Biography Ted Bundy: the mind-disturbing life


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In today's world we face many dangers. Unfortunately, more and more people become cruel, and criminal activity is developing successfully. Often psychologists can't explain why this or that person decided to break the law. For analytical purposes, a huge interest is the biography of Chikatilo. This man is still considered one of the most brutal mass murderers in the world.

Biography Chikatilo: the beginning of life's journey

biography Ted Bundy

16 Oct 1936, village Apple, the light appeared a beautiful little boy named Andrew. He grew up in an ordinary family, in 1954 he successfully graduated from school. It should be noted that to learn pleased him, therefore, received a certificate, the young man passed the entrance exams at MSU, wanted to become a lawyer. But fate decided otherwise: he did not gain the required number of points and not received. But in the technical school he was accepted immediately at the end of which he applied in the railway Institute at the correspondence Department. Biography of Chikatilo is quite diverse, for example, in 1957 he received a subpoena about the necessity of military service. And he really paid his debt to the state, honestly having served in the division of the interior Ministry. Perhaps it was this stage of his life and proved fatal. He almost immediately found a common language with colleagues, as a result was subjected to numerous humiliations and repeated beatings. Rumor has it that he was forced to sexual perversions. This test, of course, could not leave the psyche of the young guy completely healthy and strong.

Andrei Chikatilo-biography: towards a life of crime

Andrei Chikatilo biography

After experiencing a lot of unpleasant moments he did not give up and continues to build race life: takes a job and even getting married. In 1964, Chikatilo became a happy father of the future heir, but his son was not destined to live long: eight months later the baby died. But a year later the wife gives birth again, and in 1969 was born the son of a famous Chikatilo, who later also becomes a criminal. Biography Ted Bundy as a serial killer began in 1972, when his own disciples witnessed the contact with the sleeping boy. Probably, this fact prompted the family to move to another city. In 1978 in the Mines was absolutely the first murder. Then he brutally raped a nine year old girl, then struck three blows in the stomach with a knife, which proved fatal. He has been a real pleasure seeing the suffering and humiliation of the weak.


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Chikatilo-biography. The first arrest

Chikatilo biography

Authorities did not immediately identified the real killer. After the incident with the little girl were arrested and subject to the death penalty is a completely different person. Himself Andrew was afraid of such consequences, and so the three years he lived the usual life. But in 1981 he decided to use the services of prostitutes. Have fun without the abuse, he failed. When the girl was found, she had bitten off nipples, mouth full of dirt, and abdomen were two stab wounds. Over the next year, he killed a total of seven women, and this death machine has been unstoppable. The first arrest occurred in 1984 because of the strange behavior of the offender. However to prove its participation in failed so soon Chikatilo was released, and he continued to kill innocent people. In 1990 he was detained a mass murderer, recognized as the most brutal in history. And already on February 14, 1994 he was executed.

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