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If you want to spend time surrounded by beautiful nature, that you are perfect Belokurikha. Sanatorium “Eden” – this is a great option for a quiet and relaxing holiday.

Belokurikha health resort Eden Altai Krai

What offers the resort?

Russia is rich in natural attractions. For example, one of the most popular areas of the Altai – Belokurikha. Sanatorium “Eden” has a number of advantages that distinguish it from other institutions:

  • Quiet and peaceful environment, which due to the small number of tourists;
  • Full medical examination and treatment according to traditional and author's techniques;
  • Delicious, homemade meals in the restaurant of the sanatorium;
  • High-quality service that meets the highest European standards;
  • Individual approach to each of the guests in terms of accommodation and food, and in terms of treatment;
  • Convenient location in the Central part of the resort, near the ski slopes.

the Eden health resort Belokurikha

How to get to the resort?

The Huge popularity of the sanatorium “Eden”. The city of Belokurikha, Slavskogo street, 40 – address of the institution. If you prefer to travel by airplane, first you need to get to the airport Novosibirsk, Barnaul or Gorno-Altaysk. Then you can take a taxi or drive to your destination by bus. As for travel by bus, it is more convenient just to get to Biysk or Barnaul. There are regular Shuttle bus to Belokurikha. Also comfortable enough to follow on car to the point of Belokurikha Sanatorium “Eden”. The map clearly shows the location.


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Belokurikha sanatorium Eden

Number of rooms

Quite a popular tourist destination is Belokurikha. Sanatorium “Eden” compares favorably with other similar institutions a small inventory. Because of this, at a time resting in the hotel not many guests, and remains quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Guests can choose from the following accommodation options:

  • The Standard rooms offer single or double occupancy. This bright room has elegant design, in addition to beds, there is also a cosy sofa and a dressing table.
  • Superior apartments have a spacious area and exquisite design. Special attention is given designer furniture made from natural wood.
  • Suites provide comfortable accommodation in two rooms. The bedroom has a pillowtop bed, dressing table and wardrobe. But in the living room you have a nice time watching TV, sitting on the leather sofa.
  • Premium Suite consists of three spacious rooms. This is a great option for families, because here, in addition to living room and has two spacious bedrooms.
  • Presidential Suite is located on two floors. The first level features a living room and a bathroom. Second floor – master bedroom with skylights.
  • Royal Suite, like the previous category, are duplex. The first floor has living room, dining room and a combined bathroom with shower. Second floor – 2 spacious bedrooms, and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a sauna.
  • Beautiful one bedroom Suite located on two floors connected by a wrought-iron spiral staircase. On the ground floor there is a bedroom and living room and a bathroom. Second level-large study and an additional bedroom with bathroom.
  • To embed the newlyweds has a spacious two-room Suite. It is decorated in light tones contrasting with designer furnishings made from natural dark wood.

Bright impressions will give you Belokurikha. Sanatorium “Eden”, a photo of which can be found in the article, has a luxurious interior design.

Eden resort city Belokurikha vacation


Everyone has his own idea about the rest. But if you like silence, nature and fresh air, then a great option to relax in Belokurikha. Sanatorium “Eden” offers you the following facilities in the apartments:

  • Modern widescreen TV, which broadcasts a lot of satellite channels (it is possible to connect flash drives);
  • Small refrigerator
  • Coffee machine and electric kettle;
  • In the closet you will find iron and Ironing Board;
  • The bathroom has a Hairdryer, and bath and cosmetic accessories.

Sanatorium “Eden” (Belokurikha): treatment

City pace of life depletes the human body that can result in different diseases. If you want to improve your health, then go on a resort Belokurikha. Sanatorium “Eden” specializiruetsya on the following issues:

  • Disorders of the nervous system (neurosis, headaches, chronic fatigue, neuritis, neuralgia, sleep disorders);
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, post-operative conditions, arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, fractures, scoliosis);
  • Problems with the metabolism and endocrine system (hypothyroidism, gout, obesity, inflammation of the thyroid gland, diabetes, diathesis);
  • Problems with the circulation of blood (VSD, cardiomyopathy, ischemia, atherosclerosis, varicose veins, venous insufficiency).

The mainstay of treatment are:

  • Nitrogen-silicon mineral water, which can be used for exterior treatments, and intake;
  • Medium-sulfite highly mineralized mud from the bottom of the bitter lakes;
  • Panto-treatment (massages and baths) using substances derived from them.

Eden health resort Belokurikha reviews


A Favorite destination of tourists is sanatorium “Eden” (Belokurikha). Stay in the institution will complete the following infrastructure:

  • Round-the-clock reception Desk, where you can get detailed advice on all matters relating to accommodation and treatment;
  • Meeting room for business meetings;
  • Private Parking area and indoor garage;
  • Tour Desk, where you pick the intense tour;
  • Medical center, where it is possible to pass full inspection and a course of treatment; a gym for fitness;
  • Outdoor swimming pool with heating;
  • Area with a grill for barbecues;
  • Play area for children;
  • Steam sauna
  • Massage services;
  • Snack bar, where guests diet;
  • Cozy billiard club.

Belokurikha health resort Eden photo

Positive feedback

Tourists have long been popular with sanatorium “Eden” (Belokurikha). The reviews of this institution reflect a positive impression about the rest and treatment. It is worth noting the following points:

  • Great food and a comfortable restaurant opening hours;
  • Very polite, attentive and hardworking staff;
  • Payment for accommodation is payable on arrival and not in advance;
  • Fast placement without unnecessary bureaucratic delays;
  • Beautiful spacious rooms with new furniture and original design;
  • Good conditions for families with children;
  • I am glad that the rooms and heated floors (this is especially important in winter season);
  • Excellent quality cleaning and regular change of towels and bed linen.

Belokurikha sanatorium Eden on the map

Negative feedback

The Beautiful resort area of Belokurikha is. Sanatorium “Eden” (the Altai territory) attracts hundreds of tourists. However, this institution is characterized by some negative aspects, the most significant of which are the following:

  • One of the main disadvantages is the lack of Elevator, because people who have health problems, hard enough a whole day to walk the steps;
  • The building of the sanatorium is situated above the road with heavy traffic;
  • The courtyard is a garage, but because there's always a lot of cars, and the view from the window spoils;
  • Doctors are not very warmly treat the guests who came on the ticket of the day, the cost of which do not include treatment;
  • Doctors can unexpectedly go on vacation, leaving residents without survey and procedures;
  • The lack of indoor pool (with the exception of the baptismal font in the sauna).

Overall impression about the resort

Belokurikha – this is a great place to stay that is perfect in any season. There are many hotels, guest houses and resorts. The huge popularity of “Eden”. We are used to resorts with large multi-storey buildings and a huge number of...

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