High fever in adults — causes, treatment


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In fact, the high temperature today — this is not uncommon. However, when high temperatures in the adult  person has no visible symptoms, we begin to worry, try to knock it in all possible ways, and if that fails, seek help from doctors. In fact, it is important to understand that the high temperature in adults — this is not something out of the ordinary, on the contrary, thanks to the temperature at times we may notice that something is wrong with our bodies immune system.

The reasons for the increase in temperature in adults

You Need to understand that the high temperature in an adult is not as dangerous as the temperature of the child, the immune system which is still in the formative stage and is not yet able to respond appropriately to the possible negative impact from the outside. When it comes to the temperature increase in an adult, everything is different. The fact that the principle of the immunity of an adult person already established, so it keeps under control the processes taking place in the body.

However, from that arises a high temperature in an adult? The reasons for this are actually enough. The increase in body temperature can have the effect of getting bacterial and viral infections in the body and also temperature could be a consequence of allergic reaction, inflammatory process in the joints or tissues and heart attack and so on.

Anyway, it is important to understand that the high temperature in an adult — it is not a disease but just a reaction to some sort of violation.

Bring down the temperature

Of Course, to tolerate high temperature very hard. Today there are many ways to reduce it. First you will need to cool off, then try as much as possible to drink fluids to prevent dehydration. Very well when the temperature rises to drink more tea with honey, lemon and raspberries. Sweat on the forehead of the patient, who would drink such a tea, would be a clear sign that the temperature drops.


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Alternatively, you can use rubbing with alcohol or vodka, it is completely safe and effective method. Another way to reduce the temperature of — enema filled antipyretic, diluted with half a glass of boiled water. This procedure is not so pleasant, so is used more often in cases where the temperature for a long time did not fall.

As for the drugs used as antipyretics, then they should resort to the most extreme cases. These pills and powders contribute to the deterioration of blood clotting and may even cause bleeding. If the fever continues for three days, while there are signs of a cold, for example, sore throat, cough and runny nose, you should consult a doctor. Perhaps the reason for the increase in temperature was pneumonia or another disease that require treatment with antibiotics.

The High temperature in lactating mother

Especially frustrating, of course, if the temperature increase observed in nursing mothers, as it will affect the baby. If the mother during lactation raises the temperature — this is not a reason to leave to feed the baby. The most important thing in these moments — to identify the cause. For example, the common cold, and may be a sign of lactose. In addition, the temperature of the nursing mothers may increase in case of poisoning, infections or inflammations.

Before you start to bring the temperature down to panic, you need to urgently go to the doctor, which will help to establish the diagnosis and prescribe treatment if needed.

High fever in a teenager — reason

Often parents of adolescents aged 13 to 15 years are concerned about the temperature increase in children, at the same time, it is about more than raising temperature from the boys. In fact, reason to worry no, in such cases we are talking about the so-called “the growth temperature”, that is, the child begins to grow rapidly, the temperature rises, at the same time he feels healthy and active. In such cases treatment is not required, over time, the body temperature of teenager she will be back to normal.

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