Inflamed gums, what to do? Ask the dentist


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Inflamed gums – disease

Sometimes a man turns to the dentist with severe toothache, and it so happens that it is too late to treat the problem area — you have to remove the tooth. That is why the gums also need to be given less attention than the rest of the body. When inflammation we experience quite discomfort, if the gums are badly run and have not been treated, even unbearable pain. With her appearance even if she's still not strong, remember that gum disease can lead to more serious problems that so easily already can not cope, and immediately go to the dentist. Gum disease in children could not be left unattended and be sure to consult a doctor. The first and most unpleasant consequences of neglect in particular for young people — it is the loss of teeth, because then you have to paste them for so little money.

inflamed gums what to doCauses gum inflammation.

Often people wonder: "Inflamed gums, what to do?" First you need to prevent this and to follow oral. As a rule, it constantly forms a sticky, transparent substance — RAID. It contains a lot of bacteria, which, in turn, produce poisons and toxins. The gums become inflamed and sensitive. It is necessary to observe one simple but very important thing: brush your teeth twice a day. This way you prevent the spread of germs from plaque on the gums, and they will not damage the tooth root. In case of failure of cleaning procedures, formed stone, to remove which can only be the dentist or the stomatologist-the hygienist. If you follow all the rules, but you have inflamed gums, what to do in such a situation, you can only tell the doctor. No need to seek treatment on your own.


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gingivitis in childrenHow to recognize inflammation of the gums

How to treat gum disease and how to recognize the problem in advance — it is possible to learn on their own without a visit to the doctor. Healthy gums have a pink color and a solid base, there should be bleeding when brushing. When inflammation of the common symptoms is redness and swelling.

how to treat inflammation of the gumsTypes of diseases of the gums

Gingivitis. The first symptom of the disease — a little redness and swelling in the gums. If you mean that you have gingivitis, check breath, it will be quite unpleasant. The gums often become red and lose elasticity. When brushing your teeth pay attention to whether there is bleeding. Gingivitis is considered the initial stage of a disease, such as periodontitis. If you have inflamed gums, what to do then you can tell in this article. Finding the symptoms that fit the described, be sure to consult your doctor. Another, equally common, gum disease is called periodontitis, it arises as a result of running gingivitis. The symptoms of this disease can be very different, ranging from the banal to the bleeding from the soft tissue when you press on them with your finger and ending with loosening of the teeth in those places where there is inflammation. If periodontitis inflamed gums, what to do in this case - you can tell solely by the physician. Do not resort to self-medication to avoid even greater complications.

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