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To put the correct diagnosis, doctors prescribe various studies. Among them a blood test. It helps to determine the level of protein that is considered to be a precise indicator of the state of the human body. C-reactive protein along with the General plays the role of catalyst for biochemical reactions in the human body.

In Order to identify infection, cancer, liver disease and kidney violation of metabolism in the body doctors conducted blood tests for the presence of protein. With the help of a protein formed by the immune system, nutrients are transported to various organs of the body. Serum provides General and C-reactive protein. Their level indicates the level of health of a person.

CRP (C-reactive protein) – this component of the blood, a kind of marker that is most sensitive to various inflammatory processes and tissue damage. Normal serum this protein should be less than five milligrams per liter. But if the biochemical analysis showed that C-reactive protein is positive, it indicates that the body has introduced a bacterial infection, exacerbated chronic disease, a growing tumor, or inflammation of any organ. It is from C-reactive protein depends on the state of immunity. Because it increases the protective reaction of a person to various infections. When in the biochemical analysis revealed elevated C-reactive protein, this suggests the beginning of a serious illness. Such analysis helps assign the correct treatment, the doctor determine whether to prescribe the patient an antibiotic or is it better to cancel it. But when the level of C-reactive protein in the blood is reduced (less than ten milligrams per liter), the need for the use of antibiotic ...



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If healthy human blood serum went up sharply C-reactive protein, should appoint additional examination. His rise in excess of twenty mg/l, speaks about the threat of the disease. After all, if elevated C-reactive protein – it is a signal that the body begins a hidden inflammatory process or developing a serious disease (heart attack, atherosclerosis, thromboembolism, ischemic stroke, atherothrombosis, etc.). In endocarditis, fungal, viral, bacterial, parasitic and other infections in multiple myeloma, peritonitis, Oncology and tuberculosis also increases the level of C-reactive protein in blood serum. The same happens in the blood, and after severe surgical interventions.

Any change in the composition of blood serum – decrease or increase in the level of protein – should be monitored, as it affects human health. To efficiently conduct such a study, a modern highly sensitive method of latex-agglutination. It allows for the use of new reagents to identify the disease and begin treatment at an early stage, and to run chronic disease. Using this technique monitors the course of the inflammatory process in the body and the effectiveness of its treatment.

What is total protein? Is the total concentration of globulins and albumins in the blood. The increasing level of total protein indicates exacerbation of chronic or early acute diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, and even cancer. With a lower total protein develop the disease of the pancreas, intestines, liver, kidneys, etc. If a person is hungry, suffers from severe physical exertion, the amount of serum total protein, also declines.

It is Extremely important to determine the amount of protein in the blood (both common and C-reactive) to be screened regularly, especially if there is a predisposition to various diseases or bad genes.

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