"Efferalgan" for children, adolescents and adults: indications, advice and warnings


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The Active active substance of the drug “Used” for children or adults is a nonsteroidal drug-paracetamol. It is rapidly absorbed and is active in facilitating the patient's condition after 20-30 minutes. The temperature reduction is achieved due to the direct effects of paracetamol in the brain, the centre of thermoregulation.

The drug is prescribed for weak and moderate pain syndrome, and febrile States of different nature. It is effective in dental pain and migraines, muscle pain and neuralgia, trauma, etc. Available “Used” in several dosage forms – in the form of effervescent tablets, suppositories, syrups, solutions. His technique can be disposable (symptomatic), or longer, depending on testimony.

Effervescent tablets “Used” is designed to receive in solution (1 tablet per 200 ml of water) adults and children 2 years of age. One dose for adults and children from 15 years-1-2 tablets, children under 15 years must be calculated from body mass (on average, about 10-15 mcg. per kilogram of body weight, but not more than 60). Looks children's regimen something like this: ½ tablets, children 2-7 years old-maximum 2 tablets per day, 7-10 years – 3, 10-15 – 4. If the child's weight exceeds the norm, the dose is subject to adjustment. Make the drug can be up to four times a day, but remember: in between “Efferalgan” should be an interval of at least four hours in adults and six – children under 7 years of age (if renal impairment – no less than 8 hours).


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“Used” for children, offered in the form of syrup in bottles of 90 and 150 ml, designed, including, for toddlers under one year of age (from 4 weeks). He's sweet taste, so children usually take it without much persuasion. You can give drug undiluted or diluted with water, breast milk or the usual formula. For proper dosage to the packaging of the drug attached a measuring spoon. It is marked by notes corresponding to the weight of the baby – from 4 to 16 kg as a pain reliever for such a “Suitable”, as the child may not be accepted more than 5 days. The fever allowed the reception for 3 days. If at the end of this period the symptoms disappear, you need to consult a doctor. It should be borne in mind: as “Used” for children in the form of syrup contains auxiliary substances may cause allergic reactions.

“Used” for children it is also available in rectal suppositories (candles), containing 80 (for children ages 1–5 months). 150 mg. (from 5 months. up to 3 years) of paracetamol. Suppositories in many cases preferable to syrup or tablets because they act faster, but inflammation of the rectum should not be used. Shouldn't do and in that case, if a baby has diarrhea. The exact dose, disposable and daily, is calculated by the pediatrician based on the child's age and weight. It can not exceed 3-4 suppositories per day, and the interval between wvedeniami must be not less than 6 hours.

Use ‘Efferalgan” in any form are contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to paracetamol: after treatment the skin may appear rash. In parallel with the ‘Efferalgan” do not use any other medicines containing paracetamol – otherwise, possible overdose. The symptoms are the following: pallor, drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting. They are caused by the toxic effect of paracetamol on the liver. In this case you need urgent medical assistance.

However, most often this drug does not cause any complications neither in children nor in adults. It is only important to correctly choose the dose and choose the most appropriate and effective in this case “Used” – syrup, tablets or suppositories.

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