Can the honey with pancreatitis? Expert advice


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Pancreatitis is a serious disease in which there is malfunction of the pancreas and digestive system. To treat the disease apply a wide range of activities: drug therapy, physiotherapy, special power supply system. Can I eat honey with pancreatitis? This is discussed in the article.


Pancreatitis – a disease in which there is inflammation of the pancreas. The reasons for the appearance of the disease is the blockage of the duct of the gland by the penetration of stones or sand the gallbladder. Duct overlap can lead to the proliferation of neoplasms.

can honey with pancreatitis

The result will be the transition of gastric juice with digestive enzymes into the small intestine. Enzymes gradually accumulate and destroy glandular tissue by performing local digestion. Therefore, when the disease important to know about the feeding habits, including about the intricacies of the use of honey.


An Important step in the treatment is the diet. From the menu it is necessary to remove:

  • Grilled fish and meat;
  • Soup in rich broth;
  • Vegetables, fruits, herbs;
  • Fat, smoked, canned food;
  • Bakery products;
  • Spicy food;
  • Alcohol.

can honey with pancreatitis

Can honey with pancreatitis? It all depends on the form of the disease. Food should be based on simple principles:

  • Need to eat every 4 hours;
  • Serving to do little, and the products frayed;
  • The diet should include plenty of protein foods;
  • You should reduce the consumption of carbohydrate-containing products;
  • With the aggravation you need to refuse food for 1-2 days.

Benefits of honey

Sugar is slozhnostyami substance and for a healthy person. And when inflammation of the pancreas sweet product is not only harmful, but dangerous. Can the honey with pancreatitis? This product is considered to be a monosaccharide, which includes 2 components: glucose and fructose. Both substances are well absorbed by the pancreas, so that the honey can be used as a sweetener. Can the honey with pancreatitis? The pancreas responds to the normal product, so use it.


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can honey with pancreatitis pancreas

Honey has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. It also strengthens the immune system, increases body tone, accelerates recovery. Product to cope with the symptoms of symptoms of pancreatitis, including constipation, which often occur in this pathology.

If interested if med with pancreatitis, should be considered another positive effect of the product: it supports the implementation of the functions of the pancreas, restores, and improves wound healing. This sweetness increases resistance of the body to inflammation, while maintaining cell gene that protects against the degeneration of tissues.


The Product can be used not only to improve the taste of dishes, but also in the treatment of other symptoms. Considering the question of whether to take honey with pancreatitis, should be considered harmful if you do not adhere to the guidelines.

The Product should not be used people who suffer from allergies. If you break this rule, then complications can arise. The basic rule is considered to be moderate use of the product. By eating this sweets in large quantities from the patient's loss of appetite can be triggered by vomiting, spasms, stomach pain. It is desirable to know from a specialist whether you can use honey in pancreatitis.

What is honey allowed?

Now in stores you can find many different types of honey. To choose a quality product, you must learn to appreciate its composition. The concentration of therapeutic substances is determined by the type of plant, season of collection and the place where the bees collected the sweetness.

can I eat honey with pancreatitis

Can honey with pancreatitis, according to experts? They believe that this product will be useful in this disease. It is advisable to choose darker varieties, as they contain a lot of minerals. An even more useful product is considered a cell, where the concentration of therapeutic substances is higher than in honey. Therefore, you should choose the following classes:

  • Buckwheat;
  • Brown;
  • Acacia;
  • Zabrusky.

The chemical composition sabrosky honey is very different from other types of product. It can clean the body from various pathogens. With this sweets stimulates the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces inflammation, clears digestive system, excreted and accumulated enzymes of mycobacteria from gland ducts and small intestines.

Acute disease

Exacerbations of the disease dangerous – in this period there is swelling of glands, inflammation of. Under these conditions, cells cannot function and the body need to be protected from load.

can I use honey with pancreatitis

Can honey with acute pancreatitis? The use of this product leads to the production of insulin. This increases the load on the diseased organ, so when aggravation of sugar, honey and other similar substances is prohibited. Dangerous consequences include the emergence of diabetes. Glucose in the body is not supposed to do when the pancreas does not fulfill its function or its condition is unknown.

The Chronic form

Note that this sweet product does not cure the pancreatitis. Apply it as a therapeutic method will not be effective. In some cases it can hurt. Is it possible to have honey in chronic pancreatitis? This product is allowed unless there is intolerance. It has a subsidiary effect that improves the human condition.

is it possible to have honey in chronic pancreatitis

Enter honey in the diet should be gradual, starting with 1 tsp a day. And over time you should increase the dose. With deep remission healthy is 2 tbsp per day. But we have to be careful, as the most safe and healthy product to unreasonable limits can be a powerful poison. Honey is used in pure form as well as with tea, juice, compote. Over time, the ingredient can be added to casseroles, cheese or yogurt. If there is no exacerbation, a sweetness is added even in nesdobnoe cakes.

Popular recipes

There are many recipes with honey, which are used in the treatment and prevention of pancreatitis. But not everything is effective for inflammation of the pancreas. For example, dishes with lemon juice, garlic and fatty animal oil are invalid.

The Following recipes will be effective for individual symptoms of pancreatitis.

  1. Honey and aloe. For the composition of required sabrosky mix the honey with aloe juice (1 tbsp). You can eat before eating 1 tbsp
  2. Honey with vegetable oil. The first component is taken in quantities of 1 tablespoon, and the second-10 drops. To be taken on an empty stomach: 1 tsp
  3. Honey (1 tablespoon) milk (2/3 of the Cup). The mixture should drink on an empty stomach and then not eat for 4 hours.
  4. In a pure form. Honey used without additional components, allowing you to restore the weakened body. Should start with 1 teaspoon daily, and gradually you can increase the dose to 1-2 tablespoons.

can honey with acute pancreatitis

How to select a honey on the market?

The purchaser should consider the following nuances:

  1. Color. Quality product transparent. If you have starch, sugar or impurities, honey is turbid, with sediment.
  2. Fragrance. A good honey scent. Sugar and almost no smell.
  3. Viscosity. If dip stick and pull it out, it should be a continuous honeymoon thread. This product is high quality.
  4. Consistency. Good honey she was gentle.


  1. It is Advisable to buy bulk honey, because then you get to taste and check the quality.
  2. Sold only pre-packaged product, it is necessary to read the label. Quality standards. If you specify “THAT”, it is better not to buy such a product.
  3. GOST on the label indicates the state the manufacturer, the address of the company, Assembly and packing. Necessarily the presence of the importer or exporter, weight, storage conditions, certificate.
  4. You should Not purchase the product with sugar.

can I take honey with pancreatitis

Honey can be used from the pancreatitis, because it will improve the patient's state of health. But we should not use it as the only cure. It is forbidden to abuse the product and then it will be good for health.


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