What is the menstruation cycle and how to calculate it


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The Female cycle - the physiological process associated with the function of reproduction and occur in the body of all women. What is the cycle in women? In fact, it is repeated continuously bleeding from female genital mutilation, What is a cycle?Continued 3-7 days, and occurs most often 28 days, but normally 21 to 30 days. The time interval between the menstruation cycle and menstrual bleeding is called the menstrual cycle.

The Female cycle usually lasts up to 50-52 years, sometimes up to 55. But according to reports, the ability to bear children is maintained up to about 65 years in the case of infusion of donor eggs.

The Cycle is directly related to the hormonal process, contributing to the development of the female body eggs, which are responsible for human reproduction.

What is the cycle Menstruation?

Monthly Usually appear in girls aged 11 to 13 years. Their appearance suggests that the reproductive system girls set up and ready for child bearing.How to calculate the cycle

Managed by the women's cycle is not one body. Special hormones are being secreted in the hypothalamus and vascular and nerve endings get to the pituitary gland. In the pituitary gland under their influence formed the gonadotropins, which are all organs through blood. The congestion is produced in the ovaries and uterus, which promotes maturation of the follicle. When the follicle Matures, there is a gap. This process is called ovulation. As a result of the rupture of the follicle the egg with the yellow body comes first in the fallopian tube and then into the uterine cavity.

Normal, when a 28-day cycle, ovulation occurs between 13 to 15 days. If during ovulation no pregnancy occurs, the corpus luteum dies and during menstruation excreted from the body. During menstruation it is necessary to observe sparing mode – to limit the emotional and physical stress. Alcohol and spicy foods is better for this period to exclude, because they increase the bleeding.

What is the cycle And its phases? In the process of the effects of hormones female menstrual cycle biphasic. Ideal is a 28-day cycle. From the first day of the cycle and until the 15th (day of ovulation) - the first phase takes place under the influence of estrogen and the formation of the follicle, from 15 to 25 days (after ovulation) occurs for the second phase, occurring under the influence of progesterone. But there are cycles when ovulation does not occur. They are called anovulatory. Their appearance may be delayed, which many perceive as the onset of pregnancy, but it's not.Female cycle


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How to calculate cycle duration?

Duration of a woman's cycle is calculated from the first on the first day following sure or bleeding (menopausal) bleeding. Often girls are considered normal cycle is 21 days, but after a few years it will return to normal and its duration will be 28 days.

Every self-respecting girl knows what a cycle is. But not everyone knows that you should take into account the fact that the normal functioning of the reproductive system of women is possible only in the case of a normal cycle of menstruation. Violation of the cycle may lead to the development of menopause ahead of time. To avoid this, it is time to engage in its normalization.

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