The carob tree. What is it?


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Carob – this is a plant which belongs to the legume family. The tree has a straight, strong trunk and has a dense crown. Tree leaves pinnate, large and quite dense. Flowers, on the contrary, are small and inconspicuous. Carob tree gives fruit in the form of beans, which can reach a length of 15 cm Fruit weight differ so constant that in ancient times in the middle East they were used as weights. With their help, we determined the weight of small precious stones.

In the chemical composition of fruits of this plant consists of organic and tannins, as well as sugar, pectin, starch and protein. Moreover, they are rich in vitamin b and various minerals like potassium, fluoride and calcium. Due to such a rich composition of fruits of this tree have traditionally been used as folk remedies for the treatment of colds, strengthen the immune system and as a diuretic. Carob is also widely used for production of medicine against diarrhoea and solutions, possessing wound-healing properties, which are used in injuries of the oral cavity.

Found its use this plant not only in pharmaceutical but also in the cosmetic industry. A separate area in the pharmaceutical industry – production of the fruit of the tree of various stabilizers. In folk medicine, carob is used for cleansing the body of toxins, as well as its components stimulate the urinary system.

The Pods of this tree are very sweet and have a juicy pulp. They contain up to 50% sugar. The pulp of the carob tree is used for the manufacture of a substitute for cocoa, which is called “carob”. Carob – this is a very sweet powder that resembles the taste of cocoa, but it has a less fragrant taste.


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The Fact that the carob is pretty sweet, provides an opportunity to use them as a sugar substitute. This property is especially important for people with diabetes and persons controlling weight. As a component of the diet this remedy not only helps to eliminate excess weight, but also allows you during the diet, not to deprive the body of nutrients as the fruits of the carob tree contain them in large numbers.

The Beans of this plant are used not only as food but also in the form of syrups or decoctions. Carob syrup which in recent years has become very popular today and available in Russia. Despite the fact that it is produced mainly in Cyprus, exported to almost every country in the world. To purchase this tool, using the services of regional representatives or through the online store.

In Russia and Europe, especially recent years, popular carob. Syrup made from this plant, are in demand due to the fact that helps to lose weight, and this problem is now coming to the fore among the many categories of people. You can buy ready-made syrup, but you can make it yourself.

To prepare the syrup at home, you need the pods of the tree, crush and cover with water. Next, this mixture should be evaporated until then, until you get a syrupy mass. Any effort and natural sugar substitute is ready! Store the resulting syrup should be refrigerated. He not only has a sweet taste, but also very helpful, so when used in the preparation of desserts, you get double benefit.

You Should know that this drug has virtually no contraindications and can even be used in child nutrition, saturating the body with additional nutrients.

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