Warts on the intimate places: what are warts and how to get rid of it


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Warts on the intimate places. How many problems they cause when walking or during intercourse. But they can fight, if you know what this bulge has appeared on your skin.

Doctors call a wart under my arm or on the foot of the papilloma. This is a benign tumor, covered with epithelium. Moreover, the inner part of the wart filled with blood vessels that tend to bleed profusely if you try to get rid of build-up yourself or accidentally to hurt him.

Not all warts have a smooth surface. If a nipple in the lesion is not in a single instance, there is a growth of all its components, and in different directions, so it often happens that the warts resemble a cauliflower with a white coating on the edges.

Warts on the intimate places

Warts on the intimate places do not appear as often as on his feet, palms and fingers, but if HPV made itself felt, their pointed offspring will soon be born, sitting in the mucosa of the genitals. This form of wart is called a condyloma. In men often affects the glans penis under the foreskin. Women suffer labia and the entrance to the vagina.

Of Particular concern warts on the intimate places do not hurt, but the discomfort during exercise occurs constantly. Another thing, when warts getting in the way of the urine. Without the intervention of a surgeon there is not enough, otherwise constant irritation near the urethra turns a wart into non-healing ulcers.

Why warts on the intimate places do not appear in all people? It depends on the state of health of each individual and his sexual partner. Sex with a condom reduces the risk of the disease several times, including during oral sex. Considering that the infection occurs not only through the damaged area of skin can be seen through cracks, not excluded the option, when the disease entered the human body after a visit to the common areas: baths or toilets.

wart Moskva

This does not mean that from visiting saunas should give up, just not worth it to sit down on his unmade towel the surface of the benches. If I had to use a public toilet, to protect thighs from the toilet using toilet paper. About the rules of personal hygiene do not forget to away: if you propose to use the host's sponge, it is better to politely refuse it.


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How is the wart? Moscow, as one of the most developed medical centers, offers two proven ways laser and liquid nitrogen. The latter method is not only effective but also painless. The affected wart area is frozen and after some time rejected independently. But this method is not recommended for every patient. Installation occurs only in cases where warts causes constant pain, growing, changing color, breed. Sometimes you can encounter a track “children”, and with a smooth surface.

Removal of warts

Laser surgery offers removal of warts if they are located on mucous membranes or inside the body and require surgery under a microscope, since the depth of the damage significant. This method does not exclude the anesthesia, which not all patients tolerate. However, after removal of genital warts wound does not bleed, heals quickly without leaving scars.

The Removal of warts can be done at home. One such method is coating the surface of the affected area milk of a dandelion. While this flower is able to give your juice, use tip: for one season you can get rid of benign tumors forever if lubricated bulge healing “milk” 2 times a day.

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