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When you have diabetes, control of glucose level in the blood is a vital action. Portable blood glucose meters allow diabetics to lead a normal life, go about their daily business, to work and to avoid the consequences of the disease. Timely monitoring of indicators can ensure the meter is “Satellite Express”, which reviews have noted the availability of the device in comparison with acceptable accuracy.

What is a blood glucose meter and what they are?

The Meter — a device that determines the concentration of glucose in the blood. The obtained indicators allow to prevent a life-threatening condition. That is why it is so important that the device was accurate enough. Because self-monitoring of indicators is an integral part of the life of a diabetic.blood glucose meter satellite Express reviews

Portable glucometers from different manufacturers can be calibrated on plasma or whole blood. A poet cannot compare the readings of one instrument with another to check their accuracy. The accuracy of the device can be ascertained only by comparing the figures obtained in a laboratory.

For more material blood glucose meters use test strips that are manufactured individually for each model of the device. This means that the meter is “Satellite Express” will only work with strips that are released for this device. For blood sampling it is convenient to use a special pen-progulivali, which are inserted into disposable lancets.

Brief about the manufacturer

blood glucose meter satellite Express

The Russian company «ELTA” produces portable blood glucose meters since 1993 under the trade mark “Satellite”.

The Meter is “Satellite Express”, which represent it as an affordable and reliable instrument is one of the modern devices for measuring the level of glucose in the blood. The developers of “ELTA” has taken into account the shortcomings of previous models - “Satellite” and Satellite Plus” and excluded them from the new device. This allowed the company to become a leader in the Russian market of devices for self-testing, to bring their products to the shelves of foreign pharmacies and stores. During this time she developed and produced several models of Express-measuring the concentration of glucose in the blood.


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Package unit

The Meter is “Satellite Express PKG 03” includes everything needed for measurement. Standard from the manufacturer includes:

  • The device glucometer “Satellite Express PKG 03;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Batteries;
  • Progulivali and 25 disposable lancets;
  • Test strips in quantities of 25 pieces and one control;
  • Hard case for the device;
  • Warranty card.

Convenient carrying case allows you to take everything needed for a quick measurement yourself. Offered in a set amount of lancets and test strips are sufficient to assess the performance of the device. Convenient progulivali allows almost painless to get the necessary to measure the amount of blood. The included battery lasts for 5000 measurements.


The Meter is “Satellite Express PKG 03" of the manual attached in the box with the device, performs measurements on electrochemical principle. Measurement enough drop of blood of 1 mcg.glucometer satellite Express pkg 03

The Range of measurements is in the range of 0.6-35 mmol/litre, which allows to take into account both reduced rates and significantly elevated. The apparatus is calibrated for whole blood. The device memory can store up to sixty latest measurements.

The measurement Time is 7 seconds. This refers to the time that passes from the moment of blood sampling to the result. The device operates normally at temperatures from +15 to +35 °C. Keep its costs at a temperature of from -10 to +30°C. When storing in temperature beyond permissible before work is necessary to give the unit will sleep 30 minutes at indicated temperatures.

Advantages over other glucose meters

The Main advantage of this model of meter in front of devices of other firms is its availability and relatively low cost of accessories. That is, disposable lancets and test strips has a significantly lower price in comparison with components for import vehicles. Also positive moment is a long-term guarantee, which provides a firm "ELT" meter "Satellite Express”. Consumer reviews confirm that the availability and guarantee are the main selection criteria.

Easy to use is also a positive aspect in the characteristics of the device. Thanks to the simple measuring process, this device is suitable for a wide segment of the population, including older people who often suffer from diabetes.

How to use a blood glucose meter?

Before operating any appliance you need to read the instructions. No exceptions and the meter is “Satellite Express”. Instructions for use, which is attached by the manufacturer, contains a clear scheme of action, the observance of which will help you have a good measurement on the first try. After carefulto get acquainted with it is possible to start working with the device. blood glucose meter satellite Express pkg 03 manual

After switching on the device you want to insert the code strip. The screen should display the three-digit code. This code must match the code displayed on the container of test strips. Otherwise, you need to contact the service center, as the outputs of such a device may be incorrect.

Next you need to prepared test strip to remove a piece of packaging that covers the contacts. Insert the strip of contacts into the socket of the meter and then remove the remaining packaging. On the screen will appear again the code match the specified on the package of strips. Also you should see an icon with a flashing drop, indicating readiness of the device to work.

In progulivali is inserted a disposable Lancet and squeezed out a drop of blood. It is necessary to touch the open part of the test strip, which will absorb the need to analyse the number. After getting the bead on the purpose of the instrument will beep and the droplet icon will stop flashing. After seven seconds the screen shows the result. After finishing work with the tool need to remove the used strip and disable the meter is “Satellite Express”. Technical characteristics of the device say that in his mind will remain the result and it can be viewed later.

User suggestions

If an issued device the results are in doubt, you should visit your doctor and have laboratory tests, and glucometer to pass on expertise to the service center. All lancets for proclivities are disposable and repeated use can result in data corruption.blood glucose meter satellite Express pkg 03 usage instructions

Before reviewing and piercing finger of the hand must be washed thoroughly, preferably with soap, and wipe dry. Before removing the test strips should pay attention to the integrity of its packaging. In contact with a strip of dust or other particulates, the readings may be inaccurate.

The resulting measurement data are not the basis for changing treatment programs. Given the results are only for self-checking and timely identification of deviations from the norm. The indications must be confirmed by laboratory tests. That is, after receiving the results require confirmation, you need to see a doctor and get a laboratory test.

Who is this model?

The Meter is “Satellite Express» suitable for individual home use. Can also be used in a clinical setting, it is not possible to conduct laboratory research. For example, employees of rescue services during the operations.

Due to its ease of use, this device is ideal for the elderly. Also, such a meter may be included in the kit, intended for office staff, along with a thermometer and blood pressure monitor. Health care employees is often a policy priority of the company.

Are There any disadvantages?

Like many other devices, the meter is “Satellite Express PKG 03” also has its limitations. blood glucose meter satellite Express instruction for Example, many have noted that the device often has a greater inaccuracy, than is stated in the specifications. This disadvantage is eliminated by the examination of the operation of the device in the service center, where to go in case of giving dubious results.

Also noted the fact that in the test strips to the device, a large percentage of marriage. Manufacturer recommended to purchase the accessories to the meter only in specialty stores and pharmacies that work with your vendor directly. You also need to provide such storage conditions the strips to their packaging remains solid. Otherwise, the results can really be skewed.

Cost unit

The Meter is “Satellite Express PKG 03”, which reviews first note of its availability, low cost compared to imported machines. Its price today is about 1300 rubles.

It is Also worth noting that the test strips for this model of meter are much cheaper than the strips for devices from other manufacturers. The low cost combined with acceptable quality makes this model of the meter one of the most popular among people suffering from diabetes.

Restrictions on use

When you can't use the meter "Satellite Express”? The manual includes several points that indicate when the use of this meter is invalid or inappropriate. blood glucose meter satellite Express pkg 03 reviews of hunters

Since the instrument is calibrated for whole blood glucose in venous blood or serum cannot. It is also unacceptable to the preliminary storage of blood for analysis. To study suitable only fresh drop of blood obtained immediately before the test with the help of proclivities with a disposable Lancet.

Impossible is the analysis in pathologies such as blood clots, andin the presence of infection, extensive edema and swelling, wearing a malignant character. Also it is not necessary to carry out the analysis after intake of ascorbic acid in excess of 1 gram, which leads to inflated figures.

Feedback about the operation of the device

The Meter is “Satellite Express”, which is very diverse, is very popular among diabetics because of its simplicity and availability. Many have noted that the device copes well with its task with all the steps listed in the instructions for use and recommendations for the user.

This device used both at home and in the field. For example, on fishing or hunting can also be used glucometer “Satellite Express PKG 03”. Reviews of hunters, anglers and other active people say that the device is suitable for rapid analysis, which does not distract from his Hobbies. These criteria are decisive when selecting the meter.

With proper storage, compliance with all rules, using not only the device, but also accessories to it, this meter is well suited for daily individual monitoring of the concentration of sugar in the blood.

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