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Problems in the intimate sphere are familiar to every woman. Itching, profuse discharge, unpleasant smell – the symptoms, which appear in bacterial vaginosis. Reviews «Lactogal” is considered the most effective means to eliminate this discomfort in the vaginal environment.

Composition and release form

The Drug contains active components such as lactic acid and glycogen. Additional ingredients are: propylene glycol, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sodium lactate, water, pH = 3,8.

Lactic acid in the composition reduces the pH of the vaginal environment, making it more acidic. Glycogen promotes growth of lactobacilli. Together, they restore the natural environment of the intimate area. Remove problems such as profuse discharge with an unpleasant odor, itching, pain in the abdomen and other discomfort.

Each package includes 7 tubes for single use, with a volume of 5 ml. Reviews “Lactogal” I think is easy to use, because each mini tube has a special nozzle that helps to inject the drug into the vagina.

About bacterial vaginosis

Every representative of the fairer sex after twelve years, faced with abundant discharge or unpleasant smell from the vagina. These symptoms are often complemented by other and cause some discomfort during intercourse, irritation and itching in the genital area, provoke a dysbacteriosis vagina, which reduces the production of lactic acid bacteria. Reviews «Lactogal” as one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, which causes an imbalance of vaginal microorganisms.


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lactogel reviews

Genital flora is diverse. Lead by its content of lactic acid bacteria. They convert glycogen vaginal epithelial cells, while developing lactic bacteria, forming in the process an acidic environment of pH=3.8 to 4.5, is detrimental to the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, resulting in the natural defense of the body against infections. While reducing lactic acid bacteria increases the number of conditionally pathogenic, causing some discomfort in the genital organs.

The main factors of the emergence of bacterial dysbiosis include:

  • Hormonal changes in the body related to menopause, abortion, pregnancy etc;
  • Treatment with antibiotics, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory (hormonal), antiviral, anti-fungal drugs;
  • Vaginal suppositories (tablets), special vaginal irrigation, douching, intrauterine devices;
  • Change of sexual partners or frequent sexual relations;
  • Prolonged menstruation;
  • Violation of the rules of application of the vaginal tampon.

Often, ladies at the first symptoms vaginosis self-medicate and resort to douching, exacerbating the disease, as in the process of washed normal vaginal microflora, and in its place appear opportunistic bacteria. To prevent the development of bacterial vaginosis can the drug “Lactagen”. Instructions for use (price, reviews create a positive impression of the gel) is recommended prior to use medicines to consult a doctor / gynecologist.

Performance «Lakdawala”

reviews lactogel

The Drug creates a special nutritious environment for the development and growth of lactic acid bacteria. This is glycogen, which produces the necessary of the vaginal environment, the number of lactobacilli. The latter produce lactic acid in a quantity pH down to normal.

Apart from the fact that the gel builds the natural production of lactic acid, it also contains it. So after the first treatment, there is improvement in the condition of the patient. Disappears symptoms of the disease. And the full course of treatment allows to get rid of bacterial vaginosis.

Medical reviews “Lactogal” is recommended as an effective and preventive means to fight vaginosis. The gel is part of an overall integrated therapy. Does not cause negative reactions, it helps and affordable for almost every woman.


cure lactogel manual application reviews

Many women say that works effectively for diseases of the genital organs, the drug “Lactagen”. Manual application (reviews say that the gel quickly eliminates the signs of vaginosis) of the drug recommends that when expressed symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. Is a profuse discharge with a peculiar odor and a pronounced discomfort in the vaginal area. Shows a drug for the identified diagnosis (laboratory analysis) of bacterial vaginosis, even in the absence of symptoms of disease. It is recommended to normalize the pH of the vaginal environment. It is not necessary to refuse treatment ‘Lactoserum” with antibiotics and antifungals. Also it helps to eliminate the symptoms of vaginosis after menstrual cycle and during hormonal changes.

Instructions for use «Lakdawala”

lactel instructions for use price reviews

“Lactogal" (reviews suggest to use it to restore the vaginal flora and noted its effectiveness in this direction) is performed in disposable tubes that are easy to use. The rules for their application are:

  • Turn the cap in either direction and remove it entirely;
  • Enter the tip of the tube fully into the vagina;
  • Squeeze out the contents from the tube, squeezing its walls;
  • Remove the tube from the vagina, while continuing the process of compression;
  • To dispose of used tube, since the repeated use of it is not subject.

The Medicine is administered before bedtime. When using it the day should use sanitary pads as there is a likelihood of spillage of the gel.

lactogel manual reviews

So, for the treatment of symptoms of bacterial vaginosis with profuse secretions, discomfort and unpleasant odor one tube of gel is applied daily for seven days.

To prevent the occurrence of bacterial vaginosis and maintain natural microflora of the intimate zones, the drug is used 1-2 times a week.

To maintain a normal vaginal environment during or after treatment medical drugs agent is administered once and one day.

To fight the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, which can occur after the critical days, the gel is inserted into the vagina daily for two days.

Special instructions

lactogel usage instructions reviews

Not contraindicated use a drug during pregnancy. To do this, you must first pass analysis of the presence of the vagina bacterial infections.

If you wish to conceive a child can not use the ‘Lactogal" (the reviews prove its effectiveness in curing bacterial vaginosis), as the decrease of acidity negatively affects the activity of sperm and prevent fertilization of the egg. Also, the drug is not a contraceptive and may not protect against fertilization.

You Cannot use ‘Lactagen” if the violation of the integrity of the tube or over its shelf life.

Gel “Lactogal”: the price

The Reviews say about the availability and the good result, which gives this drug. “Lactagen” is not a cheap drug, but its price is not exorbitant, it ranges from 500 rubles per pack with seven disposable tubes. The drug is manufactured in Sweden, which directly affects its cost.

Reviews women

lactogel price reviews

The Women say that sensations in the genital area improved markedly after use of the drug “Lactogal”. Instructions for use (reviews indicate that after the first tube is gone the smell and itching went) advises to use it after your period to eliminate the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. The women noted the restoration of microflora of the vagina after menstruation and treatment with antibiotics. Improvement came almost immediately. Ladies call this tool an elegant and say that if not for the high price, would use them more often.

But if those to whom the drug is not come: it caused a burning sensation in the intimate area, itching. For some individuals have an allergic reaction to active components of the means “Lactogal”. Guide (reviews say that negative effects are rare and virtually does not occur) suggests at the first sign of side effects stop using the gel and replace it with another, more appropriate drug.


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