Look like herpes? Description of the forms of the disease with photos


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Inflammatory disease of certain areas of the skin, characterized by disorders of pigmentation, desquamation, hair loss and itching in medical practice is called ringworm. As a rule, the disease is infectious or fungal in nature. In this article we will try to understand how to look herpes. After all, there are several forms of this disease.

look like herpesPityriasis rosea

The Disease is an allergic-contagious in nature and common in people of all age groups. Look like herpes of this? On the skin of the back and torso appear scaly circular spots light pink color. As a rule, in diameter they are no more than three inches. And the first one is formed, the so-called parent stain. Its Central part is after a few days starts to peel, get wrinkled and becomes pale yellow. A week later, at the chest and back appear similar eruptions of a smaller size. They do not tend to merge. Rashes cause discomfort and itching.

what is ringworm in humansPityriasis versicolor

Under this title in medicine refers to the study of fungal nature. Look like pityriasis lichen forms? The disease begins with the formation of isolated round spots of pink color. Then exactly the same eruptions occur on the chest, abdomen, back and scalp. While skin changes are not inflammatory in nature. They have a yellowish-brown color, and when scraped noticeable a slight peeling. The spots tend to merge and grow. Itching, as a rule, is not observed. A predisposing factor for the occurrence of this disease is excessive sweating (especially fat people), and increased ambient temperature.


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what is shinglesTinea versicolor

Most susceptible to the disease adults and the elderly. Provoking moments are stress, decreased immunity and infectious diseases. Looks like shingles? This pathology is characterized by inflammation of the nerve ganglion. The disease can be quite varied, from minor rashes to lesions of the CNS. The disease is preceded by painful sensations throughout the body. Four days later small vesicles appear, which, after some time, turn into crust. In some cases, peeling.

what is ringworm in humansRingworm

Is purely fungal in nature, affecting the hairy region of the head, smooth the skin and in rare cases – the legs. Look like herpes of this? A characteristic feature of the disease – strong peeling with the formation of scaly flakes of gray. On the head, as a rule, there are pockets of baldness. Often there is breaking of hair almost at the roots. Ringworm in the affected areas occur erythema with vesicles, covered with light bloom. Spots tend to increase.

look like herpesRed ringworm

A Second name of the disease – dermatosis. The causes of the disease are different kind of virus, neurogenic, allergic, endocrine and infectious factors. Looks like ringworm in humans? This form of the disease affects the mucous membranes, skin, nails and hair. Rashes localized on the surface of the forearm, legs, torso, genitals, and mouth. They represent papules irregular in shape red in color with impression in the center. For they are characterized by a peculiar waxy luster, the presence of plaques and small blood mesh.

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