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What is butyrate? Many have heard the word, but not all know exactly what its value is. Ghb is exactly what is called in street lingo. It is the product of mass chemical production. In dry form resembles common salt. Unfortunately, too many adolescents know what butyrate. It is called “boutique”, “Oksana”, “oxic” and so on. Over the last decade, Russia had seen many attempts of drug dealers to promote butyrate. And, incidentally, in our country it has been prohibited since 1997. Drug dealers sell it under the guise of "chemically modified”, “cleaned” product. They spread false information about what new forms of ghb are legal.

The Effect of butyrate on the body of a child who is still developing, not fully grown, just disastrous. Effects that this substance has on the mind, unpredictable and horrible. It is as dangerous as legal petrol or gas lighters that are sold on every corner. However, these substances, permitted, and prohibited, it is extremely harmful to the body, after all, belong to the category of toxic. Simply, they are poisons.

What is ghb and what is its impact? When you first use it causes mild relaxation, the person feels euphoric, his mood improves. This condition is somewhat similar to alcohol intoxication. But after the first time a teenager with a probability of virtually one hundred percent want to continue the experiments on your health. Butyrate is attended with lids from plastic bottles, they also measure doses. A rush of pleasure and energy so staggering that people want to try again and again. After the second or third tubes in the liver established a critical concentration of the poison. The body just ceases to deal with so many toxins and includes “inhibition”. It is manifested in drowsiness, desire to lie down, loss of interest in others and events.


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Recently, medical instructions, anesthesia was recommended to introduce 3 ml of ghb to a patient to calm him down for about three hours. As if to inject him intravenously with about 6 ml of the solution, it would have plunged into a deep narcotic sleep. In the streets, where now, almost everyone knows what a butyrate concentration nobody expects. The result may be two versions of events: the first when the body by means of a gag reflex would try to get rid of the poison; second, if the brain shuts down, and people will be in a deep sleep. In the latter case, he can just choke on vomit in her sleep.

But there is a big difference – take ghb for medical purposes as anesthesia or use it to guide yourself in a relaxed, overcome their complexes, to gain self-confidence. This substance is the average concentration can only erase the barriers of decency, and does not contribute to human communication. Under butyrate can and down the street naked to run, believing that everything is fine.

What is the butyrate in medicine? This crystalline powder which has a pure white color with a slight yellowish tinge, used in the treatment of insomnia, nervous conditions, intoxication, in cases of traumatic lesions of the CNS. Synthesized it for the first time in 1874. But the method of synthesis was published almost 50 years later. Hence, what is butyrate. It is taken to prolong the sexual act, as an antidepressant and so on. It is believed that this substance has antihypoxic effect, acts as a soporific means. But an overdose can cause coma, and in most cases-death. This is the butyrate. What is it you now know, as well as the fact that it should never be used as a means to entertain those present at the party.

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