Myopia eyes: symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment


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Myopia eyes – blurred vision. Focus on the image in this pathology occurs not on the retina but in front of her. Therefore, a person sees distant things blurry and unclear, although the objects at a close distance, differ them well. By the way, in Russian myopia is also called nearsightedness.

Today we will look at the causes of myopia and ways to treat and prevent this disease.myopia of the eye

Causes of myopia

Describe the pathology, according to many experts, is a hereditary disease. It is scientifically proven that myopia of the eyes of children directly connected with the state of view of their parents. If mom and dad myopia, the risk of developing the disease in a child is about 50%! If parents have normal vision, it is reduced to 10%.

  • A significant role in the development of myopia play a large visual load. So, it is proved that most often pathology develops in students, that is, those whose eye strain as much.
  • Important correct vision correction – the first time the selection of lenses you need to be accurate in determining the strength of the patient and prevent false myopia.
  • Improper diet can also contribute to the development of myopia. If the diet is poor in vitamins and trace elements that feed the tissue that make up the sclera, the probability of occurrence of myopia increases many times.
  • Circulatory Disorders of the eye also lead to the development of myopia.

Symptoms of myopia

myopia eyes average degreeAs you have probably understood, the main symptom of myopia is the reduction of image clarity when viewing distant objects. People trying to make the image clearer, squinting, straining your eyes, but objects that are close, so the patient sees well. Besides this obvious symptom, myopia typical eye fatigue and headaches.


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Usually, the first signs of vision changes start to appear the child from seven to twelve years old. By the way, women myopic eye progresses up to 20 years, and men – to 22. And then the vision stabiliziruemost, however, sometimes may deteriorate.

Degree of myopia

The Specialists in ophthalmology, there are three degrees of myopia:myopia of the eyes of children

  1. Myopia eyes mild is fixed, if the vision remains at the level of three diopters.
  2. Medium level-if the level of vision drops from three to six diopters.
  3. A High degree characterized by a deterioration in vision more than six diopters.

Depending on the clinical course, myopia may be progressive or stationary. The first case refers the disease in which required an annual increase of one diopter power lens. And this, in turn, may lead to serious complications until disability requiring surgical intervention.

Stationary (neprognoziruemoe myopia) - it is a violation of refraction (the process of refraction of light in vision). It requires only the adjustment of vision and requires no treatment.

What occurs myopia eyes

According to experts, symptoms of the described diseases are associated with weakness of accommodation. The so-called in medicine the ability to change the refractive capability of the eye for the perception of objects at different distances. Important role in the development of the pathology, also plays an over-voltage convergence (as determined by the ability to note on the object of visual axes of the eyes).

Myopia eyes provoked to a great extent and stretching of the back of the eye that occurs after cessation of growth. This stretching will cause changes to the anatomical structures of the eye. And particularly affect the clarity of vision disorders of the retina and choroid of the eyeball. They lead to the typical myopia changes of the fundus. Stretching, as a rule, is accompanied by a fragility of blood vessels with small bruises and in the vitreous body and the retina. And slow resorption of these hemorrhages causing clouding of the vitreous body.

Correction of mild myopia

myopia eyes mildMyopia in both eyes (up to 3 diopters) in medicine is rather not a disease, but a feature of the view. This pathology at the present time is, unfortunately, very common. But since she can progress, this change of view cannot be ignored.

Weak myopia is Treated with correction. Glasses correct the refractive errors that cause impaired vision. For correction use the diffusing glass. By the way, they propose to wear if necessary, as constant wearing can cause overstrain of the accommodation and, as a consequence, the deterioration of vision.

When assigning points definitely taken note of the degree of myopia. Therefore, to avoid errors when false myopia, children and teenagers buried atropine in the eye and in the state of relaxation of a ciliary muscle determine visual acuity.

In addition to vision correction, special eye exercises, and medicines that relieve spasms of the eye muscles. Also important is the General strengthening of the organism, it has a beneficial effect on the human condition, and, therefore, his vision swimming, medical gymnastics, massage, etc. a Proper diet will also help in this fight.

Refractive surgery for mild myopia

A Very effective way to treat myopia mild is LASIK, which involves the use of laser to repair the defect of the cornea. This correction allows the light to focus on the retina, and vision becomes normal.low degree of myopia in both eyes

Myopia eyes average degree

The degree of nearsightedness up to 6 diopters. So ill have to use usually two pairs of points. One – for given (with full correction), and other – to read or work (1-3 diopter less). But in this case are used and bifocal glasses for permanent wear. In them the upper part of the glass intended for viewing distant objects, bottom – to close.

As weak myopia, medium, myopia can progress. And to avoid this the patient requested surgical intervention. It does not improve vision, but only suspends it from getting worse. This method is called scleroplasty. It contributes to the increase in the number of vessels and, consequently, improving power posterior pole of the eye, which leads to stabilization of the patient's condition.


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