A ramp at the entrance for people with disabilities: dimensions, requirements, GOST. Who needs to install a ramp at the entrance


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How to achieve ramp to the entrance? This is a common question. We will understand it in the article.

Due to the fact that politics in Russia socially focused, more and more attention is paid to ensuring the normal movement of people with disabilities. Increasingly at the entrances to public places and also at entrances of houses have ramps. According to the law «About social protection of disabled persons” guaranteed ensuring free access to such people in all public places, as well as in your house.

The Bodies of power structures of the state and all stakeholders must comply with this law and install a ramp in places where it should be. If there are violations, it is necessary to bring the perpetrators to administrative responsibility.ramp at the entrance

What regulations must be complied with when building a ramp?

To Establish a ramp at an entrance of own forces will not work, because building it is required in accordance with the technical regulations. In addition, the hands must be documentation of the authorization for operation of such a ramp and also a permit to install issued by the managers supports the entrance of the organization.

There are fixed rules that must be followed for the installation of a ramp at the entrance of the house.

  • Be sure the construction of a ramp, if you change the level of the surface intended for movement, and when the height difference of the floor more than four inches;
  • When setting the tilt angle can be at most equal to 5 %, which is the ratio of the length and height of the structure;
  • The ramp includes 3 components: a horizontal upper and lower track, corresponding to the dimensions of wheelchairs, and inclined walkway of the required width;
  • When exceeding the span of nine ramp meters required to install any additional sites designated for recreation;
  • When there is no possibility of compliance with the installation design with Pathrusim bias can make it to 10 %, equal to eight degrees;
  • You cannot set the ramp in the event of a shut-in on a wall or any other obstacle, and if the Congress is directly to the fence or to a door;
  • Exceptional are situations when it is impossible to perform the construction of a ramp in accordance with the standards, but in this case you need to install folding or helical structure.dimensions ramp

Building rules

A Ramp at the entrance for people with disabilities must do so as prescribed by the building regulations. However, to ensure comfortable ascent and descent need to consider some points:


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  • The Project of unilateral ramp designed for wheelchairs should be of a width not less than 90 centimeters, and in the implementation of movement in two directions – not less than 180 centimeters.
  • The movement of the disabled person becomes much easier when you keep bent hands on the handrails. It is on this basis requires the calculation of the width of the ramp.
  • The proposed width of the ramp is 180 centimeters, the angle of ascent required a little bit to check on him was carried out easily because people will be able to hold with just one hand. There are other requirements. Designed for one-way traffic design is becoming more convenient due to the fact that handrails are located on both sides, and so much easier to climb, and when needed you can easily free up half way with one hand.
  • Ramps having a width of 3 m or more, according to the norms of the United Nations, should be equipped with an additional handrail.


Failure to use adequately the requirements regarding the construction of the ramp in the entrance and installing it, the person who is responsible for maintenance of the dwelling must be brought to criminal or administrative responsibility. The construction is then dismantled. Punishment shall be as follows:

  • Administrative penalty for improper maintenance of the house, which should not be more than 50 thousand rubles;
  • Administrative penalty for substandard services in the amount of 50 thousand rubles.ramp dimensions requirements GOST

What is a ramp?

Ramp is a concrete or metal structure, on an inclined surface of which it is possible to facilitate the movement of wheelchairs. One of the main conditions is the presence of above and below horizontal sites. They are, in fact, provide both check-in and exit design. The dimensions of the ramp for the disabled and the requirements of GOST many are interested.

These devices should be installed by default in the hallways of buildings. Such a rule is specified in the construction rules and regulations. As for old houses, they have to be equipped with such a design is mandatory during overhaul or at the requests of residents. At the moment there is also an alternative ramp option – specially designed lift, however, installing it is quite expensive.

Dimensions ramp

Give the minimum difference in heights that require gentle paths – 4 see If will move people with limited mobility who use wheelchairs, in both directions at the same time, the width of a March should be done not less than 1.8 m. If oncoming traffic is not, then we can recommend a width of 1.5 m.

Height (elevation) of a single March, the inclined track must be less than 0.8 m. the length of a single March, there are also limitations – maximum 9 m.

The Height of handrails should be two-tiered. At the first level – 70, see If they move children with disabilities, it was reduced to 50 cm At the second height level – 90.

Features intermediate pads

In order For the movement of wheelchair users was smooth and comfortable, it is also the presence of intermediate sites. They are installed depending on the width of the ramp, and this is done in any case if the turns of the ramp is equal to 90 or 180 degrees. These playgrounds provide the opportunity to relax during the movement, and to deploy the wheelchair in the desired direction.the ramp for the disabled entrance


They are set according to the following indicators:

  • Ideal for irrevocable design is the size of 90 by 140 cm;
  • Standard rotary ramp shall be equipped with a pad size of 140 by 140 centimeters;
  • In excess of bilateral ramp width 140 cm required area of 140 to 150 centimeters;

A rise with 180 degree turn shall be provided with an intermediate area, the size of which – 180 to 150 centimeters.

The required size of the ramp (GOST 51261-99) must be strictly observed.

Fences and railings

Like wheelchair ramps installation of fences also are manufactured in strict accordance with the rules and requirements of their Guest. In accordance with the design document needs to be equipped with elements of fences and handrails. They may be single or paired, and different heights. You must comply with the following requirements for the installation of handrails to the ramp in the entrance:ramp in the entrance of the law

  • Continuous installation of enclosing structures on any part of the ramp;
  • Installation of handrails should be parallel to the path of travel does not exceed 90 centimetres;
  • Railings should be fastened on the inner side, and the construction parallel to the plane of movement and continuously;
  • At the end of the March handrails are 300 mm;
  • The material for the railing should be a round metal profile with a cross section of not more than 50 mm, ideally – 40;
  • Outer rim of the design needs to be stocked with small bumpers, preventing the rolling of the carriages during their approach to landing.

Where to go for installation?

To install a ramp at the entrance, you need:the ramp at the entrance of the house

Write to the Control/housing management company, the homeowners Association a statement in several instances (this should be done at the head of the company).

Clearly indicate in the statement the following: the place where you want to install a ramp (inside the entrance or near it), its supposed design (stationary or folding).

Statement for the installation of a ramp at the entrance need to send to an email address. You can give personally to the head of the company, or the Secretary. The request should be processed within a month, and then the applicant will know the decision.


It Should be noted that the installation of ramps for people with disabilities is carried out from means of the budget. However, the financial side of the construction according to the law can be transferred to the company containing the balance of the house. To install the ramp for the budget money is required to write a letter to the social protection bodies at the place of residence or registration. In addition, you must add the following documents:

  • The person writing the statement, the documents on the right of ownership to a residential area;
  • Certificate of inv...

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