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The Drug "Tantum Verde" has local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. The medicine is available in tablet and liquid form (in solution or aerosol). The drug is used in ENT and dental practice. Special dosage form means "Tantum Verde" for children does not exist. However, the drug is often prescribed by pediatricians. The mechanism of action determined by the properties included in the composition components.


tantum Verde for kids

As the active component in the drug is present benzydamine. The formulation also contains menthol flavoring, giving the tablets and solution characteristic taste. Benzydamine has a pronounced antimicrobial activity. Component stimulates cellular metabolism.

Properties medication

When using 0.15% undiluted solution there has been a rapid relief to the state on the background of inflammatory processes of various localization. So, it eliminates the pain in the throat, reduces the intensity of the cough, reduces the swelling. In addition, the drug promotes the resorption of purulent a proside in tonsils. tantum Verde for kids instructionDiluted drug is used prophylactically for the prevention of inflammation after tooth extraction, injury, various interventions in the oral cavity. In pill form means "Tantum Verde" for children is used for the effective management of complications in diseases of the throat.


The Drug is indicated for pathologies of the oral cavity and throat  the infectious and inflammatory nature. The drug is recommended for angina (acute tonsillitis), pharyngitis, laryngitis. Medication "Tantum Verde" for the children are shown to decrease and eliminate inflammation of the palate, gums, salivary glands. Also the indications include gingivitis, periodontal disease, stomatitis. The recommended remedy with chronic tonsillitis. After surgery in the oral cavity (removal of the tonsils, teeth, other operations) the drug is recommended as a prevention of inflammatory processes.

tantum Verde for kids reviews


Not intended means "Tantum Verde" for children under three years. This contraindication applies to all dosage forms-tablets, liquid and spray. Cannot be recommended medicine with sensitivity to its components. For patients under 12 years of age is not assigned to the irrigation of the throat or mouth undiluted solution. Contraindications include phenylketonuria.


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Features of using the drug "Tantum Verde" for kids

The manual recommends that the undiluted solution for rinsing with inflammation of the throat, diseases of the palate and gum to use after eating. Irrigation is carried out during the day not more than three times. Prophylactically apply a solution of less concentration.tantum Verde for kids mouthwash in the measuring Cup is recommended to dilute 15 ml of the solution in the same volume of water. When spraying spray "Tantum Verde” for children, use a special dosing device. According to the annotation (if there are no other doctor's instructions), watering will be done during the day, with an interval of about two hours. Patients since treatment is carried out at 4-8 doses per procedure. At a younger age (from 3 to 6 years) the amount of the drug is calculated in accordance with the weight. It is recommended that 1 dose of 4 kg of body weight. The frequency of irrigation remains unchanged. For patients from six to twelve years on one treatment administered 4 doses.

Not harmful if the drug "Tantum Verde" for children?

tantum Verde for kids reviewsReviews of doctors and parents is highly controversial for this reason. The information in the annotations contain a warning that use of the drug is not allowed to treat patients under the age of three. However, in practice, the described cases medication is quite small, infants. There is a perception that the drug can be used in a child up to three years for the treatment of sinusitis. Specialists declare that this information is not true. First, at this age the sinus is not developed. And secondly, the cure "Tantum Verde" for children is not used in this pathology at all.

Side effects

On the basis of local application of the drug rarely triggers negative effects. The most likely side effect is an allergic reaction manifested in the form of laryngospasm. In addition, the main active ingredient – benzidine – due to his active influence on the exchange process may cause disruptions of a systemic nature. In appointing the drug should take into account the presence of ethanol. Penetrate the stomach of the child, especially at a younger age, it can cause intoxication. In General, the drug is transferred satisfactorily in compliance with the recommendations of the annotation and the doctor's orders.

Additional information

In the Internet you can find claims that the drug in solution is highly effective in sore throat, stomatitis, pharyngitis inbabies. tantum Verde for kids instruction in these conditions drug lubricate the inflamed mucosa. Many experts, however, recommended to still follow the instructions of the annotation, and not to treat the drug of children up to three years. It should be noted that in infants, for example, angina occurs rarely. Pharyngitis sufficiently fast advancing complications, one of which – bronchitis. In some cases, can even develop pneumonia. Under such severe conditions, the pediatricians prescribe antibiotics. As the drug "Tantum Verde” for children, in principle, not intended, with such pathologies, it can not only help, but also aggravate the situation. In this regard, before you go to the pharmacy for some remedy, should consult a pediatrician. Illiterate prescribed treatment, the uncontrolled intake of medicines may lead to negative consequences. Since the drug is not recommended in patients up to three years, in prescribing medication, a nursing woman should warn her about the possible need for termination of lactation during the treatment. This is due to the risk of negative effects in the newborn.

Are There any medications, which is analogous to the effect of "Tantum Verde”?

It Is believed that the “Recovering” is an analogue of the drug. But it is not. The drugs are similar. But in the composition as the active components are different substances. Thus, the drug “Recovering” present gexetidin. In addition, contain the components contributing to the formation of a thin protective film on the mucous membrane, thereby providing a sustained action of the active substance. And spray "Tantum Verde" of such features has not. In any case, the choice of a drug depends on the nature of the pathology.

What is the cure "Tantum Verde”?

For children to buy a tool at any pharmacy. The average cost of the drug ranges from 200 to 300 rubles. It should be noted that the price is quite affordable, so the drug is popular among consumers. The drug is available without prescription. When purchasing tools, experts recommend to pay attention not only on cost but also on the presence of annotations in the package and the expiration date of the drug. Medication in the form of a spray and the solution can be stored for three and in tablet form – four years. After the specified periods medication to use is not allowed.

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