronchitis. What they are will be discussed below.

Bronchitis - what is it?

Diseases of the respiratory tract quite a lot. Several of them are associated with bronchi and are referred to collectively as "bronchitis". Inflammatory process that develops in the pulmonary division, called bronchi, may begin for different reasons and take different forms. But the symptoms of these diseases have many common factors and cough - a symptom of virtually any problem with the respiratory system, and is always present in this disease.

Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease that develops in the mucous membrane lining of the bronchial walls.

Do the bronchi are a complex transportation system whose task is to ensure the promotion of inhaled and exhaled air, and the air that enters the respiratory system from the outside, passing through the bronchial tubes must warm up, if necessary, to hydrate and cleanse. Bronchitis is the inflammation of the mucous against the backdrop of bacterial, viral or fungal infections, although irritating dust or smoke is also a cause for pathological inflammatory processes in the structure of the respiratory system. Swelling of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes often causes the formation of large amounts of exudates - sputum, which can be very dense and difficult to separate. In this case, dilution and excretion of such a secret became one of the quality of treatment of inflammation of the bronchi.


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the best expectorant for bronchitis

How to get rid of cough with bronchitis?

Any form of bronchitis is almost always one common lingering symptom is a cough. To get rid of it help special tools that are pharmacologically divided into several groups:

  • Mucolytic;
  • Sekretomotornym, or as they say in simple language, expectorant.

These groups of medicines work together, the first thin the secret of the bronchi, and the second to help his expectoration and excretion from the body. Which of the tools necessary for a given patient? Can be solved only by the doctor taking a history and thorough examination. Be aware that expectorants with obstructive bronchitis, which often takes on a chronic form, will have to take a very long time, to help the body to maximally normalize the functions of the respiratory system. What are the active ingredients help combat the problem?

what is better an expectorant in bronchitis


Many expectorants bronchitis has to its credit a component of acetylcysteine. It is included in pharmacological group of secretolytic and stimulants motor functions respiratory tract. The structure of this chemical substance contains a free sulfhydryl group that, entering into connection with acidic mucopolysaccharides in the mucus of the bronchi, it breaks disulfide bonds and inhibits the polymerization of mukoproteidov and reduces the viscosity of sputum. All this leads to the fact that drugs with acetylcysteine liquefy phlegm that accumulates in the bronchi. Such medicines on the pharmacy shelves you can find a sufficient number of the generic with the same name "Acetylcysteine", produced in tablets and ampoules for injection, "ACC" and "ACC long", "Acetin", "weeks Asset" "Mukomist" and some others. These drugs are not recommended for use during exacerbation of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer and lactating women. Pregnant women and children medication on the basis of acetylcysteine for use can be prescribed only by the attending physician.

expectorants with obstructive bronchitis

Ammonium DGL

Pharmacists in pharmacies often hear the question, what is the best expectorant in bronchitis can be purchased. But to give a definite answer is very difficult, because each patient needs a medication or even a combination of drugs and physical treatments to obtain a positive effect. Medicines on the basis of ammonium DGL, derived from licorice root have proved a secretolytic activity and is widely used in the treatment of diseases such as bronchitis of different etiology. It's a natural substance possesses extensive biological activity, because it has properties immunostimulant, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, spasmolytic substance. Drugs based on monoslideshow ammonium salts of glycyrrhizic acid are used as expectorants in the treatment of even children from the age of 5 months. There is no doubt that appoint them can only be a doctor (in accordance with the diagnosis and condition of the patient). In pharmacies on the basis of this material it is possible to buy drugs such as "Glyciram" and "Replicam" in children as an expectorant and anti-inflammatory agents often are assigned the syrup of licorice root.

Ammonium chloride

Expectorants bronchitis - a mandatory element of the therapy of this disease of different origin. A substance called ammonium chloride are known to most ordinary citizens as ammonia. It has diuretic and secretolytic effect. Ammonium chloride stimulates the activity of the glands of the mucosa of the respiratory tract, activates the production of liquid sputum, stimulates the functional ciliated epithelium. It also strengthens the contractility of the bronchial tubes and facilitates expectoration of secretions. Substance well penetrates into the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract. It cannot be taken by pregnant women and children. This drug is rarely prescribed for outpatient treatment, therapy with this drug carried out under the supervision of a physician.


According to many patients who needed the use of special drugs that improve the expectoration of sputum in the bronchi, the best expectorant for bronchitis consists of Ambroxol. This substance changes the structure of the mucopolysaccharides of bronchial secretion, which stimulates the decrease in its viscosity. It also activates the mucociliary transport, contributing to the improvement of the synthesis and secretion of surfactant, a special substance that lines the alveoli of the lungs. Drug which works Ambroxol, not prescribed for use by pregnant women and people suffering from liver or kidney failure. In pharmacies sold a lot of funds with this active component is the "Ambrobene", "Mucosolvan", "Travis", "Flamed". Make them follows the recommendation of the attending specialist after examination and diagnosis.

chronic bronchitis expectorants


Anyone who suffers from coughing, I want to use a drug that will help to get rid of such painful condition that violate the rhythm of life. So ill ask the experts about what the best expectorant for bronchitis should be used in the treatment of the disease. Another popular and effective ingredient found in many popular drug is Bromhexine. It is farmgroup of secretolytic and stimulants motor functions respiratory tract. This substance stimulates the production of surfactant affects the rheological properties of the resulting bronchial secretions, contributing to its dilution and active promotion through the respiratory tract while coughing. Like many drugs, medications with Bromhexine should not take during pregnancy or lactation. Children can be prescribed only by the attending physician in accordance with the age recommendations of the manufacturer of the specific drug. The most popular and proven products with Bromhexine is of the same funds with the addition of the name of the manufacturer: "Bromhexine Berlin Chemie", "Bromgeksin Nikomed", "Bromhexine Ferein" and others. Also on this substance work "Solvin", ".", "Flagami".

the best expectorant for bronchitis


Many experts believe that the best expectorant for bronchitis adults must contain as the active substance, carbocisteine. This substance activates valovoy transferase — a special enzyme goblet cells lining the bronchial mucous membrane. Thus, drugs based on carbocisteine improves the rheology of mucus, the bronchi to help get rid of mucus formed, contributing to its expectoration. They are used in the treatment of various diseases accompanied by the formation of hard sputum and mucus, including in the treatment of various types of bro...

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